Welcome to our Back-to-School Night

Welcome to our
Preppie Kindergarten
School year 2009-2010
Mrs. Martinez
About Mrs. Martinez
• My name is Raquel Martinez
• Live in HB with husband and 4 year old
daughter Alyssa.
• Completed my bachelors degree @ CSUF
and will be attempting to finish 5 of the 10
classes to get my masters at CSUF in the
• I have worked for WSD now going on 6
• I taught preschool for 3yrs and academic
kindergarten for 2yrs. This is my first
year in preppie and did my student
teaching in preppie.
What Is Preppie K?
• Preppie Kindergarten is a fascinating new
kindergarten option that the Westminster
School District is offering for the 20092010 school year
• Preppie Kindergarten is the first
year of a two-year kindergarten
program designed to prepare young
kindergartners for school success
Example Academic
Kindergarten Task
Example Preppie Kindergarten
Benefits of Preppie K…
• Builds confidence
• Develops small motor skills needed
for writing
• Fosters large muscle skills needed for
• Enhances student skills such as
sitting, listening, and following
What Happens after Preppie K?
• Students who attend Preppie
Kindergarten continue on to Academic
Kindergarten the following school year
The Gift of Time
• Children do best in school when they are
given the time to develop and grow in an
appropriate setting
• This program provides students with a
strong educational foundation by giving
children a stimulating environment that
fosters physical, social-emotional and
intellectual development
School Hours:
• School begins: 8:00 AM
• School ends: 2:00 PM
– Breakfast: 7:30 in the MPR
– School ends @ 1:05 every Wednesday
• Please bring your child to school on
time. Don’t forget to pick them up
on time after school. Thank you!
Class rules
Follow directions
Listen when teacher is talking
Raise hand and wait to be called on
Complete and return all homework & class
work on time.
• Keep hands and feet to self
• Be nice, be respectful, and be responsible
Behavioral Management System
 = Great
 = Trouble!
Behavioral System
• Sticker card, treasure chest
• Praises, hugs, free choice (playtime)
• Stamp at the end of the day or no stamp
and a red note sent home at the end of
the day. A signature is needed and should
be returned to school the next day.
• Will be sent home on Monday, please return it
by Thursday.
• Practice writing name and read a book to your
child everyday and be sure to log the books you
have read. Once they read 20 they will get a
special prize.
• Each student needs a backpack (not too small)
• Please check the backpack and read all the
papers and materials at least once a week.
Take-Home books
• 4 Paperback books
– Please read with them at home!
– Write title of books read on Reading Log
and draw a picture of their favorite part.
– Be sure to return all four books in folder on
Kindergarten Academic Standards
What a Kindergartener needs to know:
• Recognize, write, know one-to-one
correspondence, and count to 20 (most go
to 100)
• Recognize colors and shapes
• Patterns (AB, ABC, ABCD, AABC, AABB
• Sorting, sequencing
• Calendar: days of the week, months of
year, morning, afternoon, and night
Kindergarten Academic Standards
Language Arts: Avenues and Open Court
Recognize, write, and know sounds of all letters
Print concepts
Retell familiar stories, sequencing
Rhyming and syllabication
Beginning, middle, and ending sounds
Simple sight words (Open Court sight words)
Decode CVC words (cat, dog, hat, lip)
Write simple sentences
Speak in complete sentences
Report card
• Will be sent home at the end of each quarter:
November, January, April, and June
• Report Card envelope must be signed and returned to
the teacher. Please keep the Report Card.
• Parent conferences are in November and April
• Progress Report Cards will be sent home every midquarter for those students who are struggling.
• Feel free the talk to me or give me a call if you have any
concerns in between report card periods.
Parent Volunteers
• All your help in the classroom is welcome and
greatly appreciated
– Contact us if you can help in our class or take
work home
– Please get a sticker from the office before
coming to class
• We also need volunteers for our field trips
and special events.
– Parents who volunteer in the classroom will get
first priority to go on fieldtrips.
If you’re interested,
please sign up on
clipboard or my monthly
• Kindergarten surprise box will go
home everyday with a child. Bring
something that fits inside. Be sure to
bring it back to school the next day
so that the next child can have a
Book Orders
Book order forms will be sent home every
month. This is a great opportunity for you to
purchase books for your children at an
inexpensive price. There is no obligation to
buy, but if you wish to order books, return the
forms by the due date. This is a great
opportunity for your child to read and our class
accumulates bonus points towards books to
purchase for our classroom library.
• Absent: call school office @ 714-894-7224
in the morning
• Drop off your child at the gate
– You can come on to the kindergarten playground
but should leave right before the bell so that we
can lock the gate at 8AM
• Please bring your child to school on time
• If late, get tardy slip from office
Baby wipes
Ziploc bags
Glue sticks
Shaving cream
Computer ink cartridges
Paper towels
sidewalk chalk
• We will acknowledge your child’s
birthday in class with a special card and
• Please do not bring cake or cupcakes
to school.
• Instead – you may send a small treat
that your child may pass out to others
as they are leaving the classroom
(pencils, stickers, etc.)
• A book donation to the class is also a
wonderful idea.
• Please practice lunch numbers at home
• Put them to bed early 8:00 or 8:30. NO
• Eat breakfast at home before coming to
school or come eat at school
• Don’t let them watch too much T.V.
• Let them practice cutting, coloring,
reading, and writing at home
• Wear Demille shirt or blue on Wed-School
Spirit Day
• Label their jackets and/or sweaters
• No slippers or open-toed shoes allowed at
• No revealing clothes
• No toys, gum, and food at school. Thank you!
Random notes
• Please join and support the PTA• Class webpage
• www.wsd.k12.ca.us
Thank you for coming!
• Have a great school year! Good night!