Animal Characteristics Powerpoint

The Animal in you!
Loyalty: To be a faithful friend even in hard
Character activities:
 Do something nice for a teacher.
 Don’t say bad things about your parents.
 Point out something good about a friend.
 Do something nice for someone who is having a bad day.
“Know that the Lord thy God, He is faithful.”
- Deuteronomy 7:9a
Ready: being on time, prepared, and looking
forward to the day God has given.
Character activities:
 I will smile when my mom wakes my up.
 I will get my school stuff ready the night before.
 I will be the first on ready to leave for school.
 Tell three people “Good morning!”
“Therefore you also must be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an
hour you do not expect.”
-Matthew 24:4
Happy: an attitude of joy on good and bad
Character activities:
 I will smile at ten people today.
 I will learn a new joke to tell a friend.
 Do the joy dare: stand on your bed and say,
“I am happy. I am healthy. I am terrific.”
 Sing a happy song.
Fake laugh for at least thirty seconds. 
“The joy of the Lord is my strength.”
- Nehemiah 8:10
Giving: realizing that all I have belongs to
God and using it for Him.
Character activities:
 I will give an offering at church.
 I will give a compliment to a parent or friend.
 I will share a special toy with a brother or sister.
 I will find an old toy or clothing item to give away.
“Give and it shall be given unto you.”
- Luke 6:38
Thrifty: being smart in saving so that you can
share with others.
Character activities:
Be thrifty with money! Make three envelopes labeled:
save, spend, and give.
Be thrifty with your talents! Practice for one hour
something you enjoy.
Be thrifty with time! Keep a time log of how you spend
your time one day.
Be thrifty with resources! Eat leftovers one day.
“It is required in stewards, that a man be found faithful.”
- 1 Corinthians 4:2
Contentment: Being satisfied with what I
Character activities:
I will draw two pictures: one picture of things that are
needs and another of things that are wants.
I will write a thank you note to a parent for something
that they provide for me.
I will try to count all my toys. (You might find it
I will thank my mother for making me dinner tonight.
“In everything, give thanks.”
- 1 Thessalonians 5:18
Grateful: Being thankful for the things God
has given to me.
(Not a fussy flea.)
Character activities:
I will tell God “Thank you” for one thing every night when I pray.
Make a list of the things you can be thankful for. See how long you
can make it!
I will choose to thank God for what I have even when I am sad.
I will thank my parents next time they give me something.
I will pray for a teacher
“I will praise the Lord, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”
Psalms 107:1a
Achieve: expressing joy in each task as I give
it my best effort!
Character activities:
I will ask, “How can I help?”
I will smile while doing a house chore.
I will go the “second mile,” and do more than what I am asked.
I will do my homework without someone asking me.
I will clean my room without anyone asking me.
“Whatever you do, do it heartily as unto the Lord, and not unto men.”
- Colossians 3:23
Boldness: Confidence that what I have to say
or do is right.
Character activities:
I will tell one person that I love Jesus.
I will walk away if someone is doing something bad.
I will memorize the ABCs of becoming a Christian.
Admit Believe Commit
I will speak with kind words for one day.
I will be the first one to do what is right. Example: help
with kitchen dishes.
“That I may open my mouth boldly to make know the mystery of the
- Ephesians 6:19