School by the Sea - S. Thomas Old Boys Association

Dear Thomians,
Some special speeches
regarding one of the best institutions on Earth,
the School that
you and I,
Love & Respect most !!!
“You’ll always remember;
Wherever you may be,
The school of your boyhood,
The school by the sea.
And you’ll always remember,
The friendships fine & free,
That you made at S.Thomas’;
The school by the sea.”
- The Rev. Canon Roy. H.B. Yin (5th Chaplain)
"You belong to one of the best schools in the world,
a school with splendid traditions and
the most honourable name and
I charge you to try and hand down those traditions
and that name
untarnished and unimpaired. …
Be proud of being Thomians and make the college
proud of numbering you amongst its sons.
Remember that what ever you do and where ever
you go, your life and actions will reflect either
credit or discredit on the College where you were
and to which you owe so much…..
You have learned the best lessons in the world at
STC. I trust not only English and Classics and
Mathematics but true manliness and truth,
courage purity and all those things that make a
man and a gentleman. Try never to forget them
but be men and gentlemen always.
- The Rev. W.A. Buck (7th Warden)
‘We pride ourselves in a College whose
education is not merely confined to the
classroom, but much more broadly in our
religion. Our sport and our discipline. We are
truly a plural society. It has been more than an
education. ‘It is a preparation for life’.
- Dr. David A. Ponniah (16th Warden)
“We have something in this school which is
good and precious. Guard it well, keep it bright.
Never do anything that will bring shame to
S. Thomas’.”
- The Rev. Canon R.S. de Saram (10th Warden)
The THOMIAN SPIRIT will never die. It is the Spirit of
Unity, Brotherhood, Fellowship, Love, Loyalty to the
Truth, Purity and all those things which make Men &
Gentlemen. It is that Spirit that keeps the College alive.
And the Thomian Traditions may be remembered by as of
us who dare to call ourselves Thomians. We must
preserve that peculiar quality that makes us unique.
Rev. M Bilimoria (In the epilogue of '75 Years at Mount')
“The real end of all education is not to
sharpen the intellect or improve the mind
alone, but to form the character of the
future man to mould his habits, to fix his
principles, to make him good as well wise.”
- Rt. Rev James Chapman ( Founder of the College )
“S. Thomas’ College is therefore much more
than just a school. It is an institution rich in
tradition, characterized by nearly one and a half
centuries of hard work, dedication and
achievement, all imbibed with the legendary
Thomian Spirit…...
...A pioneering institution which has understood
and nurtured the very best in youth; where mere
boys went in and great men came out to be ‘men and gentlemen always’ men who beat the
odds with the legendary ‘Thomian grit’ and
gentlemen who up held the motto of the school.”
- Class of ’83
“ The Interest of the College must give way to
all other interest. When you help the College,
please do not expect anything in return. We
all owe the College something. The College
does not owe anything to us.
May we contribute together to its glory.”
- Mr. W.M.N. de Alwis (15th Warden)
“Live for S. Thomas’. Do anything for her
whenever you are asked to do it;
If necessary die for her.”
- The Rev. W.A. Stone (8th Warden)
This presentation was compiled to strengthen the
brotherhood, among the young & old Thomians,
who are scattered in different parts on Earth.
The Truth, Purity and the vast knowledge of life,
obtained from this great institution is
undoubtedly impossible to value in monetary
Sir, I honestly request you to help your loving
school when ever it’s possible, and to render
your maximum support to the Warden, for its
future developments.
Esto Perpetua !