PUNJAB (Presentation)

Girls Education: Punjab Road
Map to Reforms, Pakistan
Schools Department –
Government of Punjab
Dubai – March 5-6 2012
Initiatives of School Education
Department for the Promotion of Girls
Primary Education in Punjab
2008-09 26 million girls students were enrolled
in primary classes (Grade 1 to 5)
2009-10 25,88,266 girls
2010-11 25,80,700
Free Text Books are being provided from Grade
1 to 10 in government schools since 2006.
Primary girls schools upgraded to middle level.
Dubai Cares Meeting March 5, 2012
 Missing facilities were provided in 1427
Girls Primary Schools in the year 2010-11.
2009-10 - 11,510 ESEs (Female
Elementary School Educators) for Primary
Schools were recruited.
2011-12 - 7,052 ESEs (Female Science
Teachers) for the Girls Primary Schools
are being recruited.
Dubai Cares Meeting March 5, 2012
Stipends to girl students to encourage them:
2009-10 – 4.15 million girl students (Grade 6-10)
were provided stipend @ Rs. 200/- P.M with the
condition of 80% attendance per month.
2010-11 – 4.54 million girls students (Grade 610) were provided stipend.
School Education Department is vigorously
pursuing to achieve the milestones delineated in
the Chief Minister’s Road Map on Education
Reform, focus of this program is on:
 100% enrolment without gender bias
 100% retention without gender bias
 Provision of quality education.
Dubai Cares Meeting March 5, 2012
In 2010
Lead Teacher Educators on Early Childhood
Education (ECE) were trained in 06 batches (25
participants per batch) in collaboration with
Induction Level Training of newly recruited
Elementary School Educators (ESEs) including
teachers for the girls primary schools – (year
Training of primary school teachers (2 weeks) in
36 districts in 03 batches – 83,326 teachers
were trained.
5 days training of District Teacher Educators on
Early Childhood Education (ECE) in 24 districts
–2078 teachers trained.
Dubai Cares Meeting March 5, 2012
In 2011
I.T. training of District Teacher Educators (DTEs)
of 24 districts in Phase-I and II at Govt. College
of Elementary Teachers (GCET)/District Teacher
Support Centre (DTSCs) in 04 batches/20 DTEs
per Computer Lab – 1894 teachers trained.
2 weeks training of Primary School Teachers on
Lesson Planning in 36 districts (09 batches –
155,846 teachers trained).
 District level training of newly recruited
Educators – 19,191 teachers trained.
Dubai Cares Meeting March 5, 2012
Partnerships for Girls Education
Dubai Cares, ITA & OXFAM complementing the
endeavors of School Education Department.
Enormity of the task requires intensive and
extensive, and at the same time, concerted
efforts by all our partners, NGOs & Donors.
We acknowledge the role and contribution of
both ITA & Dubai Cares for their commitment for
promotion of quality education – specially in the
flood affected/disaster stricken areas.
Projects of ITA on Early Childhood Development
(ECD), women empowerment and school
infrastructure development are valuable.
Therefore we are partners and this partnership
would be the key to progress for meeting MDGs.
Dubai Caonference March 5-6 2012