Orientation Presentation - IS75 (31R075) Frank D Paulo

Welcome to the Class of
Frank D. Paulo
Intermediate School 75
6th Grade Orientation - Tuesday, March 3, 2015
Dr. Anthony J. Polomene Center for the Performing Arts
Typical School Day
7:30 am
8:00 am
8:07 am - 8:17 am
8:21 am - 9:01 am
9:05 am - 9:45am
9:49 am - 10:29 am
10:33 am - 11:14 am
11:19 am - 12:00 pm
12:05 pm - 12:46 pm
12:51 pm - 1:31 pm
1:36 pm - 2:16 pm
School Door Opens - Breakfast
School Day Begins
Homeroom (Announcements)
Period 1
Period 2
Period 3
Period 4
Period 5
Period 6
Period 7
Period 8
Entry into the school building for all students is through the rear doors which
are supervised by the Paulo Staff. The front of the school building is strictly
reserved for the yellow bus services and ambulatory busing.
Daily Supplies - Example
Social Studies Supply List for 2014-15*
General School Supply List
Ream of computer paper
Marble composition notebook
(students may need one per marking period)
Folder (with two interior pockets to organize
handouts and notices)
Box of crayons
Roll of scotch tape
Box of tissues and paper towels (these two
items are optional, but greatly appreciated)
School Bag
8 ½ x 11” Loose leaf binder with dividers
2 Marble notebooks
Paulo Agenda
Reading book
Students are expected to come prepared each day with the
following supplies:
Writing utensils (pens preferred)
A marble notebook
A folder
Many of the supplies listed above will be collected by the classroom teacher and used as needed throughout the school
year. Your cooperation and support of our classrooms is much needed and greatly appreciated.
* Please note that each individual teacher may require additional items for his or her classroom.
Student Program Card
Academic Classes
Communication Arts
Average eight (8) periods per week
Average five (5) periods per week
Average eight (8) periods per week
Social Studies
Average five (5) periods per week
Foreign Language
Only Paulo Scholars Academy students will receive Foreign
Language Instruction in the 6th Grade (Spanish/Italian)
Special Education Services
The following is an outline of the Special Education services/classes that are offered at Paulo Intermediate
School. They are:
ICT and 12:1 classes (periods of instruction):
8 English
8 Mathematics
3x Push-in to the classroom
5 Science
5 Social Studies
2x Pull-out to the classroom
Paulo also offers:
• ASD Program – Approved by Regional Office
• 12:1:1 (exclusively alternate assessment)
• District 75
• Adaptive physical education
• Speech
• Counseling
• Hearing
• Vision
** English Language Learners (ELL Services)
Please be cognizant of double services (i.e. ICT and SETSS). It is extremely difficult for us to program this
way and we have not found it to be an effective instructional support in the middle school model.
If you make changes to your child’s IEP at the end of the school year or over the summer (for September),
please notify us and send us a copy of the I.E.P. so that the appropriate program changes can be applied.
Non-Academic Classes
Drama -
6th Grade Fall/Spring semester classes only. Auditions in Grade 6 result in
possible placement for 7th & 8th Grade the major classes. Three (3) year
Band -
Beginning Band - Less than 2 years or has never played an instrument
Advanced Band - More than 2 years experience with the teacher’s
recommendation from feeder school. Both are a three (3) year
Chorus -
6th Grade Fall/Spring semester classes only. Auditions in Grade 6 result in
possible placement for 7th & 8th Grade the major classes. Three (3) year
Fine Arts Talent examination required - Three (3) year commitment.
Digital Arts
General Music
Physical Education
These classes will be rotated by
semester in each grade
Health Studies
Graphic Design
Dance Studies
Paulo Scholars Academy
Students will receive a application form from their elementary school. This must be
completed by the 5th grade teacher and must be signed by the 5th grade teacher and a member
of the administration.
Requirements to sit for the examination are:
High Level 3 & Level 4 on the ELA & Math examinations (Spring 2014)
Excellent academic standing
Excellent attendance/discipline
Completed application form submitted to Paulo Intermediate School
**Seats will be offered to students based on their Power score from the Paulo Scholars
Academy Entrance Examination and their application data. Student notification will take
place in August**
This is not the District Scholars Program
Programming will be completed over the summer
Students must maintain a 90 average in all classes
Movement into/out of scholars based on the information above
Students will be required to sit for three (3) Regents Examinations in the 8th Grade
Regents – Living Environment, Mathematics, United States History and the Foreign
Language Proficiency Examination (Non-Regents)
Grade Activities
6th Grade Orientation (August)
6th Grade Movies
6th Grade Halloween Dance
Toy Drive to Benefit Blythedale Children’s Hospital
S.T.A.R. “Heal A Heart” Dance
6th Grade Trip – Medieval Times
Field Day
Giving Circle
Student/Faculty Basketball Game
Student/Faculty Softball Game
Service Credits
Honor Society
All students are required to eat lunch in the student cafeteria
Free hot lunch for all students (pilot program)
All students are required to hand in a lunch form (Federal mandate)
Students may bring a bag lunch to school (no glass containers)
Beverages and snacks are available in the Panther’s Den
Money is not accepted. The students must use the P.O.S. system
Students sit with their homeroom class
Lunch is available to all students who leave their lunch at home
Dress Code
The following guidelines have been established:
Halter, tank or mesh tops are not permitted. Students wearing oversized basketball jerseys must wear a t-shirt
Spray can hair color/dye is not permitted
Pants must not be worn so low as to expose undergarments
Shirts must cover the torso area at all times. Low-cut shirts and shirts that expose the midriff are not permitted
Shorts and skirts must be of a minimum length of mid-thigh or longer length. “Cut-off” style shorts, short shorts and
short skits are prohibited
Clothing with writing or pictures which are suggestive, distasteful, or worn in a manner that distracts the educational
process are prohibited
Clothing with holes or cuts made into them are prohibited
Students may not wear hats, caps, kerchiefs, bandannas or other headgear in school. Pajamas are not permitted
For safety reasons, students may not wear flip-flops, slippers, or any footwear that may be hazardous in a large
group atmosphere. Sandals that are secured with a strap around the ankle are permissible
Oversized earrings and/or piercing(s) that present a safety or injury risk are also prohibited.
Any other clothing items and/or accessories that may be deemed as distracting to the educational
process are prohibited. For safety reasons, all piercings must be removed during the physical education classes
I.S. 75 and the N.Y.C.D.O.E Policy
Electronic Devices
Students cell phones must be maintained in their homeroom locker. They are
not permitted out of their locker for any reason during the school day. Kindles
and tablets are only allowed for educational purposes and must be used within
the guidelines of the electronic device policy. iPods, MP3 players, CD players,
headphones and other similar devices are prohibited
Cell phones/electronic devices that are not used in an appropriate manner will
be confiscated. The dean of the grade will notify the parent and schedule a
conference for a mutually agreed upon time
Physical Education Requirements
All students are required to take Physical Education, Fitness and Health
Gym Uniforms are $20 available through the Physical Education Department
Sneakers must be worn at all times
Students must be prepared for gym – piercings are not allowed to be worn during class
Master Locks for the student lockers are available at the rate of 2 for $10
All students must complete the Fitnessgram
Written assignments in support of the Common Core Curriculum are given
Locker Use
 Each student will be assigned a locker for their
homeroom class and one for their physical
education class
 Homeroom lockers – Students may only store their
jacket (and cell phone), hats and umbrellas in their
homeroom locker. The homeroom teacher will
maintain a copy of the combination in the event of
an emergency. All students will pick up their items
at the conclusion of the school day
 Gym lockers are assigned to each student and for
the storage of the gym uniform. All students are
required to bring their uniform home and maintain
them properly
 The locks purchased from the Physical Education
Department have the same combination. Students
are only allowed to use locks purchased from the
Transportation to School
Grade Student’s First Day
Students who take the “Yellow Bus” should start taking the bus from the very first day.
Parents should not make exceptions and should allow their child to begin the middle
school experience
Parents who drop-off their children on Boulder Avenue should have their children
“ready to go” as soon as they pull up to the school. Students should depart in a quick
and orderly fashion. Please do not pass the car in front of you and be aware of student
safety at all times
The front of the school building is reserved for Yellow Bus Service only. There are no
Please show the members of the faculty who supervise and ensure the safety of each
child respect at all times
Meeting Areas (Walkers/Parent Pick-up)
Breakfast/Reading Program
Homeroom Teachers (Distribution of student programs)
Program cards/ Paulo Agenda Book distribution
Pupil Path letter distribution/P.O.S. PIN number distribution
Modified Schedule
Dismissal - Auditorium
Residence/school distances are determined by the Office of Pupil Transportation using the shortest walking route. The
shortest walking route is determined by distance measurements on the official city map maintained by the NYC
Department of City Planning. Driving distance and measurements provided by computer programs other than that
provided to OPT by City Planning are NOT used to calculate student eligibility
Please check the Busing Eligibility List provided on the Biographical/Curriculum form to determine the Distance Code
for your home address:
“A” distance (less than ½ mile walking distance) designates a walker
“B” distance (½ mile or more, but less than 1 mile) designates a ½ fare Metro Card
“C” distance (1 mile or more but less than 1 ½ miles) designates that a 6 th grade student will receive yellow bus
service. However 7h-8th grade students are eligible for a ½ fare Metro Card ONLY
“D” distance (1 ½ miles or more) designates that 6th, 7th and 8th grade students are eligible for either yellow bus
service or full fare Metro Cards
“Street” location and Bus “Code/Slot” (Refer to Bus Stop & Eligibility List). Please make sure that your child takes the
bus on the first day of school. The Bus code and bus slot number will appear on the student’s program card
Half-fare Metro Cards are $1.35
Biographical Form
Please review the questions carefully and provide as many details as possible. If you are the
custodial parent, Question 5, in particular, should be completed properly. Pay close attention to
5b, as it relates to the non-custodial parent’s access to your child
Immunization requirements have been listed in Question 8. Please check with your child’s
physician to determine which immunizations your child might need. Be aware that all 6th grade
students who have reached their 11th birthday require a Tdap shot. This is an adult booster shot
for DPT (Diphtheria, Pertussis and Tetanus)
To complete Question 9, please review the most current (11/12/14) alphabetical list of bus stops
on the reverse side of the Biographical/Curriculum form and chose the stop that is most
subject to change. Please be patient, especially for the first few days of school and during
inclement weather
Biographical Form (cont’d)
Question 12 asks for two additional contact people besides the parents or guardians. The
computer program we use only allows for two other contacts
Under Question 12 there is a space for you to use in case there are specific people your child
should not have contact with. If there is an Order of Protection in place or a specific divorce
decree, please provide us with a copy. Please be sure to keep us updated with regard to this
particular question. Your child’s safety and wellbeing are of utmost importance to us
The “II. Curriculum Options” portion of the form should be completed based on what your
child is interested in participating in while here at I.S. 75. Our programmers do their best to
honor the first choice, however, they may not fit into the academic needs your child has.
Make sure that the 2nd and 3rd choices are completed as well
We have instructed the 5 feeder schools (P.S. 4, 32, 36, 42 and 58) to collect the completed
Biographical/Curriculum forms from the parents by Thursday, March 12, 2015. The feeder
schools will be forwarding this material to I.S. 75 by Monday, March 16, 2015
School Communication
Visit our website at www.IS75.org
School Messenger Service
Monitor student performance on Pupilpath
What’s Next?
• Complete and return all your forms to your teacher
• Buddy Day – Representatives from each elementary
school. The elementary school selects their ambassadors
• Paulo Newsletter will arrive in the mail (late August)
• Student Orientation
• Visit Paulo Intermediate School 75 in the late summer
• Orientation Tours (Dates in the Newsletter)
Typically done on the Wednesday & Thursday prior to Labor Day
Tours conducted by Mrs. Taccetta, Parent Coordinator
Questions & Answers - 6th Grade Administrative Team