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public participation
local content –
mining agreements as tools to
build trust between stakeholders
otsile matlou
sadc law association annual conference
august 2014
local content as part of the modern mining
local content in different jurisdictions
regional local content
the distinction between local content and
local participation
building trust between stakeholders
free, prior, informed and consent
• right of indigenous peoples and communities to exercise
free choice
• the requirement that the consent must be sought before
project authorisations are secured
• right to appraise indigenous peoples and communities of
project details
• consent not unreasonably withheld
local content and the modern mining model
the historical model
skills import, minerals export,
exploitation colonialism
the new model:
unprecedented demand for resources requires revision of the old
local content as part of the plan for mining companies, regulators and
communities to benefit from local economic development of host
communities and host countries.
local content: comparative study
south africa
local content: lessons from other countries
local content is no longer unique
there are different ways to measure local
local content policies should be
phased approaches work well
enforcement is key
regional local content
cross-border economic linkages
SADC Protocol 1997
AU African Mining Vision 2009
local content vs local participation
procurement vs ownership
common aim: local economic
the interplay of the two with social
license to operate
building trust between stakeholders
local content is important for:
• investors
• communities
• regulators
example: the BHP Billiton Cluster Programme
for the Development of World-Class Suppliers
where are the opportunities?
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For instance, the ILO Convention 169 on Indigenous and Tribal Peoples
The McKinsey view is that governments must consider six important dimensions to transform sub-soil
wealth into long term prosperity: to produce resources efficiently, governments must promote
institutions and governance and develop infrastructure; to capture value from resources, governments
must make industries competitive through fiscal policy and they must promote local content
development (of interest to us here; and to transform value into long-term development, governments
must spend the windfall wisely and focus on economic diversification
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