How to Keep and Nurture Donors

How do we keep and nurture our
Southern Institute
Friday, May 24, 2013
Louise Kenny
Director, Innovation
and Special Projects
United Way Worldwide
Kim Sidwell
Senior Vice President, Resource Development
United Way of Greater Toledo
1. Why should we nurture our donors?
2. What Donors Want
– The Basics
– Engagement
3. How the United Way of Greater Toledo is
engaging donors through their campaign
4. What can you do to nurture your donors?
5. Resources
Why nurture donors?
Lifetime Donor Value
Measure of how much a given donor will be
worth to an organization
over the duration of the relationship
Source: Fundraising Principles and Practice, Adrian Sargeant, Jen Shang and Associates
What does Lifetime Donor Value look
Annual gifts (adjusted for gift size increases/decreases)
years of giving
additional gifts
planned gift
ongoing revenue from a planned gift
= Lifetime Donor Value
Potential Lifetime Revenue
from Loyal Contributors
Average annual gift size
x 20 years
+ average bequest
= Lifetime Value
100 Loyal Contributors = $ 5.61 million
Source: DBII; POP research suggests long-time donors give 2x annual gift
Potential Lifetime Revenue
from Tocqueville Society Members – who
endow their Tocqueville gifts
Average annual gift size
x 10 years*
+ average planned gift
$400,000 (minimum)
+ perpetual Tocq. gifts
$200,000 (over 10 years)
= Lifetime Value $844,172**
Source: 2009 DBII; *Assumes they are not Loyal Contributors **Understated since this gift goes on forever!
The Incredible Potential of Lifetime
Donor Value
We increase Lifetime Donor Value:
Every time we retain a donor
Every time a donor increases his/her gift
Every time a donor makes an additional gift to support our work
(and their passion)
Every time a donor makes a planned gift
Every time a donor influences another donor to give, particularly to
make a planned gift
• Every time a donor advances our work by engaging
It all starts with Retention!
Why do you give to non-profit organizations?
Motivations to give
Being asked to give by a peer or respected influencer
Positive attitude toward philanthropy in general
Tax deductions
Religious beliefs/values
Believe that those with more should give to those who
have less
Why do you keep giving?
What do donors want?
1. To know that their gift was received and appreciated
2. To know that their gifts was used for the purpose it was
3. To know that their gift is having a positive impact
- Penelope Burk, well-known researcher, speaker, author of
Donor-Centered Fundraising
Conclusion: Do what donors want and
avoid things they don’t like
(You can increase resources under management every year
10-15% just by good stewardship, reporting on results and
People will forget what you said,
People will forget what you did, but
People will never forget how you made
them feel.
Maya Angelou, Poet
What do you do to thank and inform donors?
Is it part of your culture and organizational priorities?
If not, why not?
A few things you can do to make donors
feel good, thanked and informed
• Immediate thank you letter - when, how, what
• Phone call
• Personal visit
• Group gatherings and events
• Message in company enewsletter
• Notice on bulletin boards
• Social media
• Involve others to thank and inform
Engagement, including but going
beyond “thank and inform”
What do you do?
Ways to Engage Donors
- Executives and Employees
• As volunteers
• As advocates
• As influencers
• Recruit for affinity groups
• Give them a job!
What do you do?
What are your challenges?
24 Month Plan
• Operationalize Relationship Management
• Practice being intentional & longer term
• One to One and One to Many
• Retain, engage and encourage referral and
• Touch-points & interactions
• Cross-sell and upsell
• Find the emotional trigger
Quality & Quantity of Engagements
Event-Driven vs.
String of Touch-points, Interactions &
Day 1
Day 90
Quality & Quantity of Engagements
Day 120
per campaign schedule
Quantity of Engagements 24 Month Engagement with Women in the
Thank You
with kids, the
stats, other
Late summer
Thank You
School tours
Late summer
United Way of Greater Toledo
A Case Study:
From Giving to Engagement
Executing an Enhanced Workforce
Internal Behavior & Structure
• Empower staff to engage more constituents in our work
– Consultative Selling
– RD Department restructure
– Align RD staff with Community Impact & Engagement Departments
• Develop tactics to increase non-restricted dollars and dollars toward our focus
– Grants
– CSR to align companies with strategy map programs
– Align individual interests with products
– Company development plans
Executing an Enhanced Workforce
• Conduct Corporate & Foundation discovery
• Identify & align United Way work with
• Develop year-round engagement calendar
• Conduct leadership & loyal donor forums
• Conduct one-on-one discovery meetings with leadership
and loyal contributors
Executing an Enhanced Workforce
Year-round tools
• Discovery Questions - Strategic Enhancement Group Inc.
• Churn report - Amy Case/UWW
• New Hires program
• Your donor database – continual updates/notes
• Thanks & Recognition
• Educational opportunities
• Volunteer opportunities
• Advocacy opportunities
O-I and United Way of Greater Toledo:
• Consistently one of the top two workforce campaigns
• Largest corporate supporter – over 2.3 million since 2007
• Most aggressive corporate matching program; 125% match
on gifts of $500+
• Largest retiree campaign raising more than $92,000
(2012); leverages additional corporate match dollars
• Largest corporate volunteer base
From Giving to Engagement: An Evolution
• Campaign only
– How to get started
– Listen
– How to make it happen
– Volunteerism aligns with Corporate Social Responsibility
– Year-round acknowledgement of accomplishments
– Year-round mission-based activities and communications
Engagement Plan
Engagement Plan
Jan. 2013
•2012 campaign recap meeting with campaign
•Jeans Day collection for Beach House
Feb. 2013
•United Way Annual Meeting & Recognition
Dinner. O-I recognized for being one of three
companies giving $500,000+
•Jeans Day collection for Junior Achievement
and American Heart Association
•O-I Days of Caring - 70
employees volunteered at BSA
Camp and other local
•Learn n' Lunch -Education: Scott organizations as well as volunteer
High School Community Hub
tax preparers
Mar. 2013
•Meeting with Campaign Managers and Lead
Foundation person to learn about O-I current
environment and begin planning for 2013
• Jeans Day collection for Planned Pethood
•Learn n' Lunch - Wellness
•Meet with Leadership
Apr. 2013
•Jeans Day collection for NW OH American
Heart Assoc
May 2013
•Campaign meeting 2
•Jeans Day for MS Bike to the Bay
June 2013
•Jeans Day collection
•Learn n' Lunch - O-I Charities
Foundation and Matching Gifts,
How we give.
• Meet with Leadership
•Learn n' Lunch on UW's work in
Health (Toledo Grows)
• Meet with Leadership
•Learn n' Lunch TBD
•Meet with Leadership
•O-I Days of Caring - 9 employees
volunteered at local organizations
•O-I Days of Caring - Adopt-AHighway, Earth Day, Scott High
•O-I Days of Caring TBD
•O-I Days of Caring TBD
Engagement Plan
•Jeans Day Collection
•O-I Campaign Kickoff
• Jeans Day collection for United Way
•Learn n' Lunch TBD
Meet with Leadership
•O-I Week of Caring Activities
•O-I Campaign wrap-up
•Learn n' Lunch TBD
•O-I Days of Caring - Adopt-AHighway
•O-I Retiree Campaign Kickoff
•Lunch 'n Learn on UW's work
in Income (Financial Coaches) •O-I Days of Caring
•Campaign meeting 3
•Jeans Day collection
Aug. 2013
Oct. 2013
Nov. 2013
Dec. 2013
•Learn n' Lunch TBD
•CEO call to discuss UW's
current work, and also discuss
partnership opportunities.
•Meet with Leadership
•O-I Days of Caring - Adopt-ADonors/Prospects
•Learn 'n Lunch on UW's work
in Education (Graduation
•Meet with Leadership
•Retiree lunch featuring United
•O-I Days of Caring TBD
July 2013
•Employee Thank you Lunch
•O-I Days of Caring
From Giving to Engagement: An Evolution
• Volunteering
– Targeted volunteering with focused projects and goals
– Volunteer Pledge Card
• Corporate Volunteer Council
• Corporate Funders
From Giving to Engagement: An Evolution
• Volunteering
– Targeted volunteering with focused projects and goals
– Volunteer Pledge Card
• Corporate Volunteer Council
• Corporate Funders
2006 – 2012 Campaign
Items found in Digital Resource Center from
2013 SLC:
• United Way of Greater Toledo Resource Development/Community
Impact Department alignment plan
• Strategic Enhancement Group Inc. Discovery Questions
• Owens-Illinois Volunteer Pledge Card
• Owens-Illinois 2012 Engagement Plan
“But how can I do all of this for all of my
donors? We have so many and, often,
we do not have accurate, timely donor
data. And I am a staff of 1 (or 2 or 5) ”
Segmenting your donors
– using the Churn tool
Segmenting Your Donors to Prioritize
The Pyramid of Donor Service
Ultimate Service
Continuously Deepen Relationship
Principal donor
1-on-1 relationship
Offer engagement
Segment based on interest
Advanced Service
Build Relationship & Loyalty
Learn donor interest
Segment based on demographics
Educate impact of giving
Basic Service
Establish Relationship
Acknowledge and thank you
Names, contact and email
Donor segments you could focus on:
• Women
• Young Leaders
• Tocqueville/Leadership donors
• Those interested in your CI work
What Resources are in the Retention
Where Is the Retention Toolkit?
Sample Data Capture Tools
Sample Retention Documents
United Way of
East Central Iowa
Give Us Your Feedback!
Dear Terry,
United Way of East Central Iowa is committed to building strong relationships and serving the
needs of our communities. One way we can do this is by asking for your input as part of our
ongoing improvement process. Please take a few minutes to answer some simple questions and
give us your feedback by Friday, March 5. All responses will remain anonymous.
As a way to thank you for your time, at the end of the survey you'll be asked if you'd like to be
entered in a random drawing for a $50 VISA Gift Card.
Bold Goal for Financial Stability:
Thank you for your continued support of United Way and our efforts to advance the common good
here in eastern Iowa! Click here to take survey
Becky's Story
Becky Lewis is a single mother who loads trucks on the graveyard shift,
then goes home to take care of her two young boys. But when her car
broke down, she couldn't get to work to support her family. Thanks to an
outreach program led by United Way, Becky took advantage of the
federal Earned Income Tax Credit, designed to reduce the burden on
low-income wage earners by offering them a sizable refund. Becky was
able to get a $5,400 tax refund which she used to buy a desperately
needed truck. Today, she can still support her family with a job - and has
a way to get there.
Bold Goal for High School Graduation:
Increase the percentage of students who graduate from high
school in Franklin County public school districts from 87% to 95%
Did You Know?
 Nationwide, one-third of students, or more than 1.2 million young
men and women, are leaving high school each year without
receiving a diploma.
 The Columbus City Schools graduation rate was 73.9% in 20072008 - lower than the state requirement of 90%.
 The median annual income for a high school graduate in
Columbus is $25,420 - more than double the $11,000 median
income a dropout makes.
Your Investment At Work
In 2007, Big Brothers Big Sisters and Columbus City Schools (CCS)
launched Project Mentor to provide school-based mentoring in CCS to
those students identified as needing extra help and support to graduate
from high school.
In the two years since its launch, Project Mentor is still going strong. Adult
volunteers build relationships with their mentees and meet with them
weekly to focus on activities like team building, setting expectations, goal
setting, life skills like financial literacy, and social skills.
With financial support from United Way of Central Ohio, Project Mentor
volunteers provided one-on-one mentoring relationships for 1,703 students
in 20 CCS high schools, 26 middle schools and 9 elementary schools
during the 2008-2009 school year.
Helping Students Graduate From High School
Supporting Project Mentor is just one way that United Way of Central Ohio
is working to increase the percentage of students who graduate from high
school in Franklin County public school districts.
To discuss specific ways you can get involved with programs like Project
Mentor, contact Adero Robinson at 614.227.2799 or
Reduce by 20% the number of households in Franklin County
living below an income level that allows them to meet basic
Your Investment At Work
Many people don't realize that they are entitled to federal tax relief
through the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC). Beginning this month, the
EITC Coalition will once again provide free tax preparation services for
low- and moderate-income households.
You are receiving this
email because you
have made a
contribution to our
Education Impact
Fund or you have
expressed an interest
in learning more about
the work we are doing
in this area.
Throughout the year,
we'll give you
quarterly progress
reports on how you're
making a difference in
Education in central
With extensive coordination, the EITC Coalition has 17 free tax
preparation sites up and running, while 79 volunteers have gone through
two 3-hour training sessions introducing them to tax law concepts and
training on the Coalition's tax preparation software. Currently,
representatives at FIRSTLINK's 2-1-1 call center are referring eligible
families making less than $49,000 a year to their nearest tax site.
Helping Families Become More Stable
United Way of Central Ohio is a key member of the Franklin County
EITC Coalition, a partnership among business, government and
nonprofit organizations. In 2009, the Coalition's 4,000 clients received an
average of $1,925 in tax refunds which helped them pay for essentials
like utilities, housing and medical bills, as well as save for the future.
You are receiving
this email because
you have made a
contribution to our
Income Impact
Fund or you have
expressed an interest
in learning more
about the work we
are doing in this
Throughout the year,
we'll give you
quarterly progress
reports on how you're
making a difference
in people's financial
stability in central
As you receive these
updates, please
forward the email
and invite friends or
family members to
join you in changing
people's lives.
As you receive these
updates, please
forward the email
and invite friends or
family members to
join you in changing
people's lives.
Thank-a-thon Samples
Retention Toolkit
Win-Back Sample Documents
City State Zip
United Way of Metropolitan Atlanta
2009 Campaign Pledge Form
Dear _______,
Please update your contact information and pledge amount below.
A return envelope is enclosed for your convenience.
A strong community is built upon its caring residents who reach out in time of need - who work
together - who choose to LIVE UNITED. You have reached out to those in need through your past gift
of $_______in the United Way of Summit County (company name)’s campaign. I sincerely thank you
for your generosity.
This year many of the agencies funded by United Way have reported 25%-30% increases in requests
for assistance, so the need for your support is even greater. Your gift enables United Way to fund over
120 programs that address the vital needs of those affected by the economic downturn, and have
provided, for example:
 over 446,000 instances of service to individuals, families, and seniors in need in Summit
County, and
 emergency shelter/crisis intervention to over 1,080 women and children, and nearly 59,000
meals and nutritious snacks.
Please consider renewing your gift this year. Together we can help to ease these tough times for
families and individuals and make a real difference. A pledge form and return envelope are enclosed
for your convenience. Now that you are retired, please feel free to contact me at any time at 800-5555555 or by email at Thank you for whatever help you can provide.
Name «Prefix» «First» «Middle» «Last» «Suffix»
Address «Address_1»
City «City»
State «State»
Zip Code «Zip»
Phone Number (
Email Address
) __________________________
____________________________ Birthdate
Employer: ______________________
2009 Campaign gift: $_________________ (total gift is payable by December 31, 2010)
Payment Method:
 Check Enclosed
 Please Bill Me
Check # _______
 Credit Card /Debit Card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express)
__ Charge my card once, immediately
__ Charge my card monthly beginning January 2010 (each charge will be 1/12 of the total gift)
__ Charge my card quarterly beginning January 2010 (each charge will be ¼ of the total gift)
Credit Card # ___________________________
Expiration ___/_____
 Securities (please call 404.527.7318 when you are ready to transfer funds)
Optional Demographic Information:
___Male __Female
Robert A. Kulinski
President, United Way of Summit County
___African American ___Asian/Pacific Islander ___Caucasian ___Hispanic __Native American
Loyal Contributors—we want to recognize you! What year did you first give to any United Way? ________
For internal use only A#«Account»