AVnu Alliance Template

The Unified AV Network
InfoComm 2012
How does AVB impact IT?
Who/What/Why is the AVnu Alliance?
What is the importance of AVnu Certification?
What is the importance of AVB in A/V networking?
How does AVB impact IT
Agenda – Other Sessions
• Sessions throughout InfoComm include:
• A/V Installations with AVnu-Certified AVB: Start Fresh
with Interoperable Devices
• AVB for House of Worship: Tap into the Simplified A/V
• AVB Must-Knows for the IT Pro
• Live Events with AVB: How Will One Open Standard Set
Change A/V Networking?
• A Technical Deep Dive: Uncover the Mysteries of AVB
• AVnu AVB Manufacturer Symposium: Ready for a New
Networking Ecosystem?
What/Who is the AVnu Alliance?
• The first industry forum to lead the adoption of open IEEE
standards based AV Networking
• AVB (Audio/Video Bridging) is the first set of AV networking standards
approved by IEEE
• A non-profit organization defining AVB Certification and
• Members include major Automotive, Pro AV, Consumer and
Silicon/Platform Manufacturers
• Member manufacturers are given access to test tools and plugfests in
advance of submission for official AVnu interoperability certification.
What’s the importance of
AVnu Certification?
• Certification is key to a no-compromise A/V network
that is easier to implement than ever before.
• Certification provides a marketable assurance that
AVnu-certified devices will be interoperable.
What is the importance of
AVB in A/V networking?
• The AVB standards are written by the IEEE, the
group that defines Ethernet
•AVB is royalty free and open for use by anyone
•Network engineers have tools to accommodate AV requirements
• Precise and reliable, suitable for rigorous
professional applications
•Data pathway from source to destination is guaranteed
•Low latency
How Does AVB Impact IT?
Why Audio Video Bridging (AVB)?
• Moving to Ethernet solves cabling issues but:
– Introduces latency/guaranteed bandwidth and synchronization
– Dante, Cobranet are proprietary solutions on top of Ethernet to
address these issues
– Is based on new IEEE Ethernet standards
– It is open and interoperable so any vendor can support it
– With AVNU that interoperabilty is certifiable
What’s great about AVB?
Synch accuracy of +/- 500 nanosec over 7 hops
Latency of 2 ms for Class A and 50 ms for Class B
Complex installs become simple
IEEE standards based
Interoperability certified
Attend this presentation for how AVB works:
A Technical Deep Dive: Uncover the Mysteries of AVB
AVB Requirements?
• Ethernet switch (AVB bridge) must support AVB
- Requires AVB supporting chip
- Requires software to enable the chip & run AVB
- Helps to have AVnu cert. so it interoperates
• AVB Endpoint (mic, speaker, console et al) must
support AVB or connect to an AVB snake
So which switches?
Harmon, LabX and Extreme Networks are being demoed at the show
What is the Impact on Other Traffic?
• AVB will take the two highest levels of QoS on
your switch
• AVB defaults to take 75% of a link but can be
dialed down to zero
• AVB can apply to Video as well as Audio
singularly or mixed
• For a converged network: All non AVB traffic
(VoIP, IM, Building Control Systems) goes in lower
QoS levels
• It works with one subnet
Layer 3 and AVB
• No L3 protocols have to be disabled or
configured to support AVB
• There are use cases where L3 is desired (ex: very
large theme park with many subnets)
• AVnu Technical Working Group is addressing this
and IEEE activities
Cabling… Power… Speeds
• AVB will run over Cat 5 up to 1G. Cat 6 for 10G
over copper
• 10/100/1000 Mbps and 10G over copper or fiber.
40G over fiber
• 10G and 40G needed for uncompressed video
• Non-PoE, PoE, PoE+
• From 5 ports to thousands in stackables or
chassis. There are use cases where L3 is desired
(ex: very large theme park with many subnets)
• Lockable connectors desired in some installs
Switches demoed here cover these capabilities
AVB Training
• From AVB vendors
• Potentially from the AVnu alliance
Cost and Availability?
• Please see our switch partners here at show or on
their websites for costs and availability
• Harman (BSS Audio/Netgear GS 724T)
• LabX (Titanium 411)
• Extreme Networks (Summit 440X, Summit 460X,
Summit 670X)
• Supporting ProAV gets easier for IT with AVB
• Switches and endpoints supporting AVB are
• Some products are available now.
• The selection will increase as more vendors turn-up
• AVB fits well with other network traffic