Archibald Alexander

Archibald Alexander
By: Josh George
Mr. Kilcrease’s class
1st period
Archibald Alphonso Alexander
Archibald Alexander’s childhood
• Archibald was born on May 14, 1888.
• Archibald was born in Ottumwa, Iowa.
• He is the son of Price Alexander and Mary
Hamilton Alexander.
Archibald Alexander’s education
• Archibald Alexander entered The College of
Engineering at the State University of Iowa.
• He graduated with a B.S degree.
Archibald’s Profession
 He was an Engineer and a Governor.
 1 accomplishment of his was that he built a
heating station at the University of Iowa.
 Another accomplishment of his was that he
built an airfield for the Tuskegee airmen.
 A 3rd accomplishment of his was that he
designed and built the Tidal Basin Bridge in
Washington D.C.
Alexander’s Awards
• He was awarded the Harmon Award.
• He received the NAACP’s Spingarn Award.
• He received a degree in Civil Engineering.
Archibald Alexander’s Death
• Archibald Alphonso Alexander died on January
4th in Des Moines.
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ages/4100/Alexander-Archie-Alphonso-18881958.html">Alexander, Archie Alphonso
(1888–1958) - Engineer, governor, Early
Interest in Higher Education, Committed to
Engineering, Chronology, Constructs Famous