PowerPoint 2 - Earth Charter Initiative

Youth Leadership, Sustainability
and Ethics
Youth Leaders and
Project Plans
Ayla van Kessel, The Netherlands
Making new immigrants environmentally aware and ecological active and
with that hopefully influence the view of the Dutch towards immigrants.
Earth Charter principle:
3b - Promote social and economic justice, enabling all to achieve a secure and
meaningful livelihood that is ecologically responsible
Target Network: The organisation Humanitas helps immigrants to feel at home.
As a part of this, I voluntarily practice Dutch with immigrants. I want to
discuss with Humanitas the possibility to start an Eco Team.
Project Plan:
In this Eco Team, the first couple of weeks a group of natives and immigrants
will cook ecological food together and during dinner discuss environmental
topics. After these informative sessions, the group will make a project plan
on sustainability. For example, start a public vegetable garden. Or take care
of the ecological management of the public gardens in the city.
Gaabouri Maamoune, Morocco
Challenge: The lack of awareness in terms of citizenship values among children.
Earth Charter principle:
• 14.a: Provide all, especially children and youth, with educational opportunities
that empower them to contribute actively to sustainable development.
• 9.b: Empower every human being with the education and resources to secure a
sustainable livelihood, and provide social security and safety nets for those who
are unable to support themselves.
Target Network (organizations): Pupils of primary and secondary schools.
Project Plan:
1/ first write a 20 pages book entitled “citizenship book”. Each page of the
book deals with one principle (for example saving water…).
2/ Then, visit the concerned schools twice every month, and study with
pupils a principle in each session.
Temily Tianmay Jaya Gopan, Hong kong
Challenge: Lack of empowerment among young people beyond making money
Earth Charter principle: 14
Target Network(organizations): Student clubs in the University of Hong Kong
Project Plan:
 Approach liked-minded individuals who want to serve humanity
 Discuss the Earth Charter and its implications
 Train them to become facilitators of the Junior Youth Spiritual Empowerment Program,
which promotes the same values that Earth Charter does
 They go out and become facilitators of this program and form their own junior youth
groups (12-15 years old) and plan and execute service projects with them
 Every month, facilitators will gather and reflect on how they can improve the quality of
their groups and the quality of service projects implemented by the junior youth
 Youth are engaged in ACTION by empowering younger youth to do the same
Savali Matio Lonalona, Tuvalu
Challenge: - Lack of education opportunities
- Environment issues such as climate change (sea level rise)
- Gender inequality i.e. lack of youth and women participation in decision making.
Earth Charter principle: 6, 11, 14
Project Plan:
Target Network(organizations):
 Tuvalu Association of Non
Government Organisation (TANGO)
 Tuvalu National Youth Council
 Tuvalu Red Cross
 Tuvalu Ekalesia Kelisiano (EKT)
 Tuvalu Small business Association
 Tuvalu National Council of Women
 Government departments and
ministries, e.g Ministry of Education
and Youth, Natural Resources,
Women department and cultural
Challenge 1:
Conduct and organize lives kill and livelihood training.
 Promote cultural and traditional methods
Lobby for the establishment for more informal
vocational such as carpentry, sewing etc.
Challenge 2:
At national level, conduct awaress on the effect of sea
level rise .
Assist in community work such as cleaning up.
Networking and create partnership with other
international partners.
Challenge 3:
Negotiate with the women department for the running
workshop on Gender Sensitively.
Lobby with the youth ministry and TNYC for the
leadership training.
 Networking with male leaders.
Oke Temitope Olaniyi, Nigeria
Challenge: The lack of empowering education)
Earth Charter principle: 14
Target Network(organizations): The Initiative for Equal Rights (TIER) Lagos Nigeria.
Project Plan:
Presently, I work with an Organization that targets sexual minorities.
We have been implementing programs (HIV prevention program and vocational
skills training) that targets Men who have sex with men (MSM). We source for
more funds to expand the scope of our work and cover other groups within the
LGBT community.
Dylane Ho, Malaysia
Challenge: The lack of empowering education – children unable to think critically and creatively
to improve society’s conditions
Earth Charter principle: 14. Integrate into formal education and life-long learning the
knowledge, values, and skills needed for a sustainable way of life.
Target Network (organizations): My university; corporate organisations interested in taking
on projects as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) campaign
Project Plan:
I would like to start an Earth Charter Youth Group (ECYG) in Malaysia, first consisting of the students and
alumni of my university. Once an ECYG is established, we can hold regular gatherings in which members
can discuss and plan sustainable projects within the immediate setting (university) and also for the
community at large (citywide). Examples of projects are like workshops/seminars on the Earth Charter,
sustainability, and youth leadership to create more awareness and expand group membership.
I would like to approach corporate organisations to enlist their support, mostly in the form of funding.
With the funds, we can set up centres of learning in major neighbourhoods in cities/towns. At these
centres of learning, members of the ECYG and other likeminded individuals can organise special courses
for the children, youth and adults in the neighbourhoods, providing supplementary education for the
masses. The courses will mainly focus on empowerment – to encourage people to give back to society.
Once the participants within the neighbourhood have completed the courses, they can immediately play
their part by serving at their local centre of learning to organise more courses for the rest of the
community, thus creating a cycle of empowering teaching and learning.
Pham Thuy Duong, Vietnam
Challenge: the need of a holistic approach to Education for Sustainability
Earth Charter principle: principle 14
Target Network(organizations): young students in universities
Project Plan:
Research on Education for Sustainability
Building framework for a YES (Youth Encounter on Sustainability) course that
can be implemented in universities. It should embrace sustainability in all
aspects of life, environmental, economic, cultural, social and spiritual.
Developing curriculum as modules so that it can be flexible in practical
application, depending on specific conditions.
Trying to integrate creative and holistic approach in teaching methods :
– active learning, seminars, team work, experience-based learning, visual
learning, project-based learning, excursions , learning through Art…
Demi Smoloktou, Greece/Finland
Challenge: The ignorance of sustainability and the Earth Charter
Earth Charter principle: 14
Target Network(organizations): Universities, Youth Groups, Organizations, Companies
Project Plan:
 Building the agenda of our ECYG and with our team we are willing to translate all the
available material of the Earth Charter in Greek, tv spots, radio spots, documents, and
to complete building our website.
 We want to include all the relevant tiers in order to promote sustainability and the
Earth Charter.
 We target especially in education, schools and universities. The ideal goal is that there
will be a course about sustainability in every school in our province. Additionally we
are hoping To collaborate with more youth groups and invite them to endorse the
Earth Charter and thus to promote it to their providences.
 Once we have enough members and affiliations we would be able to hold a Hellenic
and a European (global if possible) youth conference which is the ultimate target.
Koomson Nyarko Francis, Ghana
Challenge: Lack of start up capital to purchase basic plants'(machinery)
Earth Charter principle: 7
Target Network(organizations):
approached: the director of YOUNG PEOPLE WE CARE(NGO)
will be approached: Suame magazine Industrial organization (SMIDO)and the environmental
protection agency for partnership
Project Plan:
I would like to establish community base recycling plant which will be run by
The youth with raw materials from the community to boast local trade and at
the same time reduce both poverty and unemployment.
Adewole Taiwo Adegboyega, Nigeria
Challenge: The lack of empowering Environmental Education in the Niger Delta
Earth Charter principle: 14
Target Network(organizations): The organizations that I will approach and those have
The Global green Grants FUND
USAID(United States Agency for International Development)
The US President Young African Leaders Forum via one of the Participants from Nigeria
The Fed Government via the Presidency and Fed Ministry of Environment
The Government of Rivers state Via the Ministry of Environment
The ERA/Friends of the EARTH
The Potential beneficiary schools of the project
Library port management team
Ministry of Women Affairs
US Embassy
RADIO/TV on the existing platform of the Ministry of Environment
More to come
Project Plan:
The issues bothering on environment and it’s impact on the society cannot be
overemphasised. Currently, the Millennium development Goals clearly spells out
Environmental sustainability as one of the key MDGs.
In spite of numerous efforts across varying activities, awareness on issues on
environment, climate proofing and more still remains low. Many are yet to come to
terms with their strategic roles in protecting their immediate environment.
Importantly too, access to information on environment and the Niger delta is currently
low making it difficult to get current materials, information and details in these regards
and related activities are difficult to carry out.
It is in line with promoting Information, Education and communication in the area of
Environment and Climate change that the TAIWO ADEWOLE AND CENTER FOR
access to centres or environment in the Niger delta. This is with the view to setting up
138 ECO GREEN Libraries across existing schools with Environmental clubs in rivers and
then replicated in the Niger Delta Region. While the main demonstration site will be at
the existing LIBRARYPORT. Importantly too, to support women, the Ministry of Women
Affairs will also be partnering to set up one of the GREEN libraries at the Ministry of
Women Affairs, Rivers State
Irushinie Ruwanthi Wedage, Sri Lanka
Challenge: Dearth of a conscious and willful taskforce to actively engage in
grass root level activities that contribute to sustainable development
Earth Charter principle : 14
Target Network (organizations): Youth and Children (Schools, Universities, NGOs,
CBOs) Government, Media
Project Plan:
A national level NGO that endorses the Earth Charter Principles will be registered
under existing state laws.
A series of programmes that raise awareness on how the youth and children can
contribute actively to sustainable development will be prepared and publicized
through workshops and mass media (Newspaper/Audio Visual) with the help of
financial and professional collaborators.
Our organization will work as a hub which will encourage, guide and monitor nodal
youth and children groups inspired by such communications to function effectively by
providing necessary information and training and getting progress reports and
The Ultimate goal is to form a national network of youth and children who are aware
of and endorse the Earth Charter principles
Ogaga E. Maxwell, Nigeria
Challenge: lack of holistic education for children and youths
Earth Charter principle: 14
Target Network(organizations): AFRITAL/YOUNGSTARS FOUNDATION and my friends.
Project Plan:
Right now I am working on starting a holistic educational center where young people can
Be taught morals, spiritual Godly values and also learn about leadership and giving back to
the society.
It is called The Emerald Educational Center (T.E.E.C), I have had this project in mind before
we started this course and we have been working on it, right now we are about acquiring a
piece of land in a community close to me where I live to commence work on the project.
In the center young people will be taught the values of peace, leadership, environmental
values uses arts, dance , culture and music.
We are fund raising now to get the land.
Muhammad Salman, Pakistan
Challenge: Environmental Pollution,
Earth Charter principle:
Target Network:
Project Plan: Use the Garbage, Save Your Environment
Our project idea is to create awareness about Environmental Sustainability and how we can utilize our
waste material (papers, canes and bottle) to earn something good from it.
We are targeting five different iEARN Partner school from Karachi for this project. Our idea is to provide
each of them 2 big dustbins. One will be for colleting papers and one will be for bottles and canes. Both
teachers and schools will use these dustbins till one month and throw all the garbage according to the
respective dustbins. Schools will also be given Garbage bags with dustbins, so if one bag is filled in
advance, so they may use another bag(s) as well and this whole activity will last for a month.
After completion of the one month, organizing team will collect all the garbage bags (not the dustbin) and
than will sell out all that garbage in the respective market. Whatever the amount is generated by the
particular School garbage bag, team than will buy plant(s) to be planted in those schools.
Expected Outcome:
The aims behind this whole month activity are:
Create awareness about environmental sustainability.
Make them habitual of cleanliness.
How they can be creative.
How they can earn to beautify their surrounding.
Tan Su Mei, Malaysia
Challenge: Equal development opportunities for all in all fields
Earth Charter principle: "Ensure that economic activities and institutions at all levels promote
human development in an equitable and sustainable manner."
Target Network(organizations): The people around me especially junior youth (11-14yeaars
old) and youth
Project Plan:
My current commitment is to empower as many youth as i can to be
animators who work with the junior youth as it is believed that when we are
doing the act of accompanying others, we are also learning and improving
our own capacities.
Continue in the promotion of the Junior Youth Spiritual Empowerment
Program where training more youth to be animators are the focus
Working together with the junior youth groups in implementing service
projects in their neighbourhoods that reflects the principles in the Earth
Martin Amo-Ayesu, Ghana
Challenge: The Rural child and Education-Diabetes awareness foundation
Earth Charter principle: 14
Target Network(organizations): Ghana Education services/Ministry of Women &
Project Plan:
Bridge the education and orientation gap between the word Diabetes and the youth in
urban and rural communities in Ghana.
Create good platform for the youth to check their sugar level.
Engage in outreach programs to combat the spread of DIABETES
Organize funfairs to promote unity and eradicate social view on people with diabetes.
Creating awareness on the food we eat
Planned Activities:
Schools Education Project
Rural Health Project,
Education on selection of foods we eat
Outreach programs in the communities and companies.
Outreach programs in communities clinic
Lansana Hassan Sowa, Sierra Leone
Challenge: The Difficulty of Women and Girls in Accessing Justice in Kono District, Eastern
Sierra Leone )
Earth Charter principle: P 11
Target Network(organizations): Nimiyama Human Rights Movement (NIMIRIGHTS).
Project Plan
The project will work towards promoting women’s right through community engagement and mobilizing. The project will
further provide support to victims of Sexual and Gender Based Violence particularly girls to assist the in seeking justice.
STRATEGY: strategies will involve to:
Educate 500 community stakeholders on women’s rights and SGBV in Nimiyama and Nimikoro chiefdoms in Kono
District, Eastern Sierra Leone.
Improve on the capacity of twenty (20) Human Rights Monitors in both chiefdoms to effectively respond to Sexual and
Gender Based Violence.
Engage fourty (40) local authorities from the two chiefdoms in efforts to effectively deal with SGBV issues.
Provide direct support to fourty (20) victims of Sexual and Gender Based Violence in the two chiefdoms to seek justice.
PROJECT ACTIVITIES: The activities for the project will involve:
Community Outreach Meetings: (This will target eight communities)
Human Rights Training for Monitors: (This will involve the training of twenty (20) Human Rights Monitors.
Human Rights training and Legal Orientation for Local Authorities: (This will target fourty local authorities including
Provide direct support to victims of SGBV: (this will provide transportation, medical and accommodation for victims
while seeking justice
Reporting: (This will involve updating Earth Charter and donor on project’s progress on a quarterly basis).
Godwin Yidana, Ghana
Challenge: Environmental Pollution, Degradation and Climate Change
Earth Charter principle: “Ecological Integrity”
Target Network: Junior High Schools in Bolga; Ghana Forestry Commission; Ghana Education Service;
Environmental Protection Agency; Chiefs; and Bolga Municipal Assembly
Project Plan: The G-lish Green Clubs
1. Provide a platform for young people in rural Ghana’s Upper East Region to network, build
relationships, share knowledge and work to achieve environmental regeneration and the
realization of the MDGs through practical environmental activities.
2. Address common environmental issues such as deforestation, degradation and pollution.
Tree planting and basic gardening to reduce deforestation, degradation and pollution;
Water and Sanitation
Short documentary and book making on Environment and Climate Change Issues;
Environmental education campaigns;
Inter-school competitions: Best Trees Project; Best Environ- book; Best Environ- documentary; and
Basic plastic recycling and re-use techniques
Atta ur rehman Qureashi , Pakistan
Challenge: Waste Management and Recycling
Earth Charter principle: 7
Target Network: Local Community, Local Government, Youth, CBOS, CCBS, NGOS Sanitary Worker
Project Plan:
Selection of Area
Community Mobilization
Volunteer selection youth Activists
Linkages With , Local Government, Youth, CBOS,CCBS,NGOS
Sanitary worker Training
Youth Trainings
Printing Support Martial
Selected Target 600 Houses
Distribution Dustbins
Distribution of Wheelbarrows
School Activities
Capacity Building of youth groups and Community Activists