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WebSphere Commerce Opportunity Identification
July 2011
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B2C – Messages and Pains
…provide your customers with a consistent experience whether
they shop online, in the store or over the phone
…target the right customers with the right messages, offers,
cross-sells and up-sells
…rapidly adopt best practices for marketing, merchandising and selling
…give your employees the tools they need to effectively and
responsively manage customers, orders, content and campaigns
…tightly integrate operations across Web, store, telesales
and the back-office
…connect with your supply chain to improve inventory
and fulfillment processes
…take advantage of the efficiencies, insights and innovation technology
makes possible to rapidly respond to needs & opportunities
IBM Software Group | WebSphere software
These Retailers Already Have Bet Their Business On
•Consumers get a
consistent, highly
experience – using
the channels they
•Each channel drives
significant business
in the other channels
•Highly targeted
campaigns run by
business managers
without IT help
•Gift services offered
through partner sites
•Inventory availability
•Offers consumers
unmatched choice in
what to buy, how to
buy and how to get it
home -- Click &
Collect, in-store kiosk,
Ring & Reserve, Text
& Take home,
Vodafone Live
2-channel shoppers
Project increases of Profitable growth in all
outspent 1-channel by 50% in conversion and channels - store, tele,
114%; 3-channel 167%
10% per transaction
Web and mobile
•Integrated with back- •Driving Home Depot’s
end for a completely
future growth
automated, end-to-end
•5 year agreement,
order process
double digit license
•Create branded stores revenue
for leading customers
•B2C, B2B, Kiosk,
in 2 days or less
Supply Chain
100% ROI within a
year; 20% increase in
sales in 3 months
Approx 50,000 items
managed in 1,900
stores in Americas
IBM Software Group | WebSphere software
B2B – Messages and Pains
…automatically honor the terms and conditions you negotiate
with your customers and partners
…target the right customers with the right messages, offers,
cross-sells and up-sells
…rapidly adopt best practices for marketing, sales and service
…give your employees and partners the tools they need to effectively
and responsively manage customers, orders, content and campaigns
…integrate and simplify processes across the company
and beyond to include customers, suppliers and partners
…extend e-commerce capabilities to your channel
partners to help them better meet customer needs
…take advantage of the efficiencies, insights and innovation technology
makes possible to rapidly respond to needs & opportunities
IBM Software Group | WebSphere software
Not Limited to Retailers – B2B Companies See it Too!
•9 infrastructures
down to one
•Sell products
seamlessly through
20K resellers
experience for
businesses and
consumers, based
on preferences,
locale, contracts
•Sell both direct and
indirect with one
$26 billion in annual
revenue; over $1
billion saved
Projects 100% ROI
in under a year
•Deliver differentiated •Automate contractual,
dealer services such
as real-time price and interactions, policies,
availability, self-serve pricing
order management,
•Improve real-time
deal collaboration
inventory capability
•Manage and extend
brand content across
dealer network
•Substantially upgrade
existing Intershop
$1M saved in paper/
postage. Orders went
from overnight to realtime
Rolling out 50,000
Extended Sites to B2B
customers and
partners over 5 years
$700M (70%) of sales
come through site
•single infrastructure for
all domains and models
(B2C, B2B, Partners
•Looking for a strategic
Business Partner
IBM Software Group | WebSphere software
eCommerce in a Nutshell
 B2C
 A good B2C commerce site mimics an excellent sales person in a store
(Does your customer need that?):
 Knows you, your habits and history
 Helps you find what you are looking for
 Gives you reasons to come back
 When you look at the site, would you come back?
 B2B
 B2B commerce is anything with a catalog, a transaction and a human (Does
your customer need that?)
 If a human is involved (orders via email, snail mail, phone, fax, etc…), think
of WebSphere Commerce
IBM Software Group | WebSphere software
How To Identify a WebSphere Commerce Opportunity
• Ask each customer: “Who do you sell to and how do they place orders
with you?”
• Take LOTS of notes
• Contact your WebSphere Commerce rep
• Who to Talk to
VP of Marketing, VP of Sales, VP of eCommerce, CIO
• Catch words
Catalog / Online Catalog
Selling / Cross-sells / Up-sells / Selling Across Brands / Selling services with products
Multichannel retailing
Multichannel order capture
Value chain
Channel conflict
Driving more business to stores
Looking to re-platform current eCommerce site
ATG, Escalate Retail, Broadvision, Comergent, Microsoft, MarketLive, GSI Commerce,
DemandWare, SAP, Oracle, Sterling Commerce, Frye.
Target Audience
and Prospecting
IBM Software
Group | WebSphere
software Retail & B2B
Retailing: Cross-Industry
Online Retail Management: marketing,
merchandising, and customer service
VP Sales, Director Online Sales
Multichannel Retail: online channel strengths to
drive customers into stores
Who to Talk to
Marketing & Communications
Sales Mgr/VP
What to ask
–What if you could have your product catalog
online, enable customers to order & receive goods
as well as provide advanced customer service?
–What if you could understand your customers
purchase behavior across all your channels and
use this to increase your online selling & service
–What if you could automatically x-sell products
when customers browse your catalog to increase
–What if you could target email campaigns to
customers based on purchase history (or site
activity) and provide value based promotions to
drive cross brand purchases or traffic to your
affiliated sites or stores?
 Can your customers and your direct sales reps
place and track orders online? If so, are you
achieving the sales revenue that you expect from
your online channel?
 Do you provide sales productivity tools to
streamline purchasing processes?
 Do your customers buy under negotiated contract
terms & conditions?
VP Marketing
 Do you provide timely product information to your
 Are you able to target customers with
 Are you able to analyze the effectiveness of your
online channel?
VP Operations
 How cost effective are your order capture and
fulfillment processes?
 Do you have visibility into inventory from your
online channel?
Director Call Center, Director Customer/ Partner
 How cost effective are your current call center
IBM Software Group | WebSphere software
Hosting: Target Audience and Prospecting Questions
Top Industries
Manufacturing (e.g. Michelin, IBM, Stanley Tools)
Distribution (e.g. Avnet, Tupperware, Avon)
Affiliate (e.g. WGBH, NFL, NASCAR)
Who to Talk to
Mgr of Dealer/Affiliate Relations
Sales Mgr/VP
What to ask
Do you sell through channels -- resellers, dealers, distributors?
Do you sell online? Do you have channel conflict issues?
Do your channel partners sell online?
Do you know your end customers, profile, habits? Are you looking for more market
Do you require consistent branding? Do you have it on your website?
IBM Software Group | WebSphere software
Why IBM – General Differentiators
 Product Strategy
Business user productivity, including content management and marketing automation; further search and navigation enhancements, including
guided merchandising, B2B, and partner management enhancements; SOA and Web services enhancements, and the incorporation of
emerging Web 2.0 concepts.
 Product Architecture
Built on WebSphere App Server, WebSphere Commerce makes superior use of the platform's native integration and performance. This
tightness provides robust scalability and reliability and supports enterprise-class commerce volumes. This means fewer licenses required for
similar traffic; thus less cost for the eCommerce Platform.
 Multi Channel Leadership and Delivery
WebSphere Commerce provides integrated multi-channel delivery that includes kiosks, POS integration, call center integration, and support
for mobile devices.
 Employees and Partner Relationships
In the specific area of WebSphere Commerce, IBM has a combined total of well over 500 employees worldwide. This is more than the total
size of employees of other vendors.
 World Class Customer Service and Delivery
24x7 Customer Service and a nationwide group of world class consultants available to service customer needs and requirements.
 Globalization
WebSphere Commerce powers Customers which are extremely focused on regional-based pricing and selling assortments. Cultural nuances
including languages and currencies are maintained on a single infrastructure
IBM Software Group | WebSphere software
Why IBM – Product Capabilities
 Campaigns and Marketing
Strong Experimentation techniques that can handle complex requirements, Robust guided selling and comparison Metaphors; Fast reaction
times for Campaigns and Promotions.
 Personalization and Recommendation Based Marketing
Differentiator for recommendations based on communities and persona preferences - e.g.- People who bought this also bought this.
 Strong Analytics with Coremetrics
Industry Leading Analytics with Coremetrics provides auto tagging and completely Closed Loop Analytics with WebSphere Commerce.
 Sales and Call Center
Unparalleled capabilities for enabling CSRs to sell more and drive revenue. No other vendor has the richness of functionality to empower the
CSRs in a sales mode.
 Pricing Model, Payment and Shipping
End to End Order Management for sales processes – Most robust and capabilities Rich Ordering Subsystem, ATP, RMA processing,
payments, shipping Rules (3PL, etc), Taxation Rules. All geared to enable Merchants to do better business online and across Channels.
IBM Software Group | WebSphere software
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