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Halifax Schools
Music Centre
Excellence in Performance
Choirs, Strings, Bands, Jazz
All-City Choirs
Boys’ Honour Choir
Girls’ Honour Choir
Youth Honour Choir
St Margarets Bay Boys’ Honour Choir
Cantatrice Choir
Band and Jazz
 Intermediate Concert Band
 All-City Oboe, French horn classes
 Intermediate Jazz
 Senior Jazz
 Senior Combo
Elementary violin and cello in schools
Grade 6 All-City orchestra workshop
All-City viola, cello, bass classes
Junior High Honour Violins
Halifax Schools Symphony Orchestra
Fine Arts Parents’ Association
 Supports music groups by fundraising
 Provides scholarships to students for summer
and advanced study
 Advocates for arts education in our
community and public school system
Annual Events
All-City Holiday Concert
Jazz Concerts (Dec and May)
String Night
School concerts
Music festivals
(all choirs)
We believe
 Every child has a right to quality music education
 Music education provides many benefits to students
at all levels
 The perseverance and discipline involved in being
part of a musical ensemble is excellent training for a
complex society
 Music is creative, responsive, expressive and “in the
 HRM supplementary funding provides these music
programs in addition to regular music classes to
enrich arts education opportunities for our students.
 The Halifax Schools Music Centre programs
encompass the outcomes of music education under
the NS Dept. of Education guidelines.
 Support for the arts in schools is valued in HRM and
we are fortunate to be able offer a variety and depth
of programs to our students.
Come join us !
Halifax Schools
Music Centre
WEB http://hrsbmusic.ednet.ns.ca
Email music@hrsbstaff.ednet.ns.ca
6067 Quinpool Rd, Halifax