Kindergarten Round-up Powerpoint Presentation

Kindergarten Round up
Maple Grove
March 22, 2011
Doug Barry, M.G. Principal
Lyndsay Marron, Asst. Principal
Lyndsay Marron
Nicole Baugh
Jennifer Kirby
Jennifer Latcham
Paula Nannen
Kara Hedrick
Stephanie Beaudette
Doug Barry
Leslie Perrigo
Lindsey Millsap
Stacey Roberts
– Assistant Principal
– Guidance Counselor
– ESL Teacher
– Special Education Teacher
– Secretary
– Nurse
– Beyond the Bell
– Principal
– Instructional Coach
– Special Education Teacher
– Special Education Associate
Kindergarten Team
Mrs. Kacey Beyer
Mrs. Kelly White
Mrs. Kristin Craig
Ms. Rachel Broich
Possible 5th section - TBA
Requirements for your
child to attend
Your child must . . .
• be 5 years old by September 15th of the
current year which school begins.
• have a certificate of health from a licensed
physician (a “physical”)
• have at least one of all required
immunizations upon entrance to school
and provide a fully completed State of
Iowa Immunization Card within 60 days of
the child's first day of school.
Your child must . . .
• have a blood lead test and provide proof within 60 days of the
child's first day of school.
• have a dental screening within 60 days of the child’s first day of
• advised to have a vision screening before the first day of
• be a resident of the Waukee Community School District or file
the appropriate paperwork.
Pre-Registration Process
• The following Items must be turned in to the
Central Administration Office by 4:30 PM on
April 5th, 2011.
A completed Kindergarten Pre-Registration Form
Proof of your child's birth.
A copy of your child's current immunizations
A completed Home Language Survey
Proof of Residency
All pre-registration forms must be completed and
submitted together.
Acceptable Proofs of
• Mortgage statement, current property tax bill, warranty deed,
settlement statement, or Lease agreement.
• If a sibling attends The Waukee Community School District and
you are a resident, provide the sibling’s name, grade, and
attendance center.
• If a sibling attends The Waukee Community School District and
is open enrolled into the district, please file the appropriate
• If none of the above applies, please contact the Waukee
Community School Central Administration Office.
Highlights of Kdg. Program
• The primary goal of the Waukee
kindergarten program is to nurture the
continuous growth of children socially,
emotionally, physically, and
Kindergarten is a time for children to:
• Develop more self confidence,
independence, and a sense of responsibility
toward themselves and others
• To be involved in child centered activities
• To investigate their world and develop their
skills for life long learning through
interactions with materials, people, and ideas
Everyday Math
* Counting * Computation *
* Data & Chance * Measurement *
• Geometry (shapes) * Patterns *
Complete program link
Comprehensive Literacy
* Shared reading (modeled read aloud) *
* Independent reading/Buddy Reading *
* Small group/Guided Reading *
* One on One Conferring *
* Word Study *
Exploratory Science
* Scientific observations *
* Lab notebook records *
* Inquiry based studies *
• Content related vocabulary *
More information about our FOSS program at:
Social Studies
* Content related vocabulary *
* Learning through text *
* Technology integration *
* Inquiry based studies *
Related Arts
We are on a 6-day cycle and schedules are
given to parents in the fall (min/cycle)
• Physical Education (60)
• Library (40)
• Art (45)
• Music (60)
• Guidance (30)
• Technology Integration (30+)
Full day kindergarten experience
• Provides the best start possible for
children to build a solid foundation for
future learning in the Waukee School
PBIS: Positive Behaviors
Intervention Support
Common Expectations
Common Language
Consistent Rewards
Consistent Lessons
Kindergarten Readiness
Preparing your child for kindergarten
Promote a love of reading!
You are the child’s FIRST teacher
You are a powerful role model
Read to your child
Read with your child
Talk about the story and pictures
Have fun with the words - rhythm and
rhyme of the language
Benefits of Reading with
Your Child
• Development of larger vocabularies
• Development of longer attention spans
• Promotes a greater understanding of books
and print
• Value reading and learning
• Opportunity to spend quality time with your
Think Beyond Books
• Environmental print: words and phrases
that surround us
– Billboards
– Restaurant signs
– Menus
– Grocery store
– Traffic signs
• Model for your child
Oral language
Written language
Nonverbal communication
Listening skills
Speaking skills
Playing games
Categorize/group items
Help with preparing snacks/meals
Putting things away
Getting along with others
Learning to listen
Sticking to a schedule
Starting school!
Start each day with a healthy breakfast
Be sure your child is well rested
Well nourished meals when possible
Dress for the weather - layers!
Label clothing
First day of school ?
School day 8:35-3:40
8:50 - official start time
Transition Days
First two days of school
Arrive on time - not too early
Leave your children cheerfully
Parent Pick-up - Plan to arrive around 1:40
Bus students can expect your child to be
picked up between 8:45-9:30 and dropped
off between 1:45-2:30
Beginning of the Year
• You will receive a welcome letter from your
classroom teacher in August
Transportation Arrangements
Transition Days
Open House - Parents & Children
Back to School Night - Parents only
• Attendance and being at school on time is
• There is a correlation between student
attendance and student achievement.
• Getting your child to school on time sends a
strong message that you value education.
• Call the office if your child will not be in
• According to Iowa Code & District Policy
parents will be notified of excessive absences
and tardiness.
• Please be sure to return your completed preregistration information tonight or no later
than April 5th to district office.
• Summer registration packets will be mailed to
families who have completed the preregistration process.
• Summer registration is mandatory for all
students K-5.
Thank you!
We look forward to a partnership to ensure a
quality educational experience for your
Childhood is a Journey, Not a Race.