ELA Exam Information for Parents

Common Core Tests
Information for Parents
Presented by Stacey Guadalupe
Staff Developer, Museum Magnet School
Grade 3-8 students
NYS ELA exams:
April 16-18
NYS MATH exams:
April 24-26
What is the ELA exam?
ELA stands for English Language Arts
It’s a reading, writing and thinking test administered
by the New York State Department of Education
It measures how students are meeting specific
ELA Common Core Standards
What is the MATH exam?
It measures students’ performance on the
Math Common Core Standards
It includes math computations &
word problems.
Students must “show their work”
What are the Standards?
Standards are
learning outcomes
What students should:
 KNOW (knowledge or
 DO (skills)
What is the Common Core?
ELA (English Language Arts) & Math
Elementary school - high school
Adopted by NYS in July 2010
What’s the big deal about
the Common Core?
They are for college & career readiness.
They are aligned with international
They have been adopted by 45 states,
the District of Columbia & 4 territories
thus far.
What the Common Core
does not define:
How teachers should teach
All that can or should be taught
The interventions needed for students
well below grade level
The full range of support for English
language learners and students with
special needs
Everything needed to be college and
career ready
Who takes the NYS
ELA & Math exams?
All students in grades 3-8*.
This includes students with an IEP
(individualized instruction plan) or
are in a Special Ed. class. However,
they will have extended time.
What is on the ELA exam?
What is on the ELA exam?
For all grades – Over the course of
3 days:
Literary & Informational Text
reading passages
Grades 3-4: about the same number of fiction &
Grades 5-8: More nonfiction
What is on the MATH exam?
For all grades – over the course of 3 days:
Multiple choice questions
(61-68 questions)
Short response questions
(5-6 questions)
Extended response questions
(3-4 questions)
How is the tests scored and
what do the scores mean?
The results are reported as 4 performance levels.
Meeting Standards
Level 4
understanding of the
knowledge and skills
expected at grade level.
Level 3
of of the
knowledge and skills
expected at grade level.
Exceeds Proficiency Standard
Meets Proficiency Standard
Below Standard
Level 2
Meets Basic
Level 1
Below Standard
understanding of
knowledge and skills
expected at grade
of the knowledge
and skills
expected at grade
How do parents find out about
test scores?
Preliminary “cut” scores – met/did not meet
standard -- are released in June
Summer school & hold over decisions are
made in response to cut scores
Students attending summer school re-take
NYS exams
In August, final NYS test scores released
Parents can log onto ARIS for scores
In September, parents receive a test report
How are test results used?
To guide classroom instruction.
Schools use the results from the NYS Test to
help them make decisions about promotion to
next grade.
For placement in extra help programs during
school, after school or during summer school.
What can families do to help support
students with the exams?
Make sure students are reading everyday at
home – fiction AND informational text
Have children come to school everyday and on
time (including the extra support for at-risk
students for 37.5 minutes at the beginning of
the day).
Communicate with your child’s teacher.
What can families do to help support
students with the exams?
Have your students do SUCCESS MAKER at
home (especially during the Spring Recess)
Success Maker is an online technology ELA &
Math skills program designed for student’s
individual learning paths.
On the day of the exam make sure
your child has:
Had a good night’s sleep
Eaten breakfast
Has their eyeglasses
Teachers College research indicated
that students have to read at least
8 hours a week (in school and at home)
to get high level 3 and level 4 on the
ELA exam.