Ministry of Security and Justice

Ministry of Security and Justice
Political leadership
Mr mr. G.A. van der Steur
Mr dr. K.M.D.M. Dijkhoff
State Secretary
Administrative leadership
Mr mr. J. van der Vlist
act. Secretary General
Mrs mr. drs. N.C. Stolk-Luyten
Deputy Secretary General
Mr mr. A. F. Gaastra MPA
Director General Police
Mr drs. H.W.M. Schoof
National Coordinator for Counterterrorism
and Security (NCTV)
Mr mr. G.N. Roes
Director General for the Administration of
Justice and Law Enforcement
Mrs drs. M.C.A. Blom
Director General for Youth and Sanctions
Mr drs. J.C. Goet
Directorate-General for Immigration
SG cluster
dSG cluster
Directorate-General for the Police (DGPol)
National Coordinator for Counterterrorism and
Security (NCTV)
Directorate-General for the Administration of
Justice and Law Enforcement (DGRR)
Directorate-General for Youth and Sanctions
Directorate-General for Immigration
Directorate for Financial-Economic Affairs
Mr drs. R.E.B. Eijsenring
Project Directorate Accommodation (PDH)
Mr mr. W. F. Saris MPA
Police Resources Department
Strategy and Operational Management Department
Mr drs. A. IJzerman MPA
Directorate for Law Enforcement and Crime
Fighting (DRC)
Mr mr. drs. M.C.J. Groothuizen
Directorate for Sanctions and Prevention
Policy (DSP)
Mr mr. H.P. Heida
Migration Policy Department (DMB)
Mrs mr. drs. A.G. van Dijk
Directorate for Legislation and Legal Affairs
Ms drs. E.L. Özyenici MCM
Office of the Chief Information and Chief
Procurement (DI&I)
Mr mr. J.W. Schaper
Coordination and Control Department
Mrs mr. W.C.J.M. van Dijk
Cyber Security Department (DCS), National Cyber
Security Center (NCSC), also Deputy National
Coordinator for Counterterrorism and Security (pNCTV)
Mrs mr. J. Schipper-Spanninga
Directorate for the Legal System (DRb)
Mr mr. drs. R.R. ter Kuile
Directorate for Judicial Youth Policy (DJJ)
Mr drs. J. Kapteijns
Coordination Department (DR)
Mr mr. J.A. Terstegen
Directorate for European and International
Affairs (DEIA)
Ms drs. C.J. Franken
Directorate for Operational Management and
Management Support Department (DBOB) /
Services Centre
Mrs drs. J.H.W. Raaphorst
Policing and Police Policy Department
Mrs dr. A.P. Nelis
Surveillance, Protection and Civil Aviation
Security Department (DB3)
Mr R.J.F. Baarends MBA RA
Directorate Finance, Operational Management &
Control (DFB&C)
Directorate for Control, Operational
Management and Legal Affairs (CBJ)
Directorate for Strategy (DS)
Mr drs. A.A. van Vliet QC
Project Directorate Accommodation (PDH)
Mr ir. P. Gelton
Resilience Department (DW)
Mrs mr. L.M.P. de Bie
Directorate for Legal and Operational Affairs
Mr T.A. Lodder
Threat and Risk Analysis Department (DRD),
also portfoliomanager NCC and LOCC
Mr mr. dr. C. Riezebos
Directorate for Security and Management
Mr prof. dr. F. Leeuw
Research and Documentation Centre
Mrs drs. M.Y. Voslamber
Office of the Secretary General (BSG)
Mrs mr. drs. A.M.E. Stordiau-van Egmond
Directorate of Information (DV)
Chief constable: Mrs H. Buitink
Dutch Caribbean Police Force/
Caribbean Netherlands Police Force
Mr dr. ir. R.D. Woittiez
Netherlands Forensic Institute (NFI)
Mr drs. S.T. Sibma
Central Fine Collection Agency (CJIB)
Mr drs. R.J.T. van Lint
Immigration and Naturalisation Service
Mrs mr. H.G. Leentvaar-Loohuis
Bureau of the Advisory Board on Review
of Leave from Detention under a Hospital
Order (BAVT)
General commander: Mr J.G. Tromp
Fire brigade of the Caribbean Netherlands
Mr J.J. Wiltvank MPM
Judicial Information Service
Ms C.A.F. Verheij
Ministry of Justice Agency for Scrutiny,
Integrity and Screening (JUSTIS)
Ms mr. R. Maas
Repatriation and Departure Service (DT&V)
Mr drs. P. Hennephof
Custodial Institutions Agency (DJI)
Mr mr. W.N. Mannens
Advisory Committee on Migration Affairs
Ms drs. A.P. Roeters
Child Protection Board (RvdK)
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This overview does not include the autonomous
administrative authorities and the financed institutions.
Current information and information concerning the
units can be found at Rijksportaal.
This is a publication of:
Ministry of Security and Justice
Directorate for Information
PO Box 20301 | 2500 EH The Hague | The Netherlands
20 March 2015
Board of Procurators General
Inspectorate for Safety and Justice
Mr mr. H.J. Bolhaar
National Office of the Public Prosecution
Mr mr. J.G. Bos
Head of the Inspectorate of Security and
Mr H.G. Trip
National Police Internal Investigations
Department (RR)
Strategy and Innovation Directorate
Mr mr. E. Riks
Monitoring Directorate