Application guidelines and forms 25.02.14

Application guidelines and Forms
Fannie Nthakomwa
© Tilitonse 2014
• Interested and qualified CBOs able to implement
projects that contribute to achievement of at least
one of Tilitonse’s stated outputs above, especially
the third and fourth outputs.
These include but not limited to the following:
Community-based social movements
youth clubs
Farmers/traders associations
media organisations
© Tilitonse 2014
Grant Categories
Funded Projects to run for a period of 1 year
beginning June 2014
Projects of up to 20, 000 GBP.
Our experience: everyone wants the maximum
amount...but need to consider the following
• Capacity to manage, track record
• Due diligence/capacity assessment - to be done
parallel to proposal development (mentor/org
© Tilitonse 2014
Application form
• Application cover sheet - Checklist before you
• The Concept Note form has two main parts
Part 1: Organisational details
• Organisation name, postal address, physical
address, and contact details (provide correct
• Strategic direction, legitimacy & accountability
• Geographical coverage
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Application Form Cont’d
Part 2: Proposed project
Should not exceed 6 pages, Arial 11, single line spacing
Basic Project Information
This section must be filled in full by all applicants, failure to fill it will
mean that the rest of the proposal will not be assessed
Project Title, grant amount (MK), Duration, proposed geographical
Project background, problem analysis and justification
• Identify problem want to address, its root causes, why things
continue to be this way (why its difficult to address)
• Why the project is needed now
• What are you going to do this time to change things
• (Link to Problem identification and analysis presentation)
© Tilitonse 2014
Application Form Cont’d
Stakeholder Involvement
Identify and list organizations, groups, duty bearers,
structures including media (if any) that have would have an
interest in project
• Who might be for and against
• How you will work with them
• What will be their roles
• How are you going to collaborate with such stakeholders
including those implementing similar
(Link to Problem identification and analysis presentation)
© Tilitonse 2014
Application Form Cont’d
Gender and Social inclusion
• Identify gender issues/ barriers in your community that
project will want to address
• Explain how the identified issues and excluded groups will
be included in the project
Results and Operational Logic……
© Tilitonse 2014