Comparing Past Two Years

PVAAS Updates to
January 2013
Kristen Lewald and Joan Perekupka
PVAAS Statewide Team for PDE
Lancaster-Lebanon IU13
 Update on Currently Enrolled/GIEP Submissions
 Summary of Fall 2012 Participant Survey Feedback
 Summary of Fall 2012 Facilitator Survey Feedback
 PVAAS Webinars in 2013
 Building Capacity Webinars and Face-to-Face Event in
 PVAAS Scatterplot Data Packet & PowerPoint Template
 New PVAAS Login Page
Currently Enrolled & GIEP
Currently Enrolled & GIEP Submissions
 3 windows of opportunity for submitting
currently enrolled and/or GIEP data files for
inclusion in PVAAS web-based reporting system
 How many LEAs and IUs took advantage of this
Window 1
Window 2
Window 3
61 LEAs
33 LEAs
93 LEAs
5 IUs
187 LEAs
5 IUs
Additional Opportunity
 Rationale: PIMS File in PVAAS in Spring 2013
 One final window – Due date is February 1st
 All materials on PVAAS login page
Summary of Fall 2012
Participant Survey Feedback
Who attended the Fall 2012 PVAAS
Sessions…and completed the survey?
Prior to the 2012-13 school year, have
you participated in any PVAAS training,
webinars and/or face-to-face professional
Comparing Past Two Years:
Participants’ Training Experience
In Fall 2011, 28% of survey
responders indicated it was their
first PVAAS training
In Fall 2012, 39.2% of survey
responders indicated it was their
first PVAAS training
Should this type of session be
offered again in Fall 2013?
Summary of Fall 2012
Participant Survey Feedback
USE of PVAAS Reporting
Comparing Past Two Years:
Student growth is NOT linked to student
attributes, such as socioeconomic and
ethnic/minority status.
Other Uses: Fall 2011 and 2012
• Comprehensive Planning
• School Improvement
• Grade Level team Planning
• Student Level Planning
For Teachers Only:
Have you been assigned a PVAAS
School User Account?
For District and School
Administrators Only:
Do you share PVAAS data with your
For District and School
Administrators Only:
At a minimum, have you assigned PVAAS
School User Accounts to teachers in
tested subjects and grade levels?
Summary of Fall 2012
Facilitator Survey Feedback
Offer this type of session again in
Fall 2013?
Comparing Past Two Years:
Have you been asked to provide followup support for PVAAS to your districts
and/or schools?
Where are we headed for SY12-13?
PVAAS Professional Development
SY12-13 Reporting
• Early Fall 2013
o District/School Reporting and Projections
• Later Fall 2013
o PVAAS Teacher Reporting
• Pilot Year – Does NOT count towards 1st
3 year average for Educator
Primary New Reporting/Changes
New Reporting
• Keystone Value-Added Reporting
• Keystone Diagnostic Reporting
• Projections to Keystones
• “Decision Dashboard”
Concept: Consolidating Information
No need for Excel template in fall training
Changes in Reporting
Reset Base Year
• Grades 4-8, Math and Reading
No 3 year average in Fall 2013 reporting
Implications Discussed
• Development and modification of all materials
related to district/school reporting
In development now
32 Help Files; 19 Virtual Learning Modules
Fall PD Materials
Other Resources/Materials
• Development of PVAAS roster verification system,
PVAAS teacher reporting system, communications,
materials and supports
In development now
Implications Discussed
• Need for “staggered” professional
development by PVAAS Statewide Team
• Distribute resources between district/school
reporting and teacher reporting
o Time and People
o Training Schedule
• Connectedness of PVAAS Teacher-Specific
Reporting as PART OF the system of valueadded/growth reporting
System of information to inform continuous
District-School-Grade-Subject-SubgroupTeacher Specific
• We still have not mastered the “one size does
not fit all” approach to training
Next Steps
• Developing draft plan for SY13-14
• Would like feedback from 8-10 IUs
Jen and Joan will touch base with draft plan
• Tentative Plan: Start Scheduling in February
PVAAS Webinars in 2013
For IUs and LEAs
2013 Statewide PVAAS Webinars
Using PVAAS Data as Part of Scheduling Students
 Description: PVAAS student projections and probabilities for
performance on a future PSSA serve as meaningful sources of
data when making decisions about course placement and
scheduling for intervention/acceleration. This 60-minute session
will focus on how PVAAS projections can be used in conjunction
with other data sources to make meaningful scheduling
decisions for individual students and how to use PVAAS
projections in a system-approach to scheduling. Opportunities
for questions and discussion will be provided.
 Join us for a live webinar session:
 Wednesday, January 9, 2013
 Thursday, January 24, 2013
2013 Statewide PVAAS Webinars
PVAAS Teacher Reporting as Part of PA’s Educator
Effectiveness System
 Description: This 75-minute session will provide an introduction to the
key concepts regarding PVAAS Teacher Reporting as part of Pennsylvania’s
Educator Effectiveness System. This session will include discussion on the
following topics:
1. The purpose and benefits of PVAAS Teacher Reporting
2. PDE’s plan and intent for guidance for LEAs
3. The concept of measuring growth with PVAAS Teacher Reporting
4. Which teachers, subjects/courses, students?
5. Other variables being considered?
6. The process and timeline
7. Piloting the process
8. Planning and Support
9. Questions and Feedback
 Join us for a live webinar session:
 Tuesday, January 22, 2013
 Wednesday, January 30, 2013
 Tuesday, February 5, 2013
2013 Statewide PVAAS Webinars
PVAAS and PA’s Assessment System: Keystones and
PSSA Aligned to the PA Common Core
 Description: There have been many questions about PVAAS
reporting to the Keystone exams. There have also been many
questions as to how PVAAS will provide value-added reporting
during the transition of the PSSA aligned to the PA Common Core.
This 60-minute session will address the most frequently asked
questions about these two significant transitions in PA’s state
assessment system – and how PVAAS reporting will continue to
provide high quality and meaningful reporting to PA’s districts and
schools. Participants will also receive an FAQ document to use as
a resource with staff interested in this information. Opportunities
for questions and discussion will be provided.
 Join us for a live webinar session:
 Thursday, January 31, 2013
 Tuesday, February 19, 2013
FAQ: PVAAS and Transition of
PA’s Assessment System
 Sent out to?
 Superintendents
 Assistant Superintendents
 Directors of Special
 Directors of Curriculum &
 Principal groups
 Teacher content groups
 Discussed?
Building Capacity Webinars and
Face-to-Face Event in 2013
Building Capacity Webinars
 Thursday, February 7 @ 8:30am
 Possible Topic: How can I use the activities in the Virtual Learning
Modules to support my LEAs in understanding and using PVAAS?
 Tuesday, March 12 @ 8:30am
 Possible Topic: How can the Scatterplot & School Search features in
PVAAS create dialogue amongst teachers and administrators?
 Tuesday, April 16 @ 8:30am
Possible Topic: Using the newly designed PDE PVAAS website to
increase the use of available PVAAS resources
Join Us Live!
*All sessions will be recorded and archived. Contact for information on accessing a live or
archived session
New PVAAS Login Page
New! Redesigned PVAAS Login Page
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Increase in Accounts
From Sept 15 through Dec 15
2886 new accounts created
16% increase overall
Increase in Logins to PVAAS Site
Sept-Dec 2011 vs. Sept-Dec 2012
4412 more logins
11% increase overall
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