Harmony Elementary School 2011-2012

Harmony Elementary
School 2013-2014
Back to School Night
Grades 3-5
Welcome Parents
Erik M. Paulson – Principal
[email protected]
Executive Board Members
Vita Gardiner / Kristin Valinotti
Jen Baker / Veronica Mullarney
Maria Breen
Lisa Walker / Rosa Perry
Y-Clubs and Y-Care
Hayley Nelson – Y-Clubs
Y-Care – Information packet online
KWelcome Back to School!
Looking forward to a great
school year filled with fun !
“Parent involvement in education is like the
frosting on a cupcake, it makes it complete and
oh so sweet.”
Who are we?
Co- Presidents: Vita Gardiner and Kristin
Co- Vice Presidents: Veronica Mullarney and Jenn
Co-Secretaries- Rosa Perry and Lisa Walker
Treasurer: Maria Breen
The Harmony PTO works with the cooperation of our
school community to make Harmony a fun-filled school
where learning takes place and kids feel safe and cared
◦ We work hard to facilitate fund raisers that have raised money
for technology and gym equipment as well as charity for our
neighbors who suffered loss during Hurricane Sandy.
◦ As our funds allow, we support the programs of our school
that directly affect the students. As in the past our fund
raising goal for the 2013-2014 school year is to provide
busing for each grade level for one class trip during the school
year and to provide various enrichment programs during the
course of the school year as well.
◦ We lead or facilitate various committees that work to hard to
make Harmony a fun filled school. These events provide
memories for our children that will last a lifetime.
The largest and most fun fundraiser of the
year will be held October 11th. Profits from
our auction last year allowed us to purchase
25 chrome books and 7 additional Smart
Boards. We are proud to announce that there
is a smart board in every classroom in
Harmony school.
Families from all schools in Middletown run or walk to raise money
for their school. Profits from the Great Race were donated to Sandy
victims in our school and Port Monmouth school which allowed us to
help those in need in our community.
This year students will participate in
the First Harmony Halloween Fest!
Festivities will begin at 1:00 with a
costume parade, then class parties
and then a Trunk or Treat from
5:00 to 6:00 PM.
PTO funds purchase enrichment programs that provide
entertainment and learning to students throughout the year.
The title speaks
for itself!
Parents run this
day for students
to make it the
best day of the
year. It is filled
with fun, games,
snacks, and a DJ
for dancing.
Students are encouraged to showcase their talents every
year in Harmony’s Variety Show. Last year Mr. Paulson and
the teachers even participated in the show!
It’s your child’s last year! Help to make sure it’s
the best one yet! Help to raise funds for 5th
grade events such as:
 Dances
 Trips
 End of year party
Please see the flyer in your folder and join the PTO
Please attend PTO meetings. All meetings are listed
on a flyer located in your information packet and on
the school calendar.
Volunteer to help when you can. Join a committee!
Take an active role in your school.
Email [email protected]
Join our facebook page: Harmony Parents
Talk to us about any ideas you have
Let’s work together to make our school a great place
for our kids.
Information about your principal
Middletown Public Schools
Undergraduate – Elon University
Graduate – Georgian Court University
MA – Administration, Supervision, & Curriculum Planning and Management
Student Centered
Open Door Policy
BA – Elementary Education
Substitute Teacher – Middletown Public Schools
Chain of Command
Be the parent first and they will be your friend later
The Harmony Family
Your Child!
Your Child, Addison (4) , Kadence (2 on 10/2/13), and Tara (My
What to expect this evening…
Classroom process and procedures
Online resources (store those passwords)
Emergency Forms & PTO
Individual student questions will not be
addressed…please email your child’s teacher
Student / Parent Handbook
Emergency Drills
Class Parent(s) and Volunteers
One Fire Drill
One Emergency Drill (followed by letter each
Mandatory Policy Training @ the PTO
meetings this month
Birthday Policy
Special recognition twice a month
 Birthday Bag
Student / Parent Handbook
Email, texting, and virtual communication is NOT an
acceptable form of communication to inform the school
of an absence.
Handwritten and/or typed note
All doctors notes must be submitted within 3 days of
Change of Demographics or Emergency Contacts
Notify the teacher and main office in writing
Stop by the main office
Student / Parent Handbook
Cell Phones and BYOD
They are permitted and should remain in the off position
in your child’s book bag
Class Celebrations
Schedule determined by the teacher
Sign-up online for big event days
Food Policy – FOMNV (sugar is first ingredient)
Lunch in The Hawk’s
Grades 2 and 4 eat together
Grades 3 and 5 eat together
K and 1st grades eat in
Disposal of garbage
 Food (Age appropriate)
Be sure to send your child
with items that they can
open independently.
School Calendar & Phone/Text Blasts
Connecting your Smart device and email
Text the number 563-60 with the message “Join”
Phone Blasts
You will receive text messages with updates
Calendar Updates
Email Blasts
Same as above
Parent Information Nights
Held throughout the school year
Curricular based
 Bullying
 State of the School (data review)
 District Opportunities
Every PTO meeting has a principal