ELAC Powerpoint Presentation

English Learner
Advisory Committee
ELAC Committee
Office of Equity, Access & College and Career Readiness
September 2013
Purpose of ELAC
• To provide staff, parents, and students a
vehicle for addressing school concerns as
to programs and services for English
language learners
• To facilitate a two-way communication
system between the school and the
Formation of ELAC
• Each school site with 21 or more
English language learners, regardless
of language, must form a functioning
English Learner Advisory Committee
Election Requirements
• Parents or guardians of English language
learners elect parent members to the
school committee.
• All parents shall be provided the
opportunity to vote for committee
• Each school committee shall have the
opportunity to elect at least one parent
member to the District English Learner
Advisory Committee (DELAC).
ELAC Officers
• * Chairperson or Co-Chairperson
• Secretary
• * DELAC Representative
* Individual elected must be a parent
of an EL student, no exceptions
Principal or designee
ELL facilitator or designee
Other selected school personnel
Parents of English learners constitute at
least the same percentage of the
committee membership as their children
represent of the student body
Legal Advisement Tasks
Advise the School Site Council
(SSC) on the development of the
Single School Plan for Student
Assist in the development of the
school’s efforts to make parents
aware of the importance of
regular school attendance.
Advise the principal and staff on
the school’s programs for English
Elect at least one representative
to the DELAC Committee
Provide ELAC training and
training materials, planned in full
consultation with committee
members, appropriate to assist
members in carrying out their
legal advisory responsibilities.
Conduct a school’s needs
assessment as it pertains to
programs and services for English
language learners.