Documenting Research Outputs and Outcomes

Documenting Research
Outputs and Outcomes
Alasdair Cain
Office of the Assistant Secretary
for Research & Technology
U.S. Department of Transportation
June 2014
The Research Hub –
Documenting the Research Lifecycle
UTC Program Representation
in the Research Hub
Outputs: 71
Final Reports: 708
Completed Projects: 1102
Project Records: 2774
Project Outputs
• Definition:
– The direct, tangible products of your research work
• Examples:
Technologies or techniques:
Inventions, patent applications & licenses
Databases, models
Educational aids or curricula
Instruments, or equipment
• Does NOT include:
– Information dissemination tools (reports, journal
papers/publications, conference presentations,
webinars, etc.)
– Academic performance measures (courses offered,
research projects funded, graduated students, etc.)
Project Outcomes
• Definition:
– the impacts and influences of your research
outside the academic world
• Examples:
– Deployment of a new technology or
– Adoption of a new or improved practice or
procedure by the transportation industry
– Quantifiable impacts on safety, economy,
environment, infrastructure resilience, etc.
– Cited/documented impacts on decisionmaking, policies, or legislation
Submitting Information on
Project Outputs & Outcomes
• Provide specific, concise, written descriptions, including quantitative
evidence if available (one sentence to a couple of paragraphs in length)
• Active UTC grants:
– Submit outputs/outcomes in your PPPR reports, or to
• Past UTC grants:
– Submit outputs/outcomes to
• Submission format:
Project Title
(as in Research Hub)
Structural Design, Construction, and
Evaluation of a Prestressed Concrete
Bridge Using Ultra High Performance
Concrete Pi Girders
The result of this project was the pi-girder, a
33-inch-deep deckbulb-double-Tee girder that
can span up to 87 feet. This component
facilitates the accelerated construction of
durable infrastructure systems.
“Research Impacts:
Better-FasterCheaper” (2010)],
Structural Design, Construction, and
Evaluation of a Prestressed Concrete
Bridge Using Ultra High Performance
Concrete Pi Girders
The Iowa Department of Transportation
completed the first deployment of the pigirder in a bridge near Aurora. The Jakway
Park Bridge used three adjacent pi-girders in
its main span. It opened to traffic in 2008.
“Research Impacts:
Other Examples
UTCs with Project Outputs or Outcomes
currently in the Research Hub
Alaska University Transportation Center
Oregon State University, Corvallis
Carnegie Mellon University
Portland State University
Center for Advanced Infrastructure & Transportation (CAIT)
Rahall Appalachian Transportation Institute
Center for Integrated Transportation Systems Management, UMD
San Jose State University, San Jose
Center for Multimodal Solutions for Congestion Management, UF
Southeastern Transportation Research, Innovation, Development
and Education Center (STRIDE)
Center for Transportation Studies, University of Minnesota
Gulf Coast Research Center for Evacuation and Transportation Resiliency
Infrastructure Technology Institute, Northwestern University
Iowa State University, Ames
Kansas State University's Center for Transportation Research
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge
Mid-America Transportation Center, University of Nebraska, Lincoln
Midwest Transportation Consortium, Iowa State University
Mountain-Plains Consortium
Technologies for Safe and Efficient Transportation
Texas A&M University, College Station
Texas Southern University, Houston
University of Alaska, Fairbanks
University of Iowa, Iowa City
University of Memphis
University of Minnesota, Minneapolis
University of Oklahoma, Norman
University of Tennessee, Knoxville; Volvo Technology of America
National Center for Intermodal Transportation
University of Texas, Austin
National Center for Transit Research, University of South Florida
University of Washington, Seattle
National Institute for Advanced Transportation Technology (NIATT)
Center for Advanced Infrastructure & Transportation;
New England University Transportation Center
Utah State University Transportation Center
Old Dominion University
Western Transportation Institute
Check your outputs/outcomes for accuracy and completeness.
Any revisions or additions should be sent to
Questions / Comments?
Alasdair Cain
(202) 366-0934;
Office of the Assistant Secretary for Research & Technology