6 th Grade Transition Committee

Welcome Highline Families
6th Grade Transition Community Meeting
6th Grade Transition Committee
Diana Garcia
Middle School Planning Principal
Principals/Assistant Principals/Deans
• Karin Jones, Chinook Middle School
• Drew Larson, Big Picture Middle School
• Kyle Linman, Sylvester Middle School
• Winnie McGilton, Cascade Middle School
• Deborah Rumbaugh, Pacific Middle School
• Brian Tinsley, Mount View Elementary School
• Rick Wisen, Des Moines Elementary School
Parents/Community Members
• Betsy Akina
• Maryanne Collier
• Cherie Gwinn
• Amlesett Legessa
• Carmelita Mason-Richardson
• Roseanne Esposito, Cedarhurst Elementary School
• Natalie Flynn, Beverly Park Elementary School
• Claudia House, Cascade Middle School
• Nicole Malmgren, Des Moines Elementary School
• Michael McLeod, North Hill Elementary School
• Caitlyn Wirtz, Sylvester Cascade Middle School
•Thara Cooper, Chinook and McMicken Elementary
• Rebecca Pinzon, South End
• Angelica Ponce, North End
6th Grade Transition Committee
Central Office
Marni Campbell, Instruction and Innovation Executive Director
Carmen Gonzalez, Director of STEM
Trevor Green, Instructional Leadership Executive Director
Deborah Holcomb, Student Support Services Executive Director
Janine King, Director of Literacy, Social Studies & Professional Development
Rachel Klein, Director of Student Advancement
Roberta McFarland, Waskowtiz Outdoor School & WELS Director
Stefan Nelson, Visual and Performing Arts Specialist
Jennifer Reinig, Instructional Leadership Executive Director
Clarify the Charge of our
Design 6th to middle school transition plan
Address the Academic, Social, and Emotional Needs of adolescents
Consistent Strategies Across All Middle Schools
Meeting Purpose
Update parents\community on our progress
Get input from parents/community
What we Know
All middle schools will open as 6-8 schools fall 2015
New schools will be named after the Bond passage
Community input into naming of the schools
Camp Waskowitz for 6th graders September 2015
We know that all secondary schools will continue to have security
HR communication plan for 6th grade teachers
Athletic Program for all students
Challenge remains at Sylvester and Chinook
Construction Timeline
Interim schools will open fall 2015
Construction will start after passage of the Bond
Two new schools will open September 2017
Interim Sites
15631 8th Ave S.
Burien, WA
615 S. 200th
Des Moines, WA
What we don’t know yet…
Boundaries for the six middle schools
How six middle schools will feed into the four high schools
Where Big Picture will be located
Where Choice students will eat lunch
What the 6th grade will look like
at the middle school (this is the work of the design team)
Questions we are working on
What program and clubs will be offered to 6th graders?
How will 6th grade be involved in ASB/Student Government?
Will the two interim schools offer the same electives as the other schools?
Will all 6th graders have the same lunch?
Will there be Honors at all schools?
Will 6th grade students use planners?
Will the school discipline plan be similar to that of elementary?
(this is what the design team is working on)
Background Information
2008-09 middle school study findings
-Grade configuration not a factor in student achievement.
What matters most:
- school climate\school culture
- rigorous, quality instruction
College awareness is important at MS
Adolescents learn best through collaboration, hands-on learning,
Inquiry, small group work, problem solving.
Students need to be known by caring adults, relationships matter
Parents need to stay involved
More background …
Community meetings held last spring
Concerns raised:
safety, bullying, discipline, electives
August readings\research:
-nurturing relationships
-project-based learning
-student driven\self-directed learning
-academic rigor
-next generation science standards
-importance of fine arts
Video & Student Panel
Student Video
Break Out Sessions
1. Safety and Positive Behavior Intervention
System, (PBIS)
2. Parent Involvement for 6-8th Grade
3. Academic Structures for 6-8th Grade
4. Athletics/Extra-Curricular/ASB & Leadership
Closure/Exit Ticket
1. Did tonight’s meeting address your
questions? Yes or No
2. If no, what concerns about the transition
do you have that did not get answered?
3. What suggestions do you have for the
next community meeting on November
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• Email
• Phone: (206) 631-7520