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Inclusive Learning Supports
Branch Presentation
Curriculum Coordinator
Meetings 2012
… so
student is successful!
Identifying Your Shifts Along the
Inclusion Journey
June 2010
October 2012
What is your evidence of success?
What are you noticing?
• Shifts in attitude
• Shifts in practice
• Shifts in the learning environment
What are you noticing about…
Supporting Every Student - New web pages
Building Capacity
Resources - Learning Coaches
• Inclusive Education – Support for Implementation
• Wiki – Strengthening Inclusive and Instructional Practices
• ATA Article – The Doors of the Classrooms are Open Wide
• Online Collaborative Spaces
Supporting Students with
Significant Disabilities
Building School Capacity
Literacy for All
• Communities of Practice
Year 1
• Piloted the resources:
– MEville to Weville
– Children with Disabilities: Reading and Writing the Four-Blocks Way
Year 2
• Exploring the philosophy and the activities from The Daily Five: Fostering
literacy independence in the elementary grades (by Gail Boushey and
Joan Moser) can be adapted for students with significant disabilities
• Wiki
Numeracy for All
• One-year pilot project for Grades 1 to 6
• Teachers using Equals Math resource
• Online community of practice and face-to-face learning
Supporting Students with
Low Incidence Disabilities
Supports for students who are
deaf or hard of hearing
• Educators Tool Kit – Minerva Deaf Research Lab
Supports for students who are blind or
• Vision Education Alberta –
• Braille and More- Alternate Format Materials (locally authorized resources)
Exploring Emerging Technologies
• One to One Mobile Tablet Project (Year Two)
• iPads What are we Learning?
Inclusive Education Planning Tool Pilot
• Digital resource to inform teacher planning
• Available in French and English
• Teachers gather and organize student information to create learner
profiles and classroom summaries
• Focus on how learner profiles and a strength-based approach can
support students and teachers
• Focus is Grades 1 to 9
• 49 school authorities (over 150 schools participating)
• Future implementation plan – make resource available to all teachers
through - 2013
For more information:
[email protected]
[email protected]
Inclusive Education Library
Collaborative Practices & Partnerships
• New resources
-Collaborative Practices Information Bank
For further information:
Cross Ministry Services Branch
(780) 422- 6538
High School Completion
• Information to support parents, caregivers and students in
keeping kids in school
• Interactive web page that includes social media tools, blogs,
feature videos and parent resources
• Questions about the funding are best addressed to your
secretary treasurer. Staff from Strategic Financial Services are
holding meetings throughout the fall with ASBOA and CASS to
discuss the new inclusive education grant.
• In Budget 2012, $6.8 billion in funding was provided to school
jurisdictions for inclusive education. This funding will support
school jurisdictions with ensuring that there are a number of
different kinds of supports and services available to any student
who needs help to learn. Jurisdictions determine what these are.
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