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is closely linked to
self-esteem. Low self-esteem in adolescents can
lead to eating disorders, early sexual activity,
substance use and suicidal thoughts.
of women are unhappy
with their bodies and resort to dieting to achieve
their ideal body shape. Unfortunately, only
of women naturally possess the body type often
portrayed by Americans in the media.
Social Medias Effect On Body Image
“People get positive
attention in the world
by losing weight. And
you can do it to an
even greater extent
on Facebook.”
Anika, 18
"When I look at other people's photo albums, the
comparing is automatic. I end up feeling like crap. I went
to Photoshop a picture of myself on Facebook. I was
changing a lot of things, then I saw the picture and I
stopped myself, thinking, 'this is not who I am. I want to
be who I am.' " --Kirby
of 6-12 year olds say they want to be thinner
In one study,
overweight although only
While only
girls are overweight,
out of
out of
out of
women stated they were
actually were.
high school
out of
has become the most consistently unrealistic form represented across all
media sources. They use this to make bodies skinnier or a bigger build, tanner, wrinkle free,
cellulite free and many other ways to make that person have the
Images in
, and
in general tend to limit the idea of beauty to one particular interpretation.
It seem as though you have to look or act in a certain way to be considered
Celebrities are become
every day. We
use them as role models but we forget the time and money behind the look.
Movie actors and actresses have an allotted amount of time for professional
make up artist to help them achieve the
This can create
unnecessary pressure
to conform to
someone else’s
definition of what is
Marketing Firm Walker-Smith estimates that
people view up to
advertisements per day.
Many of these advertisements carry the message
of “lose weight”, “be more beautiful”, or “look
They make people feel inadequate, and promote
the idea of being
Advertisements are not only making
claims about their products, they
are using fake pictures to advertise them.
According to the Sun UK,
cosmetics ads include disclaimers noting
that the images were digitally enhanced.
of ads appear to be retouched, but
have no disclaimers.
of girls between the ages of 3-10 own
a Barbie
If Barbie existed in real life, she would have to
walk on
because of her
Valeria Lukyanova dedicates her life trying to look like a
, although swears the only
surgery she has had done is breast augmentation.
Justin Jedlica has had over
cosmetic procedures
surgeries to try to look like the actual Ken doll
According to, there is
no weight requirement to audition to be a part of the
team. However, a lean figure is
by the slim
Despite having no weight requirement, there is a body
fat percentage requirement of
The body fat
percentage for an average women who is involved in
fitness activities is
Many of the cheerleaders are constantly told to
. As a result, these cheerleaders turn to drugs,
eating disorders, and major cleanses.
NFL Hall of Famer, Deion Sanders is
famous for quoting “If you
, you
feel good. If you feel good, you play good.
If you play good, they pay good.”
Whether or not players do it to look good
or to increase their pay, players are
pressured into taking steroids.
A 2009 survey reported that
of exNFL players admitting to using steroids
while playing in the NFL.
Although today we may see
magazines, internet sites and
images everywhere we go, we
must realize that this is not
reality. We all must find
choose what we like best
because it will always be easy to
point out the negatives.
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