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Gartner for Technical Professionals:
Service Overview
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Leveraging your Gartner Resources
How I can help
Campus Access:
Gartner for IT Leaders (GITL) Core Research
Published research focusing on strategic analysis of information technology trends,
vendors, products, and technologies. (Campus Access does not include access to or
participation in advisory discussion with the authoring analysts, called Analyst
Inquiries. It also does not include more actionable research content, such as Toolkits,
IT Key Metrics Data, and ITScore maturity assessments.)
Gartner for Technical Professionals (GTP)
Unlimited, independent access to Analyst Inquiries with authoring GTP analysts and to
research including Reference Architectures, Solution Paths, technical advisory content,
annual Planning Guides, etc.
Angela Garry
Account Executive
Responsible for the overall health and happiness of the Gartner and Yale partnership.
Helps to assess the needs and challenges of the organization and align the best set of
Gartner resources (research, advising, events, and consulting) to serve as the solution.
Craig White
Client Research Assistant, GTP
Steve Kaplan
Northeast Higher Education
Sr. Director of Consulting
Yale’s dedicated resource for customized research recommendations and alignment of
Analyst Inquiries with the GTP service. Clients can call Craig to talk directly or send
an email with a high-level overview of your initiative, need or question, to receive
a customized research recommendation and suggested Analyst Inquiry.
Steve Kaplan has years of higher education consulting experience and is specifically
aligned to Yale to help determine the scope, purpose and goal of a given consulting
engagement. He aligns the best Gartner consulting experts based on the unique
scenario and oversees and leads the engagement to ensure success and satisfaction.
2013 Events Calendar
Gartner solutions are tailored to support the unique needs of
IT professionals at every level of your organization
Gartner Offering Focus
Senior IT
Gartner for
IT Executives
Gartner for
IT Leaders
IT Leader's
Gartner for
IT Leaders —
Gartner for
Value Proposition
Equips CIOs with the role-specific
tools and knowledge they need to
deliver exceptional business results
for their organizations
Provides IT leaders with justin-time, role-specific insight from
Gartner analysts and peers to drive
outstanding results with their critical
initiatives and IT purchases
Provides an IT leader's extended
team with the Gartner resources
they need to maximize the value
they deliver
Provides in-depth technical
research and guidance to help
technologists advance the
initiatives/projects that support
execution of the IT strategy
Different IT stakeholders have common goals, but different questions
Cloud Computing
IT Leader
(and Team)
Targeted Research
What is the most
effective way to deliver
IT services across the
Gartner for IT Executives:
"Optimizing IT Assets: Is Cloud
Computing the Answer?"
What is the maturity of
cloud computing
technologies, and what
impact do they have on
my road map?
Gartner for IT Leaders:
"Hype Cycle for Cloud
How does the internal
cloud impact my
storage infrastructure?
Gartner for Technical
“Architecting Storage for the
Internal Cloud: One Step at a
Gartner for Technical Professionals delivers comprehensive
insight across the following areas
Key Functions
Security & Risk
Security & Risk
Identity & Privacy
• Identity creation and management
• Identity verification and use
• Privacy
Data Center
Infrastructure &
Network & Telecom
Business Intelligence &
Information Management
Data Management
Collaboration & Content
Application Platform
Application and data security
Cloud security
Mobile security
Perimeter and infrastructure security
Computing hardware
Cloud and virtualization
Physical data center
Mobile device management
Network performance optimization
Real-time and unified communications
WANs and LANs
Wireless and mobility
Big data
Business intelligence
Data management
Database management
Collaboration and social initiatives
Communication, email, IM
Content management
SharePoint and portals
Application overhaul
Applications in the cloud
Mobile applications
Software development
SOA and integration strategies
Your teams get the knowledge and best practices to advance the
initiatives and projects that support your IT strategy
Guidance for each phase
of your project life cycle
In-depth research
• Reports typically 25 to 40
pages in length
• How-to frameworks and
best practices
• Unbiased vendor
• In-the-trenches perspectives
(field research)
• Reusable
templates/graphics for your
internal documentation
Research Deliverable
Create a technical plan
Planning Guides
Evaluate and select a
Develop the technology
Reference Architecture
Select the right
Product Assessments
Create an
Guidance Framework,
Field Research
Reference Architecture: A proven decision-making tool that
provides tailored architecture recommendations
Architecture guidance from three key perspectives:
Principles define your core IT
values to accelerate planning
and decision making
Decision Points tailored
designs based on typical
requirements and GTP expert
Templates reusable graphics
showing the critical relationships
between technical capabilities
SaaS Email Solution Path
Provides the steps required to answer a complex question
Through 60-minute analyst calls, our world-class experts become
your objective architecture advisors
Analyst facts
• 50+ analyst experts
• Average of 23 years' industry
• Collectively: 32 books, 37 patents
• Deep technical expertise in
architecture and deployment
Meet some of our analysts
Richard Watson
• 19 years in the IT industry
• Previously application architect
at Credit Suisse
Larry Cannell
• 27 years in the IT industry
• Previously workstream lead for
collaboration and business
intelligence for Ford Motor Co.
Mark Diodati
• 22 years in the IT industry
• Previously Technical Architecture
Principal at RSA
How our analysts help you
• Evaluate and get up to speed quickly
on new technologies
• Learn about best practices your peers
have used to implement a technology
• Validate and get feedback on your
technical strategy, architecture and
project plans
Marcus Collins
• 29 years in the IT industry
• Previously data architect at
Ramon Krikken
• 17 years in the IT industry
• Previously security architecture
manager at TD Bank
Projects we help with
• Application and Database Security • Directory Services
• Audit and Compliance
• Federation
• Authentication
• Host and Endpoint Protection
• Authorization and Entitlement
• Identity as a Service
• Business intelligence
• Collaboration
• Communication
• Content Management
• Content Security
• Data Access Strategies
• Data Center Computing
• Data Center Operations and Mgmt
• Data Center Storage
• Data management
• Database Mgmt
• Security Concepts, Techniques, and
• Server Virtualization
• Service Oriented Identity
• Site and Data Center
• Managing IT
• Network Operations and
Performance Mgmt
• Perimeter and Infrastructure
• Platforms, Languages, and
• SOA and Integration Strategies
• Software Development Lifecycle
• Technologies and standards
• Unified Communications
• Presentation Strategies
• WANs and Provider Network
• Privacy
• Wireless and Mobility
• Provisioning and Identity Mgmt
• Relationships
• Risk Management and Compliance
• Roles
Gartner for Technical Professionals provides in-depth technical
research to help your teams deliver outstanding results
project timelines
Mitigate risk
Develop your
• Get teams up to speed quickly through access to in-depth
• Use proven Reference Architecture to develop technology
• Receive organization-specific guidance through calls with
• Leverage industry best practices to avoid costly mistakes
• Avoid vendor lock-in through unbiased recommendations
• Validate and get feedback on project plans through speaking
with analysts*
• Update knowledge and skills through exposure to in-depth
technical research
• Help them acquire deep expertise on a broad range of
• Enable them to stay current with changing markets and
*Available to Advisor-level clients.
Coverage Details by Function
Application Platform Research
Audience: Application delivery organization (architects, managers, project
leaders and developers)
Major issues
Key coverage areas
• Projects are late, over
budget or not what was
• Improving the software development process
• Application portfolio is
bloated, inflexible and
• New demands: mobile,
social, contextual and
cloud computing
• Mobile and social computing
• Improving the user experience
• Application architecture (e.g., SOA, WOA, EDA,
• Application portfolio modernization
(including cloud migration)
• Application platform modernization
(including hybrid cloud)
Analysts: Anne Manes, Richard Watson, Sean Kenefick, Kirk Knoernschild,
Danny Brian, Eric Knipp
Collaboration and Content Management Research
Audience: Communication, collaboration and content management architects,
managers and project leaders
Major issues
Key coverage areas
• Improving the
productivity of
information workers
• Communication (e.g., email, IM, Web
conferencing, unified communications, VoIP)
• When to use the new
delivery models:
virtualization and SaaS
• Social software (e.g., social networking, blogs,
• Business demands for
increased mobile and
social software support
• Collaboration (e.g., workspaces, SharePoint)
• Content (e.g., document management, Web
content management, search, taxonomies, text
• 3C SaaS solutions (e.g., Google Apps, Microsoft
Analysts: Craig Roth, Guy Creese, Larry Cannell, Bill Pray, Ken Agress, Mark
Cortner, Darin Stewart, Elden Nelson
Data Center Research
Audience: IT infrastructure organization (data center architects, virtualization/
storage/compute IT staff, enterprise IT professionals, directors and VPs of IT)
Major issues
Key coverage areas
• Data center power and space at
a premium
• Server/client virtualization, internal cloud
computing, hybrid clouds
• Virtualization, storage reduction
and server economization efforts
changing the face of the
data center
• Storage virtualization, platforms,
deduplication, data protection, backup,
archive, cloud storage
• These efforts are enough to stem
the tide of data center growth —
thus, IT organizations are
building internal and hybrid
• Server platforms, HA, DR, OSes,
facilities, operations
• Data center networking, IPv6,
switches, cabling
Analysts: Drue Reeves, Richard Jones, Alessandro Perilli, Chris Wolf, Kyle
Hilgendorf, Matt Brisse, Nik Simpson, Werner Zurcher, Simon Richard, Gunner
Berger (VDI)
Data Management Research
Audience: Data management organization (data architects, information
managers and enterprise IT professionals)
Major issues
Key coverage areas
• Data is replicated,
overproduced and
• Master data management, data warehousing,
business intelligence, information life cycle
management, information governance
• Databases are neither
quantified nor qualified
• Big data goes beyond the capacity of traditional
database technology
• Available information is
underutilized by
business people
• Real-time data tells how things are instead of how
things were
• Shared data is accessible beyond the silo(s) that
created it
• High-fidelity data preserves the context, detail,
relationships and identities of important business
Analysts: Marcus Collins, Lyn Robison, Svetlana Sicular, Jamie Popkin
Identity and Privacy Research
Audience: Identity management organization, privacy organization (architects,
project leaders, developers, privacy officers and data stewards)
Major issues
Key coverage areas
• Projects are late, over budget or not what
was wanted
• Identity and access
management program
• Creating, managing and using identities
are expensive
• Creating and managing
• IdM systems don’t handle partner,
contractor and customer identities well
• Verifying and using identities
• Privacy program
• Security and privacy regulations are
complex and rapidly changing
• Mobile, social, contextual and cloud
computing; federation, data protection
Analysts: Ian Glazer, Lori Robinson, Robin Wilton, Trent Henry (SSO), Heidi
Wachs, Nick Nikols, Mary Ruddy (Federation)
Network and Telecom / Wireless and Mobility Research
Audience: Networking, end user computing and security organization (architects,
administrators and network management staff)
Major issues
Key coverage areas
• Securing and managing
mobile endpoints
• Wireless technology — 802.11, 3G/4G, NFC,
Bluetooth, TV white space
• Providing adequate
wireless service levels
• Mobile services — voice/data, location, SMS,
Mobile UC, Wi-Fi/cellular roaming
• Mobile management — MDM (tools, services,
vendors), WLAN management
• Enterprise mobility strategy — endpoint
independence methodology
• Security — wireless LAN security
• Application performance optimization — WANs,
mobile networks
Analysts: Paul DeBeasi, Mike Disabato, Jim Berenbaum, Eric Siegel, Richard Jones,
Security and Risk Management Research
Audience: Security and risk management organization (architects, administrators
and risk management staff)
Major issues
Key coverage areas
• Information security risk
from outsiders (hackers,
thieves, etc.)
• IT risk management
• Information security risk
from insiders
• New demands from
business: mobility, cloud
computing, social media
• Application, data, endpoint and network security
• Information security program management
• Compliance
• Threat and vulnerability management
Analysts: Anton Chuvakin, Mario de Boer, Ramon Krikken, Phil Schacter, Eric
Maiwald, Erik Heidt (GRC), Ben Tomhave
Cloud Computing Research
Audience: IT organization in general; procurement and legal
Cloud computing touches every part of the IT organization, including infrastructure,
application development, security, applications and data
Major issues
Key coverage areas
• Driven by desire to cut
capital cost to host
applications and data in
internal data centers and
increase IT agility
• SaaS, infrastructure as a service (IaaS),
platform as a service (PaaS)
• Cloud computing has
issues in security, liability,
reliability, compliance,
performance, market
immaturity and other
• Internal/private clouds, hybrid clouds, public
cloud provider evaluation, cloud brokers
• Cloud strategy, cloud security and risk
management, cloud storage, cloud application
development/optimization, SaaS email
• IT risk management and compliance
• Application, data, endpoint and network security
• Information security program management
• Threat and vulnerability management
Analysts: Drue Reeves,
Kyle Hilgendorf (public cloud), Richard Watson, Anne Manes, Alessandro Perilli
(private cloud), Chris Wolf, Trent Henry, Guy Creese, Matt Brisse, Richard Jones
Professional Effectiveness Research
Audience: IT practitioners and IT managers in all organizations (applicable to
various technical domain backgrounds)
Major issues
Key coverage areas
• Understanding the business
context of technical
• The drivers that influence business
technology adoption and application
• Improving business-relevant
communication and
influencing skills
• Improving cross-discipline
decision making and
• Practitioner career planning
and expectations
• Engaging common, cross-functional initiatives
• Developing the IT professional to become a
• Improving cross-competency maturity,
decision making and outcomes
• Effects of human behavior and social change
on organizational and individual performance
Analysts: Jack Santos, Mike Rollings