File - Phenix City Gifted Program

Everything You Always
Wanted to Know
About the Second Grade
Gifted Child Find Procedures
Mandatory (1999 ALSDE/OCR resolution)
“All second grade students will be observed as
potential gifted referrals using a gifted behavior
checklist provided by the State Department of
The purpose of second grade screening is “to ensure
that all students are given the opportunity to be
considered for gifted services; no matter what
population or socio-economic group; as well as
students with disabilities and limited-English
In the beginning…
Observation of students for gifted
– Teachers should begin to watch for gifted
characteristics in their students as soon as
they get to know them.
Beware of Bias
Give each child equal consideration on
each behavior characteristic.
 Be aware of your biases. Recognize
your biases and make allowances for
 Remember to rate the students against
their classmates of this year, not
against a “perfect” child!
Getting Started
List the names of all students in your
class on the class roster in alphabetical
order. (Last name, first name)
 Familiarize yourself with the
traits/aptitudes and behaviors listed on
the TABs Classroom Observation Form.
TABs Characteristics
Completing the Form
Consider one category at a time.
 Compare each student with the other
students in your class during a similar
experience or in a same environment.
 Most students will be Average (3), a
few will be Above Average (4) or Weak
(2). Usually only one student will
earn a Superior (5) or Developing (1).
TABs Form Continued
Then you will move on to the category
of Interests and follow the same
 Most classrooms follow a bell-shaped
curve. You should only have one or two
students per category who would be
assigned a Superior (5).
TABS Form Continued
Think of it this way: If you were to put
the students in line by height, one
student is going to be the tallest and
one will be the shortest. Everyone else
will fall between those two.
 The TABS form works the same way.
One student will be the best in a
category; one student will be the worst
in the category. Everyone else will fall
between the two.
TABs Form Completion
Seek out information from other staff
members who may know a child. Each
person involved must sign the TABs
 Once you have completed observation
and scoring of all 10 gifted
characteristics, total the score for
each child. Write the total in the
correct column. Please check your
Finishing the Form
For any child who received a 4 or 5 on
a particular characteristic, attach an
annotation of a few sentences
explaining how the child exhibits that
particular characteristic. (This helps if
we need to collect more information on
a child!)
 Dr. Romey must sign off on all TABs
forms. Therefore, please do not wait
until the last minute to complete it.
Quadrant Form
The final step of the Child Find process is to
complete the Second Grade Gifted Child Find
Quadrant Form.
Read the statements in the quadrants, and
enter each child’s name in one of four areas.
A student who receives 105 or below on the
NNAT should NOT be placed in Quadrant 1 or
Quadrant 2.
Indicate the race of each child next to the
Quadrant Form
Tally top two quadrants ONLY by race
at bottom of form.
 Fill out demographic information on
special-education “orange cards” for
each student in top two quadrants
 Return form to Dr. Romey by Dec. 6,
NNAT Information
Gifted teachers will present in
classrooms October 3 and 4.
 NNAT Administration
– All second grade students will take the
NNAT during the week of October 15th.
– Please be sure to include an alphabetized
class roster (Last name, First name) with
your NNATS when you complete them.
– When you receive NNAT scores, check over
TABs forms to change any child with a 124
or higher on NNAT to 5’s on Reasoning and
Problem Solving.
Gifted Referral Screening Team
Students in TOP TWO Quadrants WILL BE
REFERRED. At GRST meeting, the following
data will be evaluated by Gifted Teacher,
Classroom Teacher, and Administrator:
Any applicable test scores (SAT, OLSAT, NNAT)
TABs Behavior Rating Scale
STAR reading or math Percentiles
Appropriate Work Samples
After Screening
 If students “pass screening,” the following
events will happen:
Individual testing (if necessary)
Eligibility Determination Team meeting
The Matrix
Work Samples
For 2nd Grade Screening, the ALSDE has
indicated what types of work samples
they require.
 A gifted specialist will consult in 2nd
grade classrooms to complete and
collect the samples.
– Transformations (squiggles)
– Writing Samples
– Figural Analogies (NNAT practice is practice for
this as well. We will leave this activity for students
to complete with teachers.)
Important Dates
10/3-10/4: GT teachers present in 2nd
grade classrooms
 Week of 9/30: second work sample due
 Week of 10/14: Administer NNAT
 10/22: Completed NNAT’s due to GT
teachers with alphabetized roster
 11/13: NNAT score report sent to 2nd
grade teachers
 12/3: TABs report sheet should be
 12/6 Quadrants due to Dr. Romey
Important Dates
1/7: referral packets to 2nd grade teachers;
notification letters sent home with students
1/21:Teachers return all referral forms and
additional to GT teacher
– Signed notification of referral/consent
– Referral form with highlighted areas completed
– Copies of STAR reports/SAT/OLSAT scores
E-mail Dr. Elizabeth Romey at
 All courier mail for 2nd grade screening
to: Dr. E. Romey /Central High School