Chapter 8 Operational Data Tools

Chapter 8
Operational Data Tools
Amy Gahr
Brian Romig
Jodi Rudden
Data Mining Can Bring Pinpoint
Accuracy to Sales
Article Overview:
 Data Warehouse- a central store of customer data that
can be used throughout the enterprise
 Data Mining
 Campaign Management
 When these tools are implemented correctly, it shows
only relevant customers at certain times and provides
with up-to-date information
 Gives Companies that are online an advantage
Relationship to Chapter 8
FTC Pulls Plug On $100 Million Adware Business
by Gregg Keizer
Article Overview
 EliteBar and EliteToolBar
 Ohio based
 Java code placed on computers
 FTC calls acts unfair and deceptive
 $90-$100 million a year
 Asked to give wrongful gains back to consumers
How Article Relates to Chapter 8….
Profiling For Profit
Article Overview:
 Best Buy’s new strategic program
 Creating customer profiles
 Categorizing each individual store
 Targeting typical consumer types
 Varies from store to store
 Implementing new products and displays
 Relationship to Chapter 8:
 Targeting
 Personalization and customization
 Customer Relationship Management (CRM)