Rights of the child and child poverty

ENOC 18th Annual Conference
Rights of the child and child poverty
Lara Blake
European Commission DG JUST Unit C1
Fundamental rights and rights of the child
October 2014, Edinburgh
EU Agenda for the rights of the child
• 11 actions completed
• New EU Agenda 2015, subject to new Commission approval
• Evidence-based policy making (data collection)
• Missing children study
• Study on children's involvement in criminal, civil and
administrative justice proceedings
• Directive: children suspected/accused in criminal
proceedings, adoption in 2015?
• Study: UNCRC Article 12 in EU28: evaluate legislation,
policy and practice on child participation
Child poverty
• 2013 Commission Recommendation "Investing in children:
breaking the cycle of disadvantage"
• Country-specific Recommendations
• EPIC website: evidence-based best practices
• Study: conditional cash transfers
• Europe 2020 + European Social and Investment Funds
• Target: lift 20 million people out of poverty
• 20% of European Social Fund for social inclusion, integration of
young people into labour market, etc.
• European Platform against Poverty and Social Exclusion
• Interservice Group
• Annual Convention, 20-21 November, Brussels
• Work on integrated child protection systems
Childcare service development: the
Barcelona targets
• 2002 European Council in Barcelona
• Provide childcare for 33% of children up to three years
• Provide childcare for 90% of children from three to compulsory
school age
• All by 2010
• European Pact for Gender Equality 2011-2020
• Renewed commitment
• Monitoring the Barcelona Targets
• Only six Member States achieved both targets in 2012
• Europe 2020
• 10 Member States received a recommendation on improving
the availability, affordability and quality of childcare services
Early Childhood Education and Care
• Policy guidance for funding:
• European Social Fund, European Regional Development Fund,
• Evidence-based policy making
• Studies on staff competence, link between ECEC and early
school leaving, quality in ECEC
• Thematic working group
• 25 Member States plus Norway and Turkey
• Proposal: principles of a quality framework in ECEC
• 5 areas: access, workforce, curriculum, governance and funding,
evaluation and monitoring
• 2014: 10 Country-specific Recommendations
Funding on rights of the child and to
prevent violence against children
• Rights, Equality and Citizenship/Justice Programme
• Call for proposals
• Capacity building for professionals in child protection systems
• Capacity building for judicial professionals representing children in
judicial proceedings
• Operating grants for formal networks on rights of the child and to
prevent violence against children
• Pilot project (€700k) to fund projects that raise
awareness of children of their rights in the context of
civil, criminal and administrative judicial proceedings
• Daphne/violence against children
• Call to be launched October 2014: child-centred
approaches, bullying in schools, residential care and
detention, FGM