Spring 2015 Testing Workshop - APS Assessment

Test Administration Workshop
Spring 2014
SBA Science
Spanish Language Arts
NAEP (selected schools)
End of Course
New Mexico Assessment
 Grades 3-11
 English Language Arts (ELA) and Math
 NMSBA Science (grades 4, 7 and 11)
 Spanish Language Arts
Reading (grades 3 – 8, 10 and 11)
Writing (grades (3, 5, and 8)
Reading and Math
 NCSC (grades 3 – 8 and 11)
Test Administration Workshop 2015
New Mexico Assessment
Program (continued)
 New Mexico Alternate Performance
Assessment (NMAPA)
 Science (grades 4, 7, 11)
 Social Studies (grade 11)
 ACCESS for ELL students
 Grades K-12
 NAEP (selected schools)
 Grades 4, 8, 12
 End of Course (EoC) exams
 Grades 4 - 12
Test Administration Workshop 2015
Testing Schedule
 Testing Windows
 PBA March 2 – March 27, 2015
 EOY April 13 – May 8, 2015
 SBA Science and Spanish Language Arts (SLA)
 March 23 – March 27, 2015
 April 6 – May 15, 2015
Test Administration Workshop 2015
Testing Schedule (continued)
 Testing Windows
• January 12– February 27, 2014
 NAEP (selected schools)
• January 26 – March 6, 2015
• Grades 9 - 12: April 27 – May 8, 2015
• Grades 4 – 8: May 11 – May 22, 20145
Test Administration Workshop 2015
 Maintain records of testing accommodations
 Coded accommodations are allowed for students
with IEPs, 504 Plans, or current ELL status.
 Accommodations are intended to remove a barrier
so students have equal access to the test.
 Accommodations do NOT change the constructs
being assessed.
Test Administration Workshop 2015
Participation of Students with
Disabilities: Three Ways
 Participation in standard administration without
 Participation with allowable accommodations.
 National Center and State Collaborative
(NCSC) and New Mexico Alternate
Performance Assessment (NMAPA): for
students with significant cognitive disabilities
who are unable to participate in general
assessments, even with accommodations.
Test Administration Workshop 2015
Accommodations Manuals
1. PED Accommodations Manual
2. PARCC Accommodations and Accessibility
Features Manual
3. ACCESS for ELLs Accommodations (on website)
4. NCSC/NMAPA (in Teacher Administration
Test Administration Workshop 2015
Participation of English
Language Learners
 Variety of ways to participate:
Depends, in part, on how long the student
has attended school in the United States.
Language of instruction is also an important
 ACCESS classifications:
Use most recent W-APT or ACCESS
Test Administration Workshop 2015
ELL Students:
First Year in U.S. Schools
 These students have a language exemption in
Language Arts.
Language-proficiency test (W-APT) and ACCESS substitutes
for participation in Reading.
 These students must still take writing, math
and other subjects.
 This option available to only first year in
U.S. students.
 Scores DO NOT count towards school grades.
Test Administration Workshop 2015
ELL Students: First 3 Years in
U.S. Schools
 Students may participate in:
Standard administration of English language test
English language test with accommodations
Standard administration of Spanish language test
Spanish language test with accommodations
 Student may take assessments in Spanish:
SBA Science
SBA Spanish Language Arts
Test Administration Workshop 2015
ELL Students: 3 or More Years
in U.S. Schools
 Students must participate in English language versions
of assessment, with or without accommodations.
 However, a waiver is available for up to two additional
years to continue testing a student in his or her home
language. (4th & 5th Years in U.S. Schools)
Waiver is only good for one year. Must be resubmitted
for a maximum of 2 submissions per student.
Waiver must be submitted to PED by specified date.
 Kindergarten does not count as one of the 3 years.
Test Administration Workshop 2015
ELL students
 Students in 9th grade who qualify for the
Spanish Language Arts test do not have to
take PARCC ELA assessment. (SLA is only
for 10- 11 graders.)
 Students in 9th – 11th grade who speak
languages other than Spanish, have to take
PARCC ELA assessments with appropriate
Test Administration Workshop 2015
Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for
College and Career
 Performance Based Assessment (PBA)
75% into the school year
 End of Year (EOY) Assessment
90% into the school year
PBA + EOY = Summative Score
(October/November 2015)
Test Administration Workshop 2015
 Grades 4 – 11
Computer Based (online)
 Grade 3
Paper Based
 PARCC Principal Binder
Test Administration Workshop 2015
PARCC Accessibility Features
and Accommodations
 PARCC Accommodations Manual
 Personal Needs Profile Field Definitions
Complete Personal Needs Profile (PNP) by February 9, 2015.
Submit to Claudine Sanchez, sanchez_cl@aps.edu.
 Accessibility Features are available to all students.
 Accommodations are available to students with
IEPS and/or 504 plans and ELL students.
Test Administration Workshop 2015
SBA – Science
(Grades 4, 7, and 11)
 Paper Based Testing (PBT) must be
administered according to the APS schedule
 Students within the same building must take
the same session(s) at the same time
 Exceptions:
Students who are provided accommodations and
need more time
Make-up tests
Test Administration Workshop 2015
Spanish Language Arts
 Reading
 Grades 3 – 8, 10 and 11
 Writing
 Grades 3, 5 and 8
 Paper Based Testing (PBT) must be administered according to
the APS schedule
 Students within the same building must take the same session(s)
at the same time
 Students who are provided with accommodations and need
more time
 Make-up tests
Test Administration Workshop 2015
Types of Accommodations
For PBT - Type of accommodation
must be documented on the Student
 Students can have more than one
 Accommodations must be
documented on a separate sheet.
Test Administration Workshop 2015
National Center and State Collaborative
 ELA (including writing) and math (grades 3-8, 11)
 Common Core aligned
 Computer Based only
 11th grade test is a graduation assessment
 Available to students with significant cognitive
disabilities who meet the eligibility criteria
established by the New Mexico Public Education
 Online training begins March 9, 2015
Test Administration Workshop 2015
New Mexico Alternate Performance Assessment
 New Mexico Alternate Performance
Assessment (NMAPA)
 Science (grades 4, 7, 11)
 Social Studies (grade 11)
 Available to students with significant
cognitive disabilities who meet the eligibility
criteria established by the New Mexico
Public Education Department
 Administrators need to attend training every
3 years
Test Administration Workshop 2015
(Selected Schools only)
 Paper and Pencil Assessments
Grades 4, 8, and 12
Approximately 90 minutes for students, includes transition time and
Assessment Administrator: NAEP representative
 Pilot Technology-Based Assessment
Grades 4, 8, and 12
Approximately 120 minutes for students, includes transition time and
Assessment Administrator: NAEP representative
Test Administration Workshop 2015
End of Course exams
 Students may take an EoC as long as they have completed a
course for which the EoC is intended.
 High school students take EoCs in reading, writing, math,
science, and social studies to meet graduation requirements.
 EoCs provide an Alternative Demonstration of
Competency (ADC) in the academic content standards
required for graduation ( NMAC).
 Most tests are multiple choice.
 HS: 90 minutes
 MS and ES: 60 minutes
Test Administration Workshop 2015
Principles of Test Security
 Protect the student
 Protect your staff
 Protect the test
 Protect yourself
Test Administration Workshop 2015
Test Security and Training
 Test security is everybody’s responsibility.
 Training and test security requirements are
outlined in NM PED regulation 6.10.7 NMAC.
 The regulation may be found on the web at:
 http://sde.state.nm.us/AssessmentAccountability/AssessmentEvaluation/
Test Administration Workshop 2015
Testing Irregularities
 A testing irregularity is “any circumstance within or beyond
the control of a school district that in the opinion of the
Public Education Department (PED) or a school district
raises doubts about the propriety of standardized testing
procedures, preparation materials, standardized test
administration, standardized testing security, student
scores attained from standardized testing, or teacher or
student conduct observed during standardized testing.”
 Suspected testing irregularities should be reported in
accordance with procedures outlined in PED Regulation
[ NMAC].
Test Administration Workshop 2015
Assessment Support System
 Do not contact the PED!
 If you have questions, check the manuals.
 If Test Administrator (TA) still has questions, ask
the School Test Coordinator (STC).
 If STC still has questions, ask the District Test
Coordinator (DTC).
Test Administration Workshop 2015
Prohibited Practices
• Diminishing the significance or importance
of the tests.
• Having a cell phone, smart phone, e-reader,
or tablet on person during testing.
Staff may use devices for internal
• Stray-mark clean-up is STRICTLY
Test Administration Workshop 2015
Test Security - The Basics
 Keep test material, including Student Testing
Tickets, printed Seal Codes, Mathematics
Reference Sheets, scratch paper, and Test
Booklets secure before, during, and after
 Keep track of and return every secured test
material, used or unused.
 Test materials must be stored overnight in a
secure area with limited access.
 Test material must not be left unattended in an
unlocked room.
Test Administration Workshop 2015
Test Security - The Basics
 Each student must be assigned the appropriate test
material. Make sure they write their name in the
appropriate place on each of the test materials given to
them. This includes scratch paper and Math Reference
 No individuals (including staff members) can review secure
tests without approval from the NM PED.
 Ensure that no student has exposure to the assessment
prior to test administration.
 Never photocopy, discuss, or reproduce in any manner
items from any secure test.
 Report testing irregularities immediately to Director of
Testing or Director of Assessment.
Test Administration Workshop 2015
Security of Student Test Materials
 Sign in/out all secure materials, including Student
Testing Tickets and scratch paper.
 Documentation should indicate movement of
materials for extended time, make-ups,
accommodations, etc.
 When collecting materials after testing each day,
Test Administrators (TAs) must inventory
 Account for all materials DAILY with details checkin and check-out forms.
Test Administration Workshop 2015
Security of Student Test Materials
 Staff should not leave test materials in
unattended classrooms.
 Count each PBT booklet every time it changes
 If a test material is missing, the TA must
immediately contact the STC to report the loss
and commence a search for the missing
 If the test material is not found, this incident
must be reported to the DTC.
Test Administration Workshop 2015
Specific Test Security
 Students must be unable to see another student’s
screen and/or work.
• This includes secure materials, i.e. Student
Testing Tickets and scratch paper.
 Students need enough room at workstation to write
on scratch paper.
 Adjust computer volume for headphone use
(videos and text-to-speech) prior to testing.
Test Administration Workshop 2015
Who can administer the
 Only trained, certified staff are permitted to administer tests.
 The Test Administrator must be a certified staff member who
has received training from the DTC/STC.
 In the event schools require additional staff to administer the
test, other staff members (who have received training) may be
used to:
provide one-on-one accommodations to Special Ed or
ELL students (i.e., scribing, oral presentation of
directions), or
provide one-on-one administration because of other
documented IEP accommodations.
Test Administration Workshop 2015
Who can serve as test
 Parents cannot proctor in their own child’s or
relative’s classroom.
 Proctors can assist, but may not act as test
 Proctors must sign a non-disclosure form.
Test Administration Workshop 2015
Responsibilities Before Testing:
 Verify receipt of sufficient test materials.
 Notify parents of test administration.
 Plan for testing students who are eligible for allowable
 Identify students who have documented
accommodation needs; confer with others if
 Identify students who will require separate settings
or who will not be participating in one or more
subtests with the larger group.
Test Administration Workshop 2015
Responsibilities Before Testing:
 TAs must plan for make-ups (scores are not
reported for a content area if even one session
is missed).
 TAs must adhere to ALL directions and
instructions in DFA/TAMs.
 During testing, TAs must read scripts from
DFA/TAMs EXACTLY as written.
Test Administration Workshop 2015
Responsibilities During Testing:
 Post appropriate signs on classroom door:
 “Do Not Disturb” and “Testing in Progress”.
 When you distribute the test materials for the first time,
have students write their name on the front of them.
 Follow all directions for a standardized administration.
 PARCC testing is timed.
TA must adhere to the Unit times.
 Students who have cell phones in their possession are to
turn them off and place them in their own backpacks to
be stored at the front of the testing room during the test
 Ensure adequate lighting, temperature, and quiet
Test Administration Workshop 2015
PARCC – Timed Tests
Test Administration Workshop 2015
Test Security: During Testing
 Follow directions and scripts in the test administration manuals
 Have a proctor in the room and test monitors in the halls to
assist with medical emergencies or obtaining additional test
 Allow bathroom breaks during sessions if necessary. Students
may be allowed to use the restroom as long as they are
escorted to and from the facility by a proctor.
 Remind students to answer every question before there is a
break in a testing session.
 Proctor the exam actively.
Test Administration Workshop 2015
Test Security: During Testing
Do not allow students to start a test session who arrive
late and/or who miss the test directions.
 Schedule a make-up session for these students.
Do not give students breaks that allow them to leave
the room or talk/interact with one another in the middle
of a test session.
Do not paraphrase test questions or directions.
Do not coach or assist student with items before,
during, or after the assessment.
Test Administration Workshop 2015
Test Security: During Testing
Do not test students on different subtests at the
same time when they are all in the same room
together (except for make-up exams).
Do not read the test to students or a groups of
students who don’t qualify for such an
Do not coach students before, during, or after
testing; or influence, alter, or interfere with
students’ responses in any way.
Test Administration Workshop 2015
Helpful Hints: TAs
 If a student asks, you must repeat oral
directions in the script of the administration
manual to the whole class.
 If students finish early, they may read but not
Test Administration Workshop 2015
Testing Disruptions
Student Illness
Emergency Evacuation
Fire Drill, Lock Down, etc.
- Students may be allowed to complete
the session at a later time, but may not
change response to any test items
already answered.
Test Administration Workshop 2015
PARCC Paper Based Test
Booklet Demographic Page
Test Administration Workshop 2015
 Within one week of testing, TA must
complete the Test Administrator Survey after
each administration.
Test Administration Workshop 2015
Completing Biogrids for SBA
Science and/or SLA
 Pre-ID labels are provided as a convenience for all
students who are enrolled in a public school, charter
school, state educational institution, or BIE schools.
 Use only valid pre-ID labels on answer booklets. A preID label is valid if the following information is up-todate:
Student’s last name, first name, and middle
Student’s date of birth,
Student state identification number
Test Administration Workshop 2015
Completing Biogrids for SBA
Science and/or SLA
 If a Pre-ID label is valid and applied to the answer
boxes A-H of the SBA answer document do
not need to be bubbled.
 Do no use a pre-ID label if it contains outdated or
incorrect student information.
 If no valid pre-ID label is available for a student,
the biogrid must be completed including every
field on the outside, back cover.
Test Administration Workshop 2015
Completing Biogrids
Science and/or SLA
 The second page of the biogrid must be completed for
all students, as applicable, by the TA after test
 Refer to the SBA TCM sections “Rules for Completing
Biogrids in 2015” chart and “Directions for Each Box
on the Biogrid”.
 Affix pre-coded label and/or complete the Student
Biogrid on a blank booklet for students not tested (e.g.,
no shows, invalid tests).
 NOTE: If a student is no longer enrolled in your
school, do not affix the pre-coded label to a blank test
Test Administration Workshop 2015
Student moves to another APS school prior
to SBA Science and/or SLA testing
Before the test:
If a student officially withdraws before the
testing window and you have their label;
If you affix the label and the child is not
enrolled in your school it will count against
participation and performance since the
questions will not be answered.
Test Administration Workshop 2015
Student moves to another APS School
during the
SBA Science and/or SLA test window
 If a child moves to a different school and has started
but not finished the test, the answer booklet needs to
go with the child.
You can deliver it with a form that requires your
signature and the receiving school’s signature
(each school and Testing Services get a copy)
Testing Services can deliver it for you.
Test Administration Workshop 2015
Documentation for All Students for
SBA Science and/or SLA testing
According to the PED, Foreign Exchange
students DO NOT need to be tested.
Only put their label on a bio-grid if your
school has decided to test them.
If a bio-grid is submitted the student will
count for participation.
Test Administration Workshop 2015
Documentation for All Students for
SBA Science and/or SLA testing
If a student has used large print:
TA or STC must transfer all MC answers and
written responses into a regular test booklet.
Keep the Large Print book with the regular
If a student has used Braille as a
response format:
Appropriate school personnel must transcribe
this information into regular print booklet.
Test Administration Workshop 2015
Final Check for
SBA Science and/or SLA testing
 Name on cover of test booklet and Answer
 Pre-coded label and/or Student Bio-grid are
 Return tests to STC: no tape, staples or rubber
Test Administration Workshop 2015
Prepare Materials for
 Fill out the appropriate header sheets/group information sheets as
directed by Testing Services. (See folder in SBA box 1, and
PARCC directions.)
 Package materials as directed by Testing Services.
 Keep the original boxes.
 Check to be sure that all materials are accounted for, and that test
materials are separated as directed in manuals and/or by Testing
 For SBA, do not return manuals, Mathematics Reference Sheets,
Spanish glossaries, or rulers. Do not save the manuals for the
next administration as directions will change from year to year.
 For PARCC, return of materials instructions will be made
available before test administration.
Test Administration Workshop 2015
Following Testing: STC
Check paper test booklets:
There must be a test booklet returned for each
registered student, who was assigned a paper
booklet, in every grade level and every content area
Verify student roster information and/or student
data grids are complete and accurate.
Ensure that the correct bubble is filled in if
necessary, for example: Accommodations grid, and
the Test Completion Status grid (if other than 0).
Test Administration Workshop 2015
Duplicate Prevention
 Materials to be scored:
 All completed answer booklets including: withdrew
before completion, modifications, reading exemption,
medical emergency, parental refusal, non- completion
irregularity, absent, and voided.
 Materials not to be scored:
 Test booklets (except grade 3) and never used answer
Test Administration Workshop 2015
Test pick-up
 Pick up begins immediately after your last test.
Schedules will be made available before test
 All completed tests must be returned at that time.
 All make up tests are due to testing services
immediately after all are completed and no later than
March 27, 2015 (PARCC PBA, SBA Science, and SLA).
 You have the option to return materials to testing
services. Please let us know ASAP if you choose to
use this option.
Test Administration Workshop 2015
Go to NMPED Web Directory
Go to Assessment and Evaluation
Procedure Manual, DFA, Sample Items etc.
Test Administration Workshop 2015
Good Luck
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