SYNERGY Hampton Roads 17 Oct 2012

Local group aimed at stimulating and fostering interest in innovative
technology and encouraging students to
seek careers in the field of unmanned
vehicle systems
• Students receive instruction in electrical, mechanical, software, and
aerospace engineering disciplines as well as flight simulator training
during evening and weekend sessions
• Students compete in the Annual Student Unmanned Aerial Systems
(SUAS) Competition hosted by the Association for Unmanned
Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) and the Dept of the Navy
• Competition challenges students to design, fabricate, and
demonstrate a system capable of completing specific/independent
aerial operations
• Industry partners provide SMEs to assist in preparing team members
in key leadership roles for the competitions such as team leader,
flight coordinator, mission commander, journal development, and
flight engineer
Program Lead:
• SYNERGY Hampton Roads sent eleven students to its inaugural
Mr. Cleveland White,
international collegiate competition in June 2012
• SYNERGY Hampton Roads is an affiliate of Denbigh Aviation Academy
AFCEA Tidewater Chapter
in Newport News
STEM UAV Outreach
Ms. Rhonda Richardson
• Team is sponsored in part by our Tidewater Chapter Science,
Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) funds