Full-day early learning

early learning
Parent/School Council
Full-day kindergarten
• Ministry of Education began phasing in full-day
kindergarten in Sept. 2010
• province's goal is to have the FDEL program
fully implemented by 2015-16
Why implement FDEL?
• Ontario investing in the education of its youngest
students to prepare them for future success
– economically sensible to put funding into early years
• FDEL improves early literacy and math skills, providing
a smoother transition to grade 1
• will help more students achieve success at school
• will help create a stronger economy for the future
• has the power to change the lives of children
FDEL in Peel
over 300 FDEL classes
in Peel
• 106 Peel schools
currently offer FDEL
• [insert number] of
full-day early learning
classes at our school –
all kindergarten classes
will be full-day
How were FDEL
schools selected?
School boards recommended schools to the
ministry based on the following ministry guidelines:
• available space
• community need
• impact on existing local child care
• student achievement
• readiness to implement
What is FDEL?
• Certified teachers and registered ECEs will work
together in the classroom during the regular school day.
• They will complement each
others' skills sets to create
a learning environment
able to adapt to the unique
needs of each child.
What will the
program look like?
The full-day early learning program has two
1. Core component – in each classroom, one teacher
and one early childhood educator will work together
to help children learn during the regular school day
2. Optional extended day component – before and
after school programs led by a third-party provider
Class size
The ministry has set
the class size
standard for FDEL
at an average of 26
students on a
basis—an average
child-adult ratio of
What will children learn?
Through instruction and play-based learning,
children will:
• develop socially and
emotionally through interaction
with their peers and adults
• develop their early literacy and
numeracy skills
• engage in healthy physical
activities and the arts
FDEL curriculum
is based
largely on
the current
How will FDEL
benefit children?
provides children with high quality program
• helps to lay foundation for a healthy, productive life
• increased opportunities to socialize with peers
• helps to develop academic and social skills
necessary for school—including early literacy and
numeracy skills
Before and after
school programs
• Third-party child care services will provide the
extended day component.
• Kindergarten classrooms may be used for before
and after school programs.
What will the extended
hours program look like?
provides children with
high quality before
and after school
• a lunchroom supervisor
will be assigned to
every FDEL class – we
are currently hiring
for these positions
Is there a cost?
regular school day portion is part of Ontario's publicly
funded school system
• if parents choose to enrol their child in before and/or
after school programs, they will pay a fee