The Fourth African Ministerial Conference on Science and Technology

The Fourth African Ministerial
Conference on Science and
Technology (AMCOST IV)
Amr Farouk, PhD
The Ministry Of Scientific Research, Egypt
Email: [email protected]
• The African Ministerial Conference on
Science and Technology (AMCOST, since
2003) is a Specialized Technical
Committee of the African Union.
• It promotes Pan-African activities,
including the development of common
science, technology and innovation
policies and programmes in Africa .
• Attended by ministers of science and technology and
their representatives from 45 African countries in addition
to the World Health Organization and the Office of the
European Union and the European Space Agency,
UNESCO and the World Intellectual Property
Organization, JICA, Japan, in addition to a number of
international institutions and organizations concerned
with science and technology in the world. Egypt is the
chair for the coming two years.
AUC has announced, about the creation of a continental project on Science,
Technology and Innovation Observatory”, which Equatorial Guinea has offered to host
and availed $3.6million seed fund. The agreement is expected to be signed very
Also, two projects will be submitted to the European Union to develop the necessary
funding for them within the framework of EU-Africa partnership.
Egypt also participated in meetings and discussions of GMES European Space
Programme, which aims to activate the system, the space between the European and
African countries that have programs in space, such as Egypt, Nigeria, Libya, Algeria,
South African
It also offered a number of reports from international bodies and organizations, as
well as initiatives and proposed projects in preparation for the approval and adoption
by the ministers of science and technology and reports included several projects
including: Project Telescope, South Africa, and the draft of the African Network
for Drugs and innovation, ANDI, and the Network project of science and
technology and education to use applications high speed in the areas of
science and technology and distance education GLORIAD
• The Meeting has accepted the offer of Egypt's to
host of the workshop in collaboration with the
African Korean Institute for assessment,
planning and performance monitoring of science
and technology, which will be held in Cairo in
November 2010 .
• It was also agreed on the choice of Congo
Brazzaville in Central Africa for the seat of the
fifth session of the Conference of Ministers of
Science and Technology of Africans .
Future Plan For AMCOST IV
• Implementation of the Africa’s Science and
Technology Consolidated Plan of Action (CPA),
• To support the efforts to establish Pan African
Intellectual Property Organization (PAIPO)
• To Support STI in Africa
• A Decade of Science And Technology Of Africa
From 2011
• Past recommendations
• Your Suggestions
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