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Welcome CASEF School
Membership Meeting
Executive Board Officers
• President: Tim Dawson
• Vice President: Kathryn Armstrong*
• Secretary: Tina Freeman
• Treasurer: Jeff Pratt*
• SRC Chairperson: Tricia Britton
• Past President: Mary Pat Evans
• Fair Director: Tim Ritter
CASEF Partners:
Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts
Carlisle Sentinel
Harrisburg Area Community College
Harrisburg University of Science and Technology
Messiah College
Penn State College of Medicine
Penn State Harrisburg
Shippensburg University
November 16, 2012
School registrations due
SRC paperwork due
December 3, 2012
SRC forms returned
February 8, 2013
Student registration forms due
Must be received by 2/8/13- not post marked by
Financial Information
Pages 1,2,3 in your handout.
CASEF is looking for any and all
opportunities to increase our program but
that, of course, always requires money.
If you are aware of any local foundations,
organizations or businesses that might be
interested in being part of CASEF, PLEASE
let me know!
Dates for 2013 Fair
Capital Area Science and Engineering Fair
March 6-9, 2013
Student Exhibit Set-up -- Wed., March 6, 3:30 – 7:30
Judging -- Thurs., March 7, 12:00 noon – 2:30 PM
Grand Champion -- Fri., March 8, 9:00 - Noon
Open House -- Fri., March 8, Noon - ~7:00 PM
Open House -- Sat., March 9 -- 10:00 AM to close of Awards
Awards Program begins at 1:00 PM
INTEL International Science and
Engineering Fair
• All expenses paid trip for the three
Grand Champions Phoenix, AZ!
• May 12 -17, 2013
Contact information for CASEF
Page 5 of the Handout.
Make sure that you grab one of my
business cards. You can even take one
for each of the science teachers in the
building and they can feel free to contact
Fair Information
Additional information and all forms can be
found on the following web sites: (pages 6-7
in handbook)
ISEF site
Fee Structure for 2012-13
Each school will submit a registration form and
$50 for each grade that is housed in the
For example: HS contains grades 9-12
The cost is $200.00
Each school in the district must submit a
registration form and check for the correct
Other expectations for CASEF
• We would expect that each school would
provide 2 judges to assist in the judging of
projects. This does not need to be YOU! It
could be a parent who has a professional
background in science or engineering or an
administrator or another teacher from the
We would also hope to have some volunteering
assistance during the fair itself.
Judging Rubric
• CASEF has an on-going review of the judging
instrument as well as the process itself.
• Each student should be aware of the rubric
which will be used to judge their project.
• Notice the value placed upon the journal!
Lab Notebooks
• p. 11-13 in the handout
• Please make sure to insure that all of your
students have this important information. This
journal should include everything from DAY 1.
• Feel free to copy these pages for students, if
you wish.
2013 ISEF Categories
• P.14 in your packet.
• CASEF will maintain the same 15
categories that we have in the past but
this listing may help you to determine the
correct placement of projects in our fair.
2013 CASEF and ISEF changes
• In CASEF, we will be tweaking some of our
processes on judging day but there are no
main changes.
For ISEF, the only changes deal with how the
researchers must deal with the death of a
research animal during the course of their
USE OF AN IRB & Risk Assessment (Form 3)
Handout pages 15-16
2013 Project Registration for CASEF
• As we began in recent years, each
participating school will submit their students’
registration information electronically and will
be responsible for proofreading what they
This information ALONG with the student forms
are needed in the office by the February 8
Registration packet
forms are available
in a format
allowing students
to type directly on
the forms.
(packet p.17-30)
2013 CASEF
• Students will be assigned to stand by their
projects during an assigned time period.
• Students will be judged by category judges
at some point during their assigned time
• During this time, students may also be
interviewed by special award judges.
Looking ahead…..
• We are excited for a great year!
• If you have any ideas on how to make
CASEF better, please contact us.
Please contact Tim Dawson with your
We need your help!
• CASEF is always looking for teacher
volunteers to help with the organization and
running of the fair.
• Your help is essential to the success of the fair
• Any help you could offer would be greatly
Ways to become a part of
• Be a judge – We always need MORE judges!
• Help on the night of set-up
• Help check in students on the day of the awards
• Help out with logistics on the day of the fair
• Be a mentor for a new teacher
• Help establish contacts and mentors for students
• Become a part of the Executive Board or work on
one of the committees.
• At this point there are only 4 teachers that remain
members of the CASEF Executive