ASCE Journals and Periodicals Program

The world’s largest full-text database of
civil engineering research and applicationsoriented articles.
The ASCE Library provides a comprehensive
online tool for locating articles of interest
across all disciplines of civil engineering. It
Journals papers from 1983 to the present—includes all
33 ASCE journals.
Online Proceedings titles from 2000 to the present and
selected titles from 1996—300+ proceedings titles.
ASCE Journals & Periodicals
29-Year electronic journal archive
included in 2012 online subscriptions.
ASCE Library now contains journal
archives from 1983 to the present:
56,000 journal articles.
500,000 pages of civil engineering content.
ASCE Online Proceedings
The ASCE Online Proceedings includes all
ASCE-published conference titles from
2000 to the present and selected titles
from 1996.
The collection contains more than 300
Conference Proceedings titles.
34,000 papers.
270,000 pages.
Next-Generation ASCE Library Unlocks Content
Next-Generation ASCE Library Unlocks Content
HTML full-text articles offering 1) inline
references, 2) inline search, and 3) a zoom on
tables and figures.
Advanced search interface with more
options and better controls to explore returned
content with faceted results.
Fully-linked PDFs making elements in the
article such as tables and figures or other
related papers only one click away.
Click on the tabs for actionable abstract, article
outline, figures and tables, and references
Quick access to and zoom
on tables and figures in the
Clickable author names to
find more articles by the
ASCE Preview Manuscripts
Preview Manuscripts: a new service that publishes journal
papers electronically within 72 hours of acceptance.
Faster public access: Making articles available
6 months to a year before the final version is published in
ASCE Journal RSS Feeds
ASCE Journals RSS Feeds: (Really Simple Syndication)
deliver titles, authors, and citation data of newly
published journal articles directly to your desktop.
Choose RSS feeds for any of ASCE’s journals at
ASCE Library Web 2.0 Features
ASCE Library Web 2.0 Features
Blog this Article: plug pre-formatted citation
directly into your blog.
Social Bookmarking: store and access
bookmarks on Connotea, CiteULike,, or
Research Toolkit: connect with online workflow
tools such as Zotero and Google Notebook.
Citation Downloads: download citations in
standard bibliographic formats including EndNote
and RefWork
Other Online Publishing Activities
ASCE electronic journal content
now deposited in Portico &
CLOCKSS to assure long-term
preservation and future
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