Veeam-Backup-Replication 6.5

Veeam Backup & Replication
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Mario Marquez
System Engineer
Veeam Software
Existing tools aren’t doing the job
 Traditional backup
● Agent in each VM
● Full VM recovery is complex
● Expensive
● Does not guarantee recoverability
 Typical VM backup
● Backup code runs on hosts
● Significant storage requirements
● Limited recovery options
● Does not guarantee recoverability
“A major reason that
organizations still hit these
bumps on the backup and
recovery road: They use the
same products for both physical
and virtual server backup, when
we all know that virtualization
requires a fundamentally
different approach.”
The right tool for the job
 Built specifically for virtualization
 Addresses unique requirements
● Fewer spare resources
● More data
● Dynamic environment
 Leverages unique opportunities
● Whole VM restore
● Unified data protection
● Backups as datastores
 Exclusive patent-pending Veeam technology
 Publishes the contents of the backup file as a datastore the
host can connect to
● Compressed, deduplicated, incremental
 Runs the VM directly from the backup file
● On regular backup storage
● Without making any changes to the backup file
“This is why I love Veeam. They take all the virtualization technology pieces
on the table and put them together into a functioning business solution.”
– Brett Westover
IT Administrator
Therapeutic Research Center
Running VMs from backups
 Quickly restart a failed VM
 Test VM backups
 Restore data from applications running on the VM
 Create VMs for testing and troubleshooting
 Fast
Disk-based backup
Forever incremental
Changed block tracking  20x faster
VeeamZIP for easy ad-hoc backups NEW!
 Efficient
Offloads processing from hosts and VMs
Excludes unnecessary data, and deduplicates and compresses the rest
Generates no special metadata
Accesses SAN storage directly
 Reliable
● No more babysitting backup jobs
● Performs advanced application-aware processing
● Automatically verifies recoverability of backups
Why replication?
 Virtualization enables cost-effective replication
● Inexpensive standby hosts
● Dissimilar storage
● VM-level (not application-specific)
 Virtualization enables unified data protection
● Image-based incremental backup
● Image-based incremental replication
● Only difference is the target
 It’s not just a commercial bundling of products…
it’s a cohesive data protection strategy
2-in-1: backup and replication
 Host-based replication
● Replicate onsite for HA, offsite for DR
● Numerous optimizations for efficient replication across the WAN
● Replica rollback to protect against corruption of source
 Assisted failover
● Fail over individual VMs
● Re-IP after failover
 Real failback
● Delta sync
● 1-click and confirm—for one or several VMs
● Re-IP after failback
Flexible recovery
 Restore exactly what you need
● Entire VM
● Individual VM files
● Individual guest files
● Application data
all from the same image-level backup
1-Click File Restore
Find the
to restore one…
… or several files
1-Click File Restore (continued)
 Restore directly to original location
● Uses guest interaction APIs
● Does not require:
 Direct network connection to VM
 User permissions on host or VM
 Agent in host or VM
 Delegate file restores
● “File Restore Operator” role
● Delegated operator does not need permissions on backup files,
the host or the VM
● Secure: files restored directly to original location
● Can be restricted to certain file types (.docx, .xlsx, etc.)
A Virtual Lab
 We know how to clone VMs
 BUT, a sophisticated backup
tool can allow us to access the
VMs within the backup file.
 Reduce disk storage
requirements (only changes)
● Keep backup read-only!
● Isolated from production network!
Fast recovery
 Disk-based: no tapes to find, retrieve, mount, etc.
 Immediate: no dependence on a catalog
 Restore entire VM image: faster and less error-prone than
rebuilding the machine and reloading applications and data
 Instant File-Level Recovery (IFLR): restore individual guest files
directly from the image-level backup, without any staging or special
metadata needed
 Instant VM Recovery: restart failed VM directly from the backup
Instant VM Recovery
 Fast: restart VM directly from backup file
 Readily available: uses existing backups and backup storage
 Buys you time: users keep working while you troubleshoot the problem
How it works
Within 2 minutes!
vPower NFS
Backup File
Storage vMotion
VMware datastores
Backup storage
Quick Migration
 The Instant VM
Recovery trick is nice,
I don’t have Storage
 No problem!
● The right backup tool can
accommodate that as well.
 One example is Veeam
Quick Migration
 Distributed architecture
● Backup servers
Backup proxy servers
Backup repositories
● “Automated everything”
● Centralized management via Enterprise Manager
● Intelligent load balancing
 Distributed architecture
● Backup servers
Backup proxy servers
Backup repositories
● “Automated everything”
● Centralized management via Enterprise Manager
● Intelligent load balancing
 Low TCO
● No agents: to license, deploy, monitor or maintain
● Storage agnostic
● Manage VMware and Hyper-V from a single console,
with a single data protection infrastructure
Real benefits to the business
 Significant cost savings
Software licenses
Software maintenance
Server consolidation
Test labs
 Risk reduction
Data loss
Unrecoverable backups
Human error
 SLA compliance
● Enhanced RTOs and RPOs to meet service-level agreements
Veeam Backup & Replication 6.5
We never stand still
What’s coming in 6.5
 Veeam Explorer for Microsoft Exchange
 Veeam Explorer for SAN Snapshots
 VMware vSphere 5.1 support
 Windows Server 2012 support
Veeam Explorer for Microsoft Exchange
 Visibility into Exchange VM backups
● Immediate: No need to provision storage, restore the VM or
restore the mailbox store
● Agentless
● Requires no special backups or metadata collection—even works with
existing Veeam backups (and SAN snapshots)
 Free!
● Included in all versions of Veeam Backup & Replication 6.5,
including Free Edition
● Eliminates need for expensive standalone tools licensed per-mailbox
 Currently available
Just restored a 145 GB #MSExchange Public
Folder database in 2 min. using @veeam. Then
restored a single item all under 10 min. SWEET!
The new #veeam explorer for exchange
looks veeamy. That's right, I just made up a
new word (it means awesomesauce)
Even the *beta* of @veeam Exchange
Explorer works a treat. Saved literally, hours of
work.. and saved my bacon. #recommend
Really excited with the new @veeam Explorer
beta for #Microsoft Exchange VM backups - we
have lots of interested customers ready for this!
Veeam Explorer for Microsoft Exchange
 Capabilities
● Browse: familiar Explorer-type interface
● Search: familiar Outlook-like Find, including Advanced Find
● Export: export to PST file, MSG file or attachment
 Uses cases
● E-discovery
● Item-level restore: export and send to affected user
● Mailbox archive
 Supports Exchange Server 2010
E-discovery and item recovery
Veeam Explorer for SAN Snapshots
 Veeam restores from SAN snapshots
 Supports tiered data protection strategy
 Perform all restores through familiar, easy-to-use
Veeam interface
 Supports HP StoreVirtual VSA and HP LeftHand
SAN snapshots + Veeam restore =
Best RPOs and RTOs for operational recovery
Veeam Explorer for SAN Snapshots (continued)
 Fast: recover entire VM or individual items in < 2 minutes
● Fully automated: clone & promote snapshot, present to vSphere, clean up
● Restores directly from VM files on the SAN snapshot: no staging or
intermediate restores required
 Flexible
● Specific VM
● Individual guest files: Windows, Linux, et al
● Individual Microsoft Exchange items
 Free
● Worry-free: automated process eliminates human errors and protects
integrity of SAN snapshots and production LUNS
● Agent-free: no agents to deploy on hosts or VMs
● Literally free: included in all editions of Veeam Backup & Replication 6.5,
including Free Edition
How it works
Instant VM Recovery from a SAN snapshot
A solution you can count on
 Know that your VMs are protected and that you can recover
quickly in the event of a problem
 Remove unnecessary load and potential sources of instability
on your production hosts
 Know that the solution will work as advertised
 Know that you won’t outgrow the solution
 Know that you made the best investment
A great value
 2-in-1: backup and replication
 Hardware agnostic
 No extra charge for:
● Replication (near-CDP)
● Deduplication
● Enterprise Manager
 Licensing by CPU socket
● No per-server, per-agent or per-mailbox fees
● Quick ROI and low TCO
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