mass weddings at susa


Mass weddings at Susa

Susa, 324 BC, see Paul Artus p.102

Susa is the capital of Susiana.

Alexander held an expensive marriage ceremony which the Persian Princesses and other noble women were married to Macedonian Soldiers.

The wedding ceremonies lasted 5 days, held in a luxurious tent. Entertainers were recruited from all over the Greek


Alexander married 2 Princesses, (He had already married Roxane, daughter of a Sogdian Baron in 327BC) this time he married the eldest daughter of Darius (Barsine) and the daughter of Artaxerxes III. Hephaiston married another daughter of Darius so that Alexander was uncle to his children.

Susa, 324 BC

90 other marriages were celebrated. Each was given an impressive dowry by

Alexander (to improve relations with his troops)

Many marriages did not last after

Alexander’s death but were important as they symbolised the transfer of power to the Macedonians.

The weddings were another example of

Alexander’s P___ of F____

Alexander was now the Great King, he ruled as the absolute monarch