Greek ShipRepairing Zone Presentation

Restructuring the Ship Repairing Zone of Perama
Greece – Invest in New Opportunities and High
Technology Projects: The Hybrid Catamaran, the
Unsinkable Platform and the Floating Windturbine
Apostolos N. Sigouras,
Chief Executive Officer, NAFSOLP SA., Greece
MarineTech Summit 2011, Busan, South Korea
Piraues Port Authority SA.
Piraeus, the largest port in Greece and one of the
largest in the Mediterranean, is a lever of
development of international trade, local and national
With a history starting from 1924 when the
inauguration of major projects, now the port has
multiple activities related to the commercial port,
port, ship services and the development and
The port of Piraeus is the hub for the connection of the islands with mainland Greece,
international cruise center and commercial hub for the Mediterranean, providing
services to ships of all types and sizes.
The PPA currently employs more than 1,500 employees, serving a year
more than 24,000 vessels, contributes to the development of local and national
economy, continues its growth by upgrading infrastructure and services.
In modern PPA will evolve into a modern and dynamic company that provides high
quality services, justice to investors, ensuring long-term jobs and will serve in the most
efficient way to trade the country the benefit of national economy and consumers.
Piraeus Port Authority Photos
Piraeus Port Authority Financial Facts
A few words about NAFSOLP SA.
• NAFSOLP SA. (or NAFSPPA SA.) is a 100% subsidiary company of the Piraeus Port
Authority SA. (PPA).
• According to the President & CEO of the PPA and also President of the NAFSOLP SA.
Mr. George Anomeritis, NAFSOLP SA. will provide the strategic development agent of
the Ship Repairing Zone in a new institutional environment.
• The ship repairing business within the area of the PPA’s responsibility (Perama Drapetsona – Keratsini - Salamis) will become the core business of the new company,
NAFSOLP SA., and it will not change throughout its lifetime (50 years).
• In accordance with its statutes, the company operates in:
 The organization, development, management and marketing of the ship
repairing and the related activities, especially within the area of the PPA
 Services for towing, salvage, salvaging ships and other navigable vessels
 The hiring and exploiting the real estate where all these tasks will be carried
 The lease of every means or land which belongs to the company to others with
the aim of carrying out and fulfilling construction , repairing , dismantling,
towing and salvaging tasks and also salvaging ships and other navigable vessels.
 The provision of support services, development, documentation, information
technology, public relations, sales promotion and financial services of this
region and of the wider areas of interest of the PPA and the related enterprises
 In any other task similar to all the above mentioned, LIKE:
In any other task similar to all the above mentioned,
• Fund Raising Activities (i.e. EU Funds, Banks, etc.)
• Liaison between Customers, Country Authorities, Unions and Ship Repairing
• Vendor selection and evaluation
• Bureaucracy elimination support
• Promotion Activities
• Innovation support
• Infrastructure Management (safety, security, maintenance, cleaning, etc.)
 NAFSOLP SA. implements an arduous and long term goal:
To create a strategic institution for the Ship Repairing Zone,
which in a very difficult economic environment is called to
prove that the sophisticated and much afflicted Ship
Repairing zone may again become creative.
 NAFSOLP SA. aims for the Ship Repairing Zone to play a
leading role in the ship repairing business of the region in
the medium term.
 The State, enterprises, trade unions and Piraeus Port
Authority SA. should cooperate in the creative
reconstruction of the region.
Ship Repairing
Zone of Perama,
Keratsini,Παρουσιαση Έργου
Ship Repairing Zone of Perama, Keratsini,
Drapetsona, Salamis
Perama ShipYards
Ship Repairing Zone statistics
Around 450 companies (200 steel and piping, 80
mechanical works, 70 painting & sandblasting, 50
electrical works, 20 wood works, 30 other)
About 5,000 employees
25 small shipyards (yachts & mega yachts newbuildings)
About 500 million Euros annual turnover
Schisto Industrial Park
Schisto Industrial Park is a new and innovative common
effort of many industrial units previously located in the
wider Piraeus area in order to upgrade their facilities and
offer better services to their clients. This new industrial
park, founded in 2003 is now home for more than 70
industrial units with an active
that exceeds
3000 employees. Main areas
of Α.Ε.
activity include
workshops, mechanical applications
ship and industrial
repairs, pipe fittings, electrical applications, engine re
building, foundries, spare part fabrication, interior
fittings, etc.
Schisto Industrial Park offers unmatched advantages for
businesses, clients and the local community at the same
time. It is conveniently located very close to Piraeus
port, just a few miles from Piraeus container terminal
and the national highway network and enjoys very good
public transportation service.
Schisto Industrial Park is managed in the most efficient
way ensuring an unobstructed and environmentally
friendly operation. Today Businesses at Schisto Industrial
Park using modern equipment and skilled personnel set
new standards in industrial operation and collaboration
for actively competing in a global economic
Schisto Industrial Park photos
Schisto Industrial Park photos (cont.)
Schisto Industrial Park photos (cont.)
Why NAFSOLP SA. ? Why Ship Repairing Zone of Pireaus?
Παρουσιαση Έργου
Cost, Time. Pick two
Why? We are good in all three !!
NAFSOLP SA. and Ship Repairing Zone of Piraeus
Competitive Advantages
 Excellent Quality of Work
 Expertise –Παρουσιαση
Skilled Personnel
 Special Projects
 Innovative Products
 Green Technology Products
 European Union Standards
 Solid Infrastructure
 Safe Environment (ISPS)
 Effective Time Management
 Average Cost – High Value End Products
Παρουσιαση Έργου
Thank you very much for your attention
Apostolos N. Sigouras,
Chief Executive Officer, NAFSOLP SA., Greece