Rick McKenzie - ODU MSVE Department Report 2013

Department of Modeling, Simulation & Visualization Engineering
Batten College of Engineering & Technology
Old Dominion University
Fall 2013
Rick McKenzie, PhD
Professor and Chair
MSVE Department Profile
Degree Programs
Department Description
• Department Office
– 1300 ECSB, Norfolk Campus
– Phone: 757-683-3720
– www.eng.odu.edu/msve
• Contact Information
Rick McKenzie, Chair
Yuzhong Shen, GPD
Jim Leathrum, CDA
Trey Mayo, Academic Advisor
• Undergraduate
– BS – Modeling and Simulation
– Minor – Modeling & Simulation
• Graduate
MS/ME – Modeling & Simulation
D Eng – Modeling & Simulation
PhD – Modeling & Simulation
Certificate – Modeling & Simulation
• Resources
10 Faculty, 12 Adjuncts, 2 Joint
3 Staff
Offices & Laboratories, ECSB
Partnership with VMASC
Modeling, Simulation & Visualization Engineering
Department Overview
MSVE Faculty Research Areas
Michel Audette,
Yuzhong Shen, Associate Professor & GPD
PhD ECE – University of Central Florida
Medical M&S, Standardized Patients
PhD ME – University of Illinois
Advanced Learning & Training Environments
PhD ECE – University of Delaware
Visualization for M&S, Serious Games
John Sokolowski, Associate Professor
PhD M&S – Old Dominion University
VMASC Executive Director
Computational Human Behavior Modeling
Roland Mielke, University Professor
Ahmed Noor, Professor & Eminent Scholar
PhD ECE – Duke University
Simulation Architectures, Distributed Simulation
Rick McKenzie, Professor & Chair
PhD Biomedical Engineering – McGill University
Medical M&S, Surgical Simulation
Jim Leathrum, Associate Professor & CDA
Assistant Professor
PhD ECE – University of Wisconsin-Madison
System Theory, M&S Education, M&S Applications
ManWo Ng, Assistant Professor
PhD CE Transportation, University of Texas-Austin
Transportation Network Modeling, Optimization
Modeling, Simulation & Visualization Engineering
Bharat Madan
Network & Cyber Security
Masha Sosonkina
Large-Scale Continuous Simulation
Department Overview
MSVE Affiliated Personnel
• Adjunct Faculty
Catherine Berry, PhD – VMASC
Andrew Collins, PhD – VMASC
Don Combs, PhD – EVMS
Saikou Diallo, PhD – VMASC
Rafael Diaz, PhD – VMASC
Barry Ezell, PhD – VMASC
Johnny Garcia, PhD – SimIS
Jose Padilla, PhD – VMASC
Yiannis Papelis, PhD – VMASC
Mike Robinson, PhD – VMASC
Eric Weisel, PhD – Gen. Dynamics
Xunlei Wu, PhD – SAS Institute
• Joint (Secondary) Appointment
– Rao Chaganty, PhD – Math
– Duc Nguyen, PhD – CEE
Modeling, Simulation & Visualization Engineering
• MSVE Staff
– Trey Mayo – Academic Services
– Danielle Achterfeld – Office Manager
– Jayne Massey – Admin. Assistant
• MSVE Advisory Board
– Mr. John Dannon, Lockheed Martin
– Mr. Jack Ezzell, ZelTech
– Mr. Dwight Farmer, Hampton Roads
Planning District Commission
– Dr. Amy Henninger, Center for Army
– Mr. Rob Lisle, HII Newport News Ship
– Dr. Tom Mastaglio, Mymic
– Mr. Jack McGinn, TREC
– Dr. Roger Smith, Florida Hospital
– Dr. John Sokolowski, VMASC
– Mr. David Woolwine, Sentara Healthcare
Department Overview
MSVE Course Sequence
Modeling, Simulation & Visualization Engineering
Department Overview
Program Educational Objectives
• The PEOs describe the expected accomplishments of
graduates during the first few years after graduation.
• The MSVE BS in M&SE program seeks to prepare
graduates who, after the first few years of their
professional careers, have:
– Established themselves as practicing professionals in
modeling and simulation engineering or a related area or
engaged in graduate study;
– Demonstrated their ability to work successfully as members
of a professional team and to function effectively as
responsible professionals; and,
– Demonstrated their ability to adapt to changing situations,
evolving technologies, and new career challenges.
Modeling, Simulation & Visualization Engineering
Department Overview
M&S Master’s Degree Curriculum
Leveling (non-M&S BS)
MSIM 602: Introduction to Modeling and Simulation
MSIM 603: Simulation Design
MSIM 510: Model Engineering
MSIM 541: Visualization for Modeling and Simulation
M&S Masters Core
MSIM ELE: Advanced Modeling Course (select list)
MSIM ELE: Advanced Simulation Course (select list)
MSIM 741: Principles of Visualization
MSIM 551: Analysis for M&S
or MSIM 751: Advanced Analysis for M&S
MS Degree: Thesis Option
ME Degree: Additional 2 Courses
Modeling, Simulation & Visualization Engineering
Department Overview
Graduate Curriculum Chart
Modeling, Simulation & Visualization Engineering
Department Overview
MSVE Enrollment
• Graduates in Modeling and Simulation (M&S)
BS in M&S
MS in M&S
ME in M&S
PhD in M&S
• Current “actively” enrolled Fall 2013
• Undergrad
– ID
• Graduate
~ 120
Modeling, Simulation & Visualization Engineering
Department Overview
Recruiting Activities (1/3)
• We need to do our part but,
– We’re not marketing professionals nor have
significant budget.
– Must limit resources to known quantities yielding
targeted contacts.
• Continue our efforts in local and national venues.
• Step up efforts in advertising our On-Line ME in M&S
• Leverage University’s interest in promoting niche
programs for gaining recognition for the potentially
new college of continuing education.
Modeling, Simulation & Visualization Engineering
Department Overview
Recruiting Activities (2/3)
Targeted Nationwide Emailing Campaigns
– Contact Lists for High School Students Registering an Interest in Simulation
Promotion with Local High Schools
– Career Days
– Class Visitations and Demonstrations
– Summer Camps (Computer Games, Robotics)
Promotion with Local Community Colleges
– Support of AS Degree Programs
– Regular Visits to Recruiting/Transfer Sessions
Promotion within ODU
Host Engineering Early Advantage Program (EEAP)
Teach 20+ Sections of ENGN 110 Each Year
Participate in University/College/Department Recruiting Activities
Lab demonstrations at Engineering Open House, First Fridays, etc.
Conference Activities
– Booth participation at MODSIM World and I/ITSEC
– Participate with STEM Activities
– Flyer Distribution at Several Major M&S Conferences
Modeling, Simulation & Visualization Engineering
Department Overview
Recruitment Activities (3/3)
• Ocean Lakes HS Math and Science Academy Program Lecture
(Dec. 3)
• I/ITSEC STEM Pavilion – Orlando (Dec. 2-5)
• Society of Women Engineers (SWE) (Oct. 24-26)
• Greenbrier Intermediate STEM Night (Oct. 17)
• Governor’s STEM Academy at Grassfield High School (Oct. 15)
• Science Saturday at the Carrollton Library (Oct. 12)
• Peninsula Higher Education Center
Open House (Oct. 3)
• Heritage High School
Governor's STEM Academy
Advisory Board (Sept. 26)
Modeling, Simulation & Visualization Engineering
Department Overview
Upcoming Milestones
• MSVE Advisory Board Meeting
– Wednesday, Nov. 20, 2013 @ 2PM
• ODU M&S Capstone Conference
– April 17, 2014
– Cyber Security theme -- Need to identify Speaker
– Student Chairperson -- John Shull
• Graduate Program Assessment
• Undergraduate Program ABET Assessment
Modeling, Simulation & Visualization Engineering
Department Overview
Donor Activities
• Scholarships
– MODSIM World Conference
• Community College -- $1,250
• BS/MS -- $3,500
– VMASC Industry Association MSVE Undergraduate
Scholarship 2014
• ENGN 110 -- $5,000 (Awarded to Melissa Periman)
– VMASC Advisory Board
• Textbooks for core class(es)
• Cyber Security
– Endowment of 100k (20k/year for 5 years)
• Annual Capital Campaign
– MSVE Account #241327
Modeling, Simulation & Visualization Engineering
Department Overview
VMASC IA Scholarship
• The Gene Newman Scholarship for a EFD Student Choosing M&SE Major
– Recipient -- Melissa Periman
• I saw all the wonderful and exciting things that modeling and simulation
can do and I instantly fell in love. MSVE is practical and applicable to
common life problems. This is one of the reasons I decided to major in it.
It can be applied to every form of engineering as well as non-engineering
fields. It allows us to see what would happen if we were to create
something a certain way, apply stress to one area, or any number of other
countless scenarios. I see MSVE as the new up-and-coming field of
engineering. It is highly regarded already and is a necessity in many areas.
I chose MSVE not only for its practicality but also because I find it
exciting. I have never felt as much passion for something …
– Other 2 applicants just as strong
• Jarrod Cartwright
• Michelle Graham
– Applicants from EEAP and ENGN 110
• Both taught this summer by Dr. Jim Leathrum.
Modeling, Simulation & Visualization Engineering
Department Overview
VMASC IA Other Support
• Textbook Donation Program
– Simulation with Arena
– Students notified
– Excellent publicity for VMASC IA and our
• M&S Reference Materials
– Less visibility to undergraduate students
– More visibility to graduate students
– Target subscriptions not available in Perry Library
Modeling, Simulation & Visualization Engineering
Department Overview
VMASC IA Relationship
– Fund additional undergraduate applicants
– Establish sustainable scholarships
• Combine annual scholarship with annual endowment
– Establish student research activity / lab
accessible to all VMASC IA members
– Internships and jobs then feedback on our
– Acknowledge / comment upon of our
Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)
Modeling, Simulation & Visualization Engineering
Department Overview
End Presentation
Department Contact
Mr. Trey Mayo
Academic Advisor
Phone: 757-683-3720
Email: rmayo@odu.edu
Office: ECSB – Norfolk Campus
Modeling, Simulation & Visualization Engineering
Department Overview
M&S Research
Research Capabilities
Fundamental M&S Science
and Technology
Medicine & Health Care
Transportation Systems
Military & Homeland Security
Education & Training
Decision Support
Logistics & Supply Chain
Serious Gaming
Modeling, Simulation & Visualization Engineering
Research Partnership
Virginia Modeling, Analysis and
Simulation Center (VMASC)
Student Research
Undergraduate Research Experience
Student Internships & Coops
Capstone Design Course
Graduate Student Assistantships
Graduate Student Fellowships
Thesis and Dissertation Research
Department Overview
M&S Workforce Development
Partners in Providing World-Class M&S Education for Hampton Roads
and the Commonwealth
Of Virginia
Doctoral Degrees
Old Dominion
Research, Development
Master’s Degrees
Design, Analysis
Bachelor’s Degree
Implementation, Operations
Associate of Science Degree
Maintenance, Support
High School Diploma
Public School Systems
Modeling, Simulation & Visualization Engineering
Department Overview
M&S Body of Knowledge
Related Disciplines - computer science and engineering, mathematics and
statistics, human factors psychology, project management, systems
engineering, …
• Domains
•M&S Fundamentals
•Medicine & Health Care
•Homeland Security
•Decision Support
• Applications
• Engineering
• Science
• Analysis
• Education
• Training
• Gaming
• M&S Methodologies - modeling methods, distributed simulation,
interoperability and composability, multi-resolution and multi-scale
simulation, advanced statistical techniques, verification & validation, …
Focus on learning how to use various system modeling paradigms and strategies
for state model updates. Understanding and decision-making is enhanced
Modeling, Simulation & Visualization Engineering
Department Overview
through proper visualization and analysis of system performance
and output.
M&SE Advantage
• Broad Approach to Engineering
– Applicable to all engineering and science disciplines
– Engineering is about problem-solving and M&S engineering is about finding and
understanding a range of solutions to provide the basis to choose.
• High Demand for M&SE Professionals
– M&S jobs are available in many US and international locations
– Only ODU offers a BS degree in M&SE
• Starting Point for Other Professional Careers
– Strong curriculum stressing development of problem solving skills
– Excellent preparation for careers in medicine, law, business, and education
• Excellent Preparation for Innovation
– Engineering provides skills required to design new solutions to societal problems
– M&SE provides the tools required for innovation – modeling, simulation,
visualization, analysis, communication across technical boundaries
Modeling, Simulation & Visualization Engineering
Department Overview
M&S Master’s Degree Program
• Target Audience
– Students having undergraduate degrees in science or engineering, or others
meeting the program prerequisites
– Program designed to produce highly skilled users of M&S
• Prerequisites (Undergraduate Course Preparation)
– Calculus I and Calculus II
– Probability and Statistics
– Introductory Programming (C++)
• Delivery
Master of Engineering Degree – 30 credits/10 courses; non-thesis program
Available through live, televised, or online courses
Same course content, instructor, requirements, grading
Weekly discussion section
• Live & Televised - real-time student/instructor interaction
• Online – Course Capture
Modeling, Simulation & Visualization Engineering
Department Overview
M&S at Old Dominion University
M&S Academics and Research Span the University
Mielke, R., Leathrum, J., and McKenzie, F., “A Model for University-Level Education in
Modeling and Simulation”, M&S Journal, Vol. 6, Issue 3, pp. 14-23, December 2011.
Modeling, Simulation & Visualization Engineering
Department Overview