PTA Founders Day 08

PTA Founders Day
Celebrating over 100 years
of child advocacy
PTA Mission
The mission of the PTA is threefold:
• To support and speak on behalf of children
and youth in the schools, in the community
and before governmental bodies and other
organizations that make decisions affecting
• To assist parents in developing the skills they
need to raise and protect their children; and
• To encourage parent and public involvement
in the public schools of this nation.
In 1897 America:
“Each day that you fail to
Each day that you ignore an act of
Each day you accept another
You accept a society that is going
to kill your children.”
- William L.E. Dussault
National Congress of Mothers
Founded 1897
Alice McLellan Birney
Phoebe Apperson Hearst
National Congress of
Colored Parents and Teachers
Founded 1926
Selena Sloan Butler
THEN - PTA was a driving force in:
• Child labor laws
• Kindergarten
• Public health service
• Hot lunch programs
AND NOW – PTA is still a driving force
• Juvenile justice system
• Mandatory immunizations
• Seat belts
• Bicycle helmets
• And so much more…
Our PTA Founders’ Vision Lives On
Information Sources
• Your PTA meetings, newsletters, email communications and
• PTA Council or Region newsletter, website
• Florida PTA Bulletin, website at,
legislative alerts and state office at (800) 373-5782
• National PTA Our Children magazine, website at, This Week in Washington and national office
at (800) 307-4PTA
• School district administration office, School Board and
Superintendent, school board meetings, school district web
• Your Legislators’ offices
• Florida Legislature website - Online Sunshine with links to
House and Senate
• The media – newspapers, television, and online
Share what you know!
Be a Voice for Children!
PTA members are proud to be
Powerful, Tenacious Advocates!
The Advocate's Credo.....
Thou art my child, my parent, and my elder,
I love thee best;
But could not love thee half as much,
Loved I not all the rest.
Source - Jack Levine, Founder
4Generations Institute
Celebrate Founder’s Day!
Display pictures and memorabilia describing PTA’s more than 100-year
Research and draw up your PTA’s historic milestones
Observe the inclusiveness of PTA’s founding by organizing a culture festival
celebrating your community’s various ethnic and cultural groups.
Present Honorary Life Memberships to past PTA presidents and other
volunteers who have made a tremendous impact in their communities.
Invite all past living PTA presidents to attend a special meeting.
Recite the mission of the National PTA at a special meeting.
Send a Founders Day gift to National PTA, such as $1 for each year of
membership or $1 for every unit chartered.
Locate and highlight any resolutions that your PTA sent forward to the state
or National PTA.
Share information from the National PTA through mailings to members.
Celebrate each year of National PTA with a scoop of ice cream to be
shared with students at a special party.
Challenge students to research PTA and create a school display or mural.
Ask local grocers and vendors to print PTA anniversary messages on their
Ref: National PTA Annual Guide for PTAs, Programs Section, Founders Day
“There is only one child in all the world,
and his name is All Children.”
– Carl Sandburg