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Clifford Olson
A Notorious Criminal
Jekyll and Hyde
• Clifford Olson is an interesting man, in the sense that he was a
braggart, liar and thief, but attended church on a regular basis.
Some say that he had a Jekyll and Hyde personality.
• At the age of 17 Clifford was sent to New Haven Borstal
Correctional Centre in Burnaby for breaking and entering. He
escaped and stole a boat from Richmond, and was shortly
• Clifford escaped correctional centres 7 times
• He knew how to manipulate and work the system towards his
Clifford Olson
Name: Clifford Olson
Height: 5’7”
Astrological Sign: Capricorn
Weight: 159
Religion: Roman Catholic
• British Columbia had been experiencing a time
where the crime rate was high.
It was not safe for young boys and girls to travel
alone, for fear that they could be the ones MISSING
• R.C.M.P. Officers and other investigative personnel's
had been looking into the recent murders over the
year and found some evidence. Nothing was
concrete enough for an arrest, so Clifford Olson (the
ex-convict) was free to do as he pleased.
• Clifford Olson had been arrested in Ucluelet, Vancouver Island.
He had picked up two young hitch-hikers while driving along the highway.
The R.C.M.P. had put Clifford under surveillance due to past murder
investigations that had not been solved, and current suspicious behaviour.
He was arrested when the on scene officers thought that the lives of the
young girls could be in danger.
In a search of his vehicle, a notebook with Judy Kozma’s name written in it
had been found. She was a local girl that had gone missing within the year.
This was enough evidence to detain him for the time being.
• Clifford Olson did not have to defend his case
much. He literally just had to deny his actions and
there was not much proving him to be guilty
beyond a reasonable doubt.
• The first day in court Clifford Olson pleaded notguilty to all murder charges against him.
• The next day, he changed his statement and pled
guilty to all 11 counts of first degree murder.
• Clifford Olson made a deal with the R.C.M.P.
that he would give up a corpse for cash. It
would be the only way he would co-operate
with them.
• $100,000,000 was paid to a trust fund for
Clifford’s wife and son.
Christine Weller- 12- Richmond- stabbed
Colleen Daignault- 13- South Surrey- beaten with a hammer
Daryn Johnsrude- 16- Deroche - beaten with a hammer
Sandra Lynn Wolfsteiner- 16- Chilliwack Lake- beaten with a hammer
Ada Anita Cart- 13- Weaver Lake- beaten with a hammer
Simon Patrick James Partington- 9- Richmond- strangled
July Kozma- 14- Weaver Lake- stabbed
Raymond Lawerence King Jr. – 15- Weaver Lake- rock blows to the head
Sigrun Charlotte Elisabeth Arud- 18- Richmond – beaten with a hammer
Terry Lyn Carson- 15- Chilliwack Lake- strangled
Louise Simonne Marie Evelyn Chartrand- 17- Whistler- beaten with a hammer
• The families of the victims of Clifford Olson
never truly found closure when the bodies of
their children were found.
• Although he received life in prison without
parole, the families did not agree that
criminals should be able to profit from their
* This law was changed.
• It is believed that Clifford would entice his victims into his car
with the offer of work at 10$ an hour and included alcohol
and a drug called chloral hydrate (when mixed overcame his
• He was attracted to beautiful young women who were hitchhiking, but not all of his victims fit this profile.
• He knew Vancouver like the back of his hand, and would
dump the bodies of his victims on quiet back roads.
• The Clifford Olson case changed the way that investigations
are conducted. The R.C.M.P. and people specializing in
psychiatric behaviour could have helped Clifford has a young
child when he was in correctional facilities, preventing such
brutal deaths. The health of suspected murderers are now
considered with a higher degree.
• Criminals are also no longer allowed to “make deals” to
benefit themselves as well as their families. This just causes
• Clifford Olson died of cancer in prison.
• The families of the innocent people his
murdered can now have some relief knowing
that the man that cause them so much pain is
no longer able to EVER cause such pain to
Anomie: criminal behaviour is fostered or encouraged in certain environments.
Clifford Olson could have committed the murders that he did because of the
changing environment around him, and the fact that young children are no
longer reliant on their families so much anymore. He could have wanted the
children to relay on him for a ride when hitch-hiking, or for some cash, before
he murdered them.
Strain: commit crimes when they feel they cannot achieve desires and goals.
Clifford Olson could have committed the murders because of the life he had
grown to know. He started getting into trouble at a young age, and he might
feel like he could do no better.