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Our Partners
• USDA – Food &
Nutrition Service
• National Association
of Farmers Market
Nutrition Programs
Group, Mobile
• WorldPayTM
What Is MarketLinkTM ?
 MarketLinkTM is a Complete Technology Solution.
 MarketLinkTM provides new state-of-the-art
equipment to direct-marketing farmers and farmers
markets to increase sales and build customer base.
 MarketLinkTM is a national program with a
solution for ALL farmers and farmers markets!
MarketLinkTM Options
Eligible for
•New iPhone, card reader, and
printer with one-year
warranty to process ALL
SNAP, Debit, and Credit Card
Transactions, wherever you
• Unlimited Mobile
Market+TM data services for 2
• No annual fee for Merchant
processing account with
WorldPayTM the first year.
• World-Class Technical
Support from day one!
Not eligible
- need
terminal &
• Purchase terminal(s) and
card reader(s) and get the
processing plan
Not eligible
- need
• Sign up for the processing
plan if you have a
compatible terminal already
Why MarketLinkTM ?
 Expanded customer base
 Less than 40% overlap of FMNP and
SNAP clients; so 60% of SNAP
participants are new customers!
 Increased sales
Largest reason why purchases are
limited at markets is people run out of
 Best rates for processing electronic
48 hour payment settlement for all
 Nationally negotiated rate on behalf
of farmers and markets
SNAP Facts
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
 Who is eligible: any person who qualifies based on
income and household factors
 46 million Americans (13%) received SNAP in FY12
 Eligible foods: All fruits and vegetables; meats, fish,
and poultry; cheese and dairy products; eggs; baked
goods; processed foods; honey, cider, juices; herbs
(plants and bunched); plants & seeds that bear fruit
 Ineligible foods: Non-food products, wine and
alcohol products, hot foods, foods meant to be eaten
Why Accept SNAP?
 $86.5 billion
National Benefit Totals ($)
program nationwide
 $16m through FMs last
year (less than 2/10%)
 Program expands
number of customers
AND products (beyond
fruits & vegetables).
FMNP and SNAP are
programs with similar goals –
to expand access to food.
With the addition of SNAP at
your market or stall, you can
help more customers access
more food beyond fruits and
 SNAP participants can use
their benefits for fruits
and vegetables PLUS
other foods.
 By using FMNP and
SNAP together, a market
shopper can buy foods
from all of the food
 FMNP + SNAP = more
sales for farmers.
State Examples of
A farmer reported that using wireless technology for SNAP, Debit, and Credit
Card payments increased Saturday sales by 60% ($1,000 up to $1,600-1,800)!
Farmers in Kent County, Michigan had dramatic sales increases
($44,000 to $117,000) in one year when they used wireless technology
to accept SNAP transactions.
New York:
 The Farmers Market Federation of New York reported that a directmarketing farmer added $40,000 in sales the first year using a
wireless terminal.
 SNAP sales at farmers markets have increased by triple digits for the
past several years.
Grow Sales with
Electronic Payments
 Community Merchants USA, reported
in Forbes Magazine that only 27% of
sales today are completed in cash.
 Cash sales are estimated to drop to less
than 23% in the next four years.
The Bottom Line
This program is a great
opportunity for you to try
accepting electronic
payments without investing
your own money for
This is Your Opportunity
 This is your opportunity to see how accepting SNAP, credit &
debit grows your bottom line!
 No other program exists today to give direct-marketing
farmers or farmers markets:
 New, state-of-the-art technology,
 A free payment processing account for SNAP, debit, and credit
cards for one year,
 Significantly lower transaction fees, and only pay the per
transaction fees!, and
 Not spend a penny for the equipment or the data plan for two
 MarketLinkTM is your best opportunity to sell your products
the way most consumers want to pay for them!
Free Terminal Program:
Fees & Commitments
iPhone with card
Wireless data
(2 years)
Annual fee for
processing (1 year)
License Fee for
Transaction fees
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
From $30/month*
SNAP: 15 cents per transaction
Credit & debit: 1.79% of sale plus 15 cents
*This varies by provider (Verizon, AT&T, TMobile, etc.)
Support from Market Link TM
 Technical support from initial sign-up through
USDA SNAP-authorization from the MarketLinkTM
 Tailored setup assistance of your iPhone and the
application that processes all transactions – Mobile
 Technical Support Help Desk available
 Commitment from MarketLink’s TM own Customer
Support Team—people who understand directmarketing farmers and farmers markets!
Market LinkTM Signup
 First, you must have a working email address and a bank account.
Email is the primary method for communication.
Your bank account is how you receive payments.
 Complete the on-line NAFMNP Eligibility Questionnaire:
Your answers will determine your eligibility to qualify for the free
terminal program.
 Submit your USDA application to become SNAP-authorized.
Submit copies of photo ID and Social Security card.
 Complete the payment processing application.
Submit a cancelled check from the account where you will accept
 Setup terminal once it arrives.
Our expedited process through USDA means that you have the
best opportunity to be up and running in a month or less!
Terminal Set-Up
 Once approved by USDA and after you have
completed WorldPayTM Merchant Agreement, you
will receive your new iPhone from Novo Dia
 Unpack and charge your iPhone, which will
 Use the QuickStart Guide to download the
MobileMarket+TM application to accept transactions
or contact MarketLinkTM Customer Support Desk
for Training and Orientation.
Using Your Terminal
 Use it at the farmers markets where you sell.
 Use it at your farm stand, CSA, anywhere you sell.
 Your terminal is easy to use and your Quick Start
Guide will show you step-by-step how to complete
a sale.
 You will print a receipt for all of your electronic
payments (this is required by USDA regulations).
 Your payments are processed and deposited to your
bank account within 48 hours.
Data Available to You
 Ability to retrieve a transaction
 Weekly, monthly, annual sales
Reports when and how you need
them – always available online.
Purchase Terminal
 If don’t qualify for this free terminal program, there
are other options for you to consider.
 Depending on your needs, you can still qualify for
the nationally negotiated rates and obtain the
equipment that is right for you.
Program Advantages
 Free state-of-the-art technology
 Expedited approval
 The best overall value
 Unmatched support from a partner team that
understands direct-marketing farmers and farmers
markets and who want you to succeed!
 Contact the team at:
 Phone: 443-212-8084
 Email:
 Amy Crone,