Pro-Tel Overview

Statement of Quality
Professional Teleconcepts, Inc. is dedicated to the goal of
being a premier provider of high quality engineering,
furnishing and installation services to the
telecommunications and MSO markets. We accomplish
this through our commitment to customer requirements
and our devotion to the concepts of customer and
employee satisfaction, continual improvement and regular
review of our Quality Management System and its
Eric Burrell
President and Chief Executive Officer
About Us
Pro-Tel specializes in solutions for all inside plant environments;
including but not limited to: central offices, MSCs, MSOs, data
centers, cell sites and customer premises.
29 Years of providing E,F&I Services on a national basis.
TL9000 Certified
Sarbanes-Oxley Compliant
Certified PMP ® Management
Full Line of Engineering Products and Services
Union and Non-Union Installation Services
Warehousing and Logistical Services
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Management Team
Eric Burrell – President & CEO
Tim Ryan – Vice President & COO
Steve Marshall – Executive Vice President
Kert Steward – Vice President of E,F&I Services
Joe Blidy – Vice President of Enterprise Services
Bob Greiner – Vice President of MSO Services
Operating Units
Professional Teleconcepts, Inc. (Pro-Tel)
• McKinney, TX
• Norwich, NY (Corporate Office)
• Portland, ME
• Camarillo, CA
• Charlotte, NC
Pro-Tel – Red
Sister Companies - Green
E,F&I Services
Test & Turn-Up
Site Survey / Design-Build
Full CAD Capabilities
• Base Station
• Cable Headend
• Central Office
• Fiber to the X (Home,
Cell, Node)
• Power Systems
Project Management
• PMP ® Certified
Acceptance Testing
Fiber Characterization
Local and End-End
Quality Audits
• ISP Facilities
• Installation
• Engineering
Material Logistics
• Warehouse
• Procurement
• 3rd Party Material
• Site Asset Audits
Enterprise Solutions
• Structured Cabling
• Data Centers
• New onsite equipment installation
• Moves, adds and changes to offer remote or on-site support
• Disassembly and reconfiguration of IT systems for relocation
• Adding fresh units to existing infrastructures
• Technology refresh & upgrades
• Recycling IT equipment between projects / departments
• Diagnostics & configuration
• Wireless IC&I
• AC/DC Power Plants
• Material Warehousing and Distribution
• Project Management
• iDAS, oDAS and Small Cells
• Fiber/Microwave Backhaul
• Site Acquisition
• Wireless Construction and Civil Works
Staffing Solutions
• Temporary
• Temporary to Permanent
• Project Based
• Contract
• Professional
• Administrative
• Light Assembly
• General Labor
Warehousing and Logistic Services
Contact Us
Professional Teleconcepts, Inc.
5132 State Highway 12
Norwich, NY 13815
Toll Free – (800) 443-6277
Website –