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A Long Way Gone is a autobiography written by Ishmael Beah,
A former child soldier. I would give
this book 5 out of 5 stars because this
book is a truly breathtaking
experience.However I strongly
believe before you read this book,
reader discretion is advised. This
book is about a child’s first hand
experience with death and murder.
This book is NOT for the weak
This background is a picture of my hometown, and
where my journey took place. It all started when I was
12, around 19?? in Sierra Leone, Africa. Me and my
friends made a rap band to kill some of our spare
time. We entered contests and talent show a lot. I
used to help my mother cook, and I would cook for
my brothers sometimes. I also learned to farm on my
journey, but it was hard work. I would eat oranges
off the trees all the time. Now I live in New York City
and go to school with my friends.
Ishmael: Hi Junior!
Junior: Hey.
Ishmael: I just finished working on the house with dad.
Junior: Well I have to go pack for our trip to Mattru Jong for the
talent contest.
Ishmael: Junior I’m scared. I’ve been hearing about the rebels
attacking our village. I hope Mom and Dad are okay.
Junior: Calm down Ishmael, I’m sure they are fine, we can ask
people if they know anything about it tomorrow.
Ishmael: Okay……
Ishmael: No one knows anything about our village Junior, and our
parents didn’t come to find us.
Junior: Its going to be okay, we need to leave tomorrow, I’ve heard
talk of the rebels coming our way.
Ishmael: I can’t believe we got away from the rebels today, I hope
they never find us again……..
Ishmael: Junior I haven’t seen you since we got split up, were are you?
(15 minutes later…)
Ishmael: Junior……..
Ishmael: Junior, SAY SOMETHING BACK!
(10 minutes later)
Ishmael: ……….
Ishmael: Junior…………