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About HSS
IMSI Catching
Fine tuning results
Tactical Positioning
CC4100 Series Operational Mode
Our mission is to design and build system solution engineered technologies
for security, surveillance, and safety applications used by Government
and Law Enforcement Agencies.
Our aim is to provide these solutions through authorized – trained
organizations who market to Government and Law Enforcement. Our
technologies are used detect and defeat threats, our security consulting
and training aid in the process used to educate end user clients about
embracing threats with counter-measures that are proactive when going
up against terrorist and criminal elements.
Our tech team is available on request to bring our expertise and training
to your offices and to your clients.
 Interception of communication (cellular, landline,
satellite, etc., voice, text, fax and data)
 Positioning and locating cellular phones (strategic,
 Blocking and access management (selective jamming)
of cellular communications
 Processing and transformation of data into operations
enabling information
 Law enforcement agencies
 Intelligence agencies
CC4100 Communications Intelligence System for
Voice and Data Acquisition
The CC4100 infrastructure is a GSM BTS – Base
Station - which allows running a set of applications:
IMSI catcher
Phone number catcher
Selective jamming
(Cell Catcher Firewall)
Private network
Small size
Web based UI
A5.1, A5.2 decryption
Active Positioning capabilities
Optional integration to other HSS systems (GMLC, LIMS,
Information Explorer)
 In house development enables customizations and
tailoring of the system to specific customer
 Map near by GSM network BTS
 Select a network to emulate
 MS are registered to the system, IMSI and IMEI are
extracted for each MS
 MS are cloned, MSISDN is extracted
 Estimated distance of MS from system can be provided
to eliminate irrelevant MS
 Cloned MS can be monitored for calls and SMS (both
mobile originated and mobile terminated)
 Active positioning is operated to home-in on target
 The system can be deployed to the target area and set
up in a matter of minutes
 Once the system is up and running, Mobile Stations (MS)
in the area start registering to it
 IMSI and IMEI (and also TMSI) is extracted for all MS in
the area
 Allows presence detection and establishment for
targets in the area, assuming their IMSI/IMEI is known
IMSI/IMEI Catching
 Once a list of MS in the area has been established, the
system can move on to filter the results and fine tune
the targets list in the area
 This can be done using:
 MSISDN extraction
 Filtering by distance
 Reporting tools can be used to narrow down the list of targets
 The next step in the process is to perform interception
for filtered targets (and others, if needed)
 Monitoring of voice and SMS for both mobile originated
and mobile terminated sessions
 The produced content can be monitored or viewed in
real time
 In addition, all produced sessions are stored and can be
processed later
 As an option, the system can be equipped with Speaker
ID / Audio Search capabilities to enhance its
intelligence value
 In addition to knowing estimated distance from of MS
from the system, the system enables Active Positioning
 The Active Positioning process forces the target MS to
transmit at a controllable level of power
 This enables a tactical location unit paired to on-thefield forces to home-in on the target quickly and easily
and apprehend it if so desired
Network3 BTS
Network2 BTS
Network1 BTS
Network3 BTS
Network2 BTS
Network1 BTS
Network2 BTS
CC4100 (PNC)
Network3 BTS
Network1 BTS
HSS CC4100
Application (PNC)
CC4100 Intercept
CC4100 Intercept
CC4100 Intercept
Mobile Locator
CC4100 Intercept
 HSS offers a multi-layered approach to locating and
positioning targets of interest as well as tactical
intelligence collection capabilities
 Combing various products and applications facilitates
operational activity and enables locating suspects,
monitoring their communication and performing “lastmile” positioning in order to apprehend them
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