HONG KONG AND CHINA MOULDS - hong kong & china moulds ltd

• HCM is an international company supplying high
quality Injection Mould Tools to moulding companies
in Europe.
• Our strength lies in our resolve to represent only the
best Toolmakers in the Far East.
Portfolio of Excellence
HCM was
established to
provide European
moulders with high
quality, short delivery
tooling at competitive
benchmarking in
Hong Kong and
China over a ten year
period has
established a
portfolio of “best in
class” toolmakers.
• Our operations are split between the UK, the
Netherlands, Germany & Shenzhen (China).
• The company office in Shenzhen employs English
speaking Chinese nationals who monitor all tool
builds against the required time lines.
Company Structure
Vivienne Yates
Financial Director
HCM Ltd (Head Office)
Mike Yates
Managing Director
HCM Ltd (Head Office)
Chinese Operations
HCM Shenzhen
Dan Yates
HCM Europe
Jeroen Jongen
Project Manager
HCM Europe
Mathias Rady
Technical Manager
HCM Europe
Mike Bettam
HCM Ltd (Northern Office)
Emma Preston
Office Manager
HCM Ltd (Head Office)
Alan Smalley
HCM Ltd (Northern Office)
Gill Smalley / Cyndy Wardle
Projects Administrator
HCM Ltd (Northern Office)
Micha Rutten
European Office Manager
HCM Europe
Cherry Zheng
China Logistics
HCM Shenzhen
Richard Bettam
Tooling/Project Engineer
HCM Ltd (Northern Office)
David Petts
Business Development
Manger UK & Ireland
Chinese Tooling
Ping Zhang
Chinese Projects
HCM Shenzhen
HCM China Office in
HCM Vetted Toolmakers
Ferry from Hong Kong
to Mainland China in 1
HK International
Airport – 20 minutes
from City Centre by
Tooling Technology
• Each of our toolmakers has
specific areas of specialisation
which cover all moulding
• Single & Two shot moulding
• Gas Injection
• Sequential hot runner moulds
• Lens and optical components
• Small, medium and large
• Tooling between 25 & 35,000
Industries Supported
Teletronics & Business Machine
Medical & Personal Safety
Engineering and Electrical components
Industries Supported
HCM Automotive
HCM has supplied tooling to the suppliers of the following OEM’s
HCM Automotive
Here is a selection of Tear 1 suppliers & Trade Moulders that HCM has supplied tooling for.
HCM Tooling Produced These Parts
Land Rover - Freelander
Range Rover – L322
Nissan Qashqai – P32L
HCM Tooling Produced
These Parts
Mercedes C Class – W204 Back Panel
Mercedes AMG C63 – Seat Back
Nissan Qashqai + 2 – N32L
Teletronics & Business Machines
OKI Printer Cartridges
1000 Line Small Character Ink Jet Printer
This unit is used in the labeling of products in the following
•Food processing
•Personal care and cosmetics
This project required 53 Moulds
Medical & Personal Safety
Medical training device for
Surgeons, supplied to training
Specifically for the training of “Key
Hole” surgery.
13 Tool Project
Breast Cancer Detection
4 Tool Project
Highly Cosmetic Finish
1 mould with in mould foil decoration
HCM have supplied the tooling for 4 Fire Fighting Breathing Apparatus kits
All tools are fully hardened tool steels due to the abrasive nature of the
moulding materials
First Aid Kit
High Cosmetic Requirement
Leaf Hinge feature controlled
by Sequential Hotrunner to
ensure no weld lines on the
Engineering and Electrical
Soap Dispensers
Paper Dispensers
Hand Dryers
Sanitary Disposal
Thomas Dudley
Water Cisterns
Internal Mechanisms
Worcester Bosch
Central Heating Boilers
Cosmetic Doors & Surrounds
Internal Connections
Honeywell - Trend
Range of Control Modules
3 sizes to fit a common rail
15 tool project
2 Shot Tooling
HCM 2 shot Capability
• 3 toolmakers currently making 2 shot tooling
• 1 toolmaker making technical tools up to 200 tonne machine
• 1 toolmaker currently making 2 shot tooling up to 400 tonne
machine size for sampling in-house and can sample larger
tools at external trial houses.
• 1 toolmaker currently making large automotive 2 shot tools up
to 1100 tonne machine size
2 shot Isofix Button
2 + 2 Automotive 2 shot
Fully Hardened High Volume tool
90 degree 2 material feeds
Rotating Moving Half
Large 2 shot Automotive tool
Technical Capability
• All toolmakers represented use advanced CAD/ CAM/CAE technology
with high speed machining centres, wire erosion and EDM. They have
many years experience in running their own moulding shops giving
excellent feedback in tool design technology.
• Tool Feasibility
• Mold flow on selected components
• ISIR’s using CMM & Optical non contact
• Full trial facilities, both in-house & via trial houses.
Quality Tooling
• All tools are made to customer specific requirements as detailed in the
• Tools are made to European standards using European or Japanese tool
steels as requested.
• Hasco or DME consumable parts,
• Water and Electrical connections as specified.
• Non Export tools can be provided to remain in Hong Kong & China.
HCM Project Management
After providing initial feasibility and split line sketches (showing ejection and
feed positions etc…) HCM supplies their customers with detailed data during
the mould construction.
This data can be given in various formats such as:
• HCM’s own “Workbook” Layout
• Customers own project management format
We can also advise customers on what additional points they should take into
consideration when having tooling placed in China. Some of these are:
• Chinese Holidays
• Methods of transporting material out to Hong Kong
• Estimated sea and airfreight duration for shipping parts and moulds
• Estimated time for customs clearance and final transportation to the
customers site
HCM “Workbooks”
Over the course of the last several years HCM has learnt that the secret to a
successful tooling project revolves around good information.
Obtaining on time, accurate information from the customer is key to avoiding
unnecessary delays.
HCM works with the customer to obtain this information and then passes it onto
the HCM toolmakers in a format that they understand.
To aid with this HCM has developed their own “Workbook” which is compiled in
Microsoft Excel format.
The “Workbook” includes updated tooling status as well as capturing
fundamental details ranging from CAD references all the way to Material types
& Shrinkages.
HCM supplies a copy of the “Workbook” to the customer and the toolmaker so
that everyone has access to the same data and important Next Steps
Standard Progress Reports
Progress Photos
Tool Sampling
• Conducted visits are arranged for our customer’s engineers
who wish to see tool sampling undertaken.
• All our toolmakers have their own sampling facilities or for
larger tools will arrange trials at local specialised trial houses
• Tools are sampled until the customer approves the parts.
• Pilot production runs can be arranged.
Tool Transfer
• When moulds are
despatched we have them
protected from corrosion
and shipped with a full
Tool information pack.
• HCM Tooling quotations
include “door to door”
transportation of moulds by
sea. Quotations for the
airfreight of moulds can
also be supplied upon
HCM Tool Information Packs
All HCM tools arrive at our customers complete with a tool information
pack which is put together by the toolmaker & our own staff prior to Tool
The tool information packs are comprised from the following items:
•Tool Design Drawings (hard copy & 3D copy)
•CAD data for electrodes (actual electrodes available on request)
•Inspection reports
•Tool trial reports
•Copy of the 3D part data
•Samples of last off parts from China
HCM Tool Support
• HCM has developed relationships with a number of
toolmakers throughout the UK and Benelux & Europe to
ensure that any modifications can easily be handled and
project managed.
Guaranteed Satisfaction
• Tools are guaranteed against breakdown for a period of 12
months except where failure is caused by poor maintenance,
misuse and accidental damage. Full engineering support is
given to ensure that the tooling performs correctly.
• Hot runner and Hydraulic components are covered by the
manufacturers warranty.
Full Confidence
• We make the decision of placing tooling orders easy with full
consultation before, during and after tool build.
• For further information, please visit our website at