Health Promoting Schools

School District No. 23 (Central Okanagan)
Health Promoting Schools
Today’s Agenda
• Warm-up activity
• School District No. 23 (Central Okanagan) Health Promoting
Schools Approach
• School District No. 23 (Central Okanagan) Success Stories Video
• got health? Youth Engagement Inquiry Project
• Inquiry Activity
• got health? Exemplars
Today’s Learning Intentions
• To learn new promising practices and methods to support a health
promoting schools approach.
• To provide a model of a youth engagement strategy to support
school health.
• To recognize the importance and value of involving youth in the
health promoting schools approach.
District Context
• District Area Population: 173,026 (based on Statistics Canada
Census, 2006) living in four communities (Peachland, West
Kelowna, Kelowna, and Lake Country)
• Student Population:21,918
• Total of Aboriginal Students: 2,056
• Total of ESL Students: 1.25% Punjabi, 0.68% German
• Number of Schools: 30 elementary schools, 6 middle schools, 5
secondary schools, and 1 alternate school with 4 locations
Provincial Policy Implications
• Guidelines for Food and Beverage Sales in BC Schools (2007)
• Tobacco Free Schools (September 2007)
• Daily Physical Activity Initiative (September 2008)
• Healthier Choices for Public Buildings
• Provincial Trans Fat Regulation (September 2009)
How it all began....
Healthy Food Choice Guidelines
Ad Hoc Healthy
Food Choices
School Lunch and
Nutrition Breaks:
Best Practice Recommendations
School District No. 23
(Central Okanagan)
Policy 423
Health Promoting Schools
Comprehensive School Health
4 Pillars of Comprehensive
School Health:
• Social and Physical
• Teaching and Learning
• Partnerships and Services
• Healthy School Policy
Factors addressed within the 3 Areas
For Action:
• Physical Activity
• Healthy Eating
• Positive Mental Health
SD No. 23: Social and Physical Environment
Vending Machine Improvements
BC Fruit and Vegetable Program
Employee Wellness Initiatives
School Gardens
‘It is something that is just done. People are eating less junk
food, and we get fruit or veggies once in a while for snack. We
have to be in gym which gets us into the habit of being active’.
(Student response)
SD No. 23: Teaching and Learning
District HPS Website
‘Many people are getting better grades and feel much better about themselves
because they are healthy’. (Student response)
SD No. 23: Partnerships and Services
District Partnerships
Community Partnerships
Provincial Partnerships
‘The PAC and SPC have really paid attention to the healthy food guidelines and are
working to review our programs annually to be sure we stay on track’. (Staff
‘Having a dedicated position to lead this work at the SD level is key. Continue in
the very positive direction you have been heading-great collaborations and
partnerships’. (Community response)
SD No. 23: Healthy School Policy
• District Policy #423-Health Promoting Schools
• District Policy #367-Employee Wellness
• Guided by District HPS Policy and influential provincial healthy
schools policies:
• Bill 10: Tobacco Free Schools (September 2007)
• Guidelines for Food and Beverage Sales in BC Schools (2008)
• Daily Physical Activity Requirement (September 2008)
• Provincial Trans Fat Regulation (September 2009)
’SD No. 23 has shown to be a leader with this initiative and I have been very
proud to be involved from the beginning. I have seen that through
leadership, health promoting initiatives can be implemented in school districts
and schools’. (Community response)
SD No. 23 (Central Okanagan) Success Stories
• Success Stories Video
got health? Student Inquiry Project
Further Details:
• 8
schools currently participating:
2 Secondary Schools
2 Middle Schools
4 Elementary Schools
• Each school receives:
▫ 1.5 TOC Days to attend training events
▫ 1.5 TOC Days at their discretion
▫ $650.00 discretional funding
• Commitments:
▫ Plan: establish a school health team, complete school health
▫ Study: recognize areas for action
▫ Design: devise an inquiry question, devise opportunities
▫ Act: implement activities , measure results
Assessing Our School
• 4 Pillars Group Activity
• Exemplars from our got health? Team Training Day
• Health Promoting Schools Assessment and Planning Tool
Creating the Question
• The Red Hair Kid
Creating The Question
• How will ______ improve ______?
• For example:
How will participating in school activities improve students’
feelings of belonging?
• Exemplars from our got health? Team Training Day
How will making more social
space improve students’
How will making
socially/physically linked clubs
improve student sense of
How will students helping to
create a fun, healthy eating and
free time environment improve
the school experience?
How will providing healthy
breakfasts to children
improve their grades and
attitudes in school?
How will “Kick the Nic”
improve the culture of the
Planning Our Next Steps
What do you have in place now?
What have you done already?
What are the basic next steps for your got health? team?
For example:
▫ Measure your success
▫ Share information with others
▫ Spend your grant money
Measuring the Results
• How are you going to measure your success?
• Think about your starting point and your end goal.
• For example: student surveys, teacher surveys, student
interviews, teacher interviews, attendance, participation numbers
got health? Inquiry Project Feedback
• Student comment: “I learned that everyone has a voice and that
we as kids can make a big difference.”
• Student comment: “I learned that students have a choice to what
happens at school.”
• Student comment: “I liked learning more about my school and
what needs changing.”
• Student comment: “I like the opportunity to create opportunities
for others.”
• Student comment: “I learned that even small things make a big
• Teacher comment: “I learned that our youth have very good
ideas. I can’t wait to implement some of them.”
• Teacher comment: “I learned today that our students feel the
need for more social clubs and emotional/mental support.”
Additional Resources
• BC Healthy Schools Network:
• School District No. 23 Health Promoting Schools Website: