SWIICH: Disruptive Multi-screen Cloud Gaming Platfrom

SWIICH: Social Cloud Gaming Service
Executive Summary: Market
Cloud gaming is a promising application of the rapidly expanding cloud computing
infrastructure : Render the game scenes on cloud servers and stream the encoded game
scenes to thin clients over broadband networks
The cloud gaming market is a fast growing segment of the digital industry that could size a
significant part of the €56.3 B gaming market by 2017(1)
The video game market has been an important sector of both
the software and entertainment industries. Among the three
categories of video game : boxed-games, online-sold games, and
cloud games , it is the cloud games market that is expected to
expand the most: nine times over the period of 2011 to 2017(2)
(1) IDATE 2014]
(2) [Cgconfusa.com, cloud gaming report July 2012]
Executive Summary: Solution
Swiich is a cloud gaming platform that allows end-users to play
their video games on any device with unique and differentiating
customer experience features.
While cloud gaming solutions are being developed in the US and
China, Swiich is the only European-based solution
Innovative use-cases & business models involving crowdsourcing
of games & monetization of the game experience
Viral sharing of game experience and attract game publishers
with significant additional revenues coming from increasing the
number of supported platform, extending the lifetime of the
Executive Summary: Company
Swiich management team is composed of seasoned executives having 20+ experience in the platform,
media & entertainment industries with track records in growing innovative start-up companies to
profitable international businesses.
Looking for 2,2M€ to industrialize the Swiich platform and bootstrap the launch of the Swiich cloud
gaming community: Expect to reach 5M€ revenue in 2017, break-even in 3 years and reach 30M€
revenues with 45% EBIT in 5 years.
Swiich: Demonstration
Flexible scalable cloud gaming streaming platform
Demonstrated very low latency (Swiich roundtrip 40ms) –
GDC 2014
Application integration without modification : "zero
touch“ (DirectX9 & 11)
Bandwidth requirements compatible with existing networks
(~5Mbps – 720p)
Client software based on H.264 standard
AMD Partnership & hardware encoder support
Swiich: Disruptive Cloud Gaming Platform
Combine game virtualization and social networks:
Get live coaching •
Get real-time hints on screens with embedded video
Get your friends to play a game sequence on behalf
Live tagging
& Annotations
View and share instant replays of upbeat sequences
Add live videos, sound comments, annotations
Socialize, Hangout, Chat and Play simultaneously
Discover & Play
Discover and play anywhere, any time, on any device
Try, Buy, Rent, Share any game
Instant pause & switch
Follow-me gaming on any device
Strategy: Go-To-Market Plan
Accelerate the B2C adoption
through direct marketing and
customer acquisition
Launch the B2C platform
Leverage and develop a partner
ecosystem for fast adoption
H.2020 Funding Application
Raise round B capital
Content providers distribute their games (EA, Ubisoft, Valve,
independent game publishers…)
Try and buy with European retailers (FNAC, Mediamarkt…)
Unique events showcasing Cloud Gaming (Oxent…)
Hardware & device providers (Smart TVs, devices…)
Build on and leverage AMD’s solid partnership for internationalization
Swiich Solution Architecture
Core instance
Lobby Server
Uses core instance API
Uses standard Cloud APIs (multicloud)
Microsoft Azure / Stand alone server
Stand alone for point-to-point setup
API for Cloud/Professional platform
Xen & vmware virtualization support
AMD hardware encoding support
Game & Application execution
Image capture & Stream
Client interaction
Session mgt. & info.
User management
Client statistics & analytics
Core instance API
Modular lobby Server:
Modular core instance:
Multi-location Datacenter
Real time streaming
& interaction
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