operation well planting at njia special school

Njia Special School, Meru District, Kenya
Njia Special school is located in the Eastern part of Kenya in Meru District. It is 40
minutes from Meru town, on the way to Maua.
The school’s geographical features is at the hilly side of Eastern province.
Njia Special School was founded by Mr. Njeru (retired teacher)
with an aim of:
Developing and increasing awareness of disability and the
needs of disabled people.
Working with what is loosely referred to as the disabled
community. (organization or group that is working with
disabled people or their families).
Developing a Disabled Children’s Centre which is at
present known as Njia Special School.
Njia Special School was constructed by Plan
International and funded by Japan
The School serves both the deaf and mentally
handicapped with its growth currently at 162
Parents of the Students are not able to support
the school much but, few well wishers respond
once in a while .
The school has four such tanks but all
of them are without water
If a society values physical strength, then people with
physical disabilities are at a disadvantage.
If society values intellectual accomplishments, then the fact
that a person uses a wheelchair is not as limiting.
The willingness of a society to give resources to people with
disabilities often depends on whether or not that individual
will have an adult role in the community. Will that
individual have a job? A family of his or her own?
Thus, people with disabilities are far more limited by
society’s view of disability than by their actual disability.
According to the Bible, every human being is created in God’s likeness
regardless of their physical or mental capacities. The love that God has
for every being also applies to people with different kinds of disabilities.
God’s wish to save every human being and the whole creation from evil
is a wish He also has for those who live with disabilities (John 3:16).
God’s command that we love our neighbor as ourselves (Lev 19:18) also
includes those who have disabilities.
The vision of this mission and project is to connect
communities worldwide with the well-planting movement in
any said vicinity for ongoing relationships of prayer,support
the gospel partnership and providing much-needed water,
while raising the profile of the church name in the
communities and drawing people into the life of knowing
God’s work through digging wells.
Njia Special School does not have adequate water supply.
Students have to either bring water from home, or the
schools have to buy water from outside vendors for
Four big tanks of water are all empty and the fish pond
almost drying up because the school hardly gets enough
water supply.
Cost of this project is $8780
The Breakdown of cost is:
Digging the well: $7,600. It will cover for
the complete borehole work, accommodation for a
crew to work 4 weeks and transport from (Siaya)
western to (Meru ) Eastern Kenya and back
that's approximate 980km road travel. Includes
supervisor’s expenses (George Otieno). Water pump
on the side will cost $880. Mr. Otieno’s pre-site
expenses to the Special School were $300.
Make your tax-deductible check payable to:
 “Lovers Lane United Methodist Church”
 Memo: “Njia Special School Well”
 Send to:
Rev. Dr. Tom Hudspeth
Lovers Lane UMC
9200 Inwood Road, Dallas, TX 75220