Risk Management

Risk Management: A BlinkBased (Information) Resource
A division of EH&S
Diana Olson
General Liability Manager
Code 0925, x43820
Risk Management Staff
• Jon Schmidt, Risk Manager
• Diana Olson, General Liability Manager
• Samantha Maddox, Legal Claims Program
• Scheryl Wade, Property Claims Program
• Kathleen Johnson, Vehicle Claims Program
• Shannon Fulton, Risk Assistant
Risk Management
• Blink Tools, Safety tab, then Risk
Management on the left
• 35 insurance programs managed; self
insured and purchased
• Automatic coverages and by-request
• Services also include
- Business Lawsuits
- Subpoenas served to the University
UCSD Driver Responsibilities
• All drivers of UCSD vehicles
should receive information (Blink:
Search for “drivers”)
• Risk Management can present at
staff meetings (20-30 minutes)
• Three Staff Education courses:
– Your Role in Managing Department
– Driving UCSD Vehicles & Electric Carts
– Cars & Property: Your Personal Risks
• Drivers involved in auto accidents
will be directed to take the new
online tutorials as a retraining
(UC Learning Center; Search
– Defensive Driving
– Defensive Driving: Fundamentals
Filing A Fire or Flood Claim
• Call Risk Management to report
incidents as soon as possible
• Info can be found on Blink
(Search “insurance”; General
Liability Insurance; How To)
• There are exclusions to the self
insured property program and
• Reimbursement may be available
to recoup costs incurred
• If certain procedures aren’t
followed, reimbursement may
not be available
Considerations - Field Trips
• Info can be found on Blink
(Search “special events”; Planning
Special Events Off-Campus)
• Any activity off-campus is
considered a Field Trip
• Where are you going? How are
you getting there? Other
• Waivers are necessary (Planning
Special Events Off-Campus;
• Deductibles may be charged to a
department if not planned
properly and an incident occurs
Field Operational Planner
• DSCs/DSOs may receive
copies of department Field
Operational Planners
• Please review for any
• Helps departments
anticipate and prepare for
potential risks beforehand
• Any questions call:
– Lance Scott x47651
– Darren Cannone x42112
– Diana Olson 43820
Indemnification Wording &
Certificates of Insurance
Necessary for outside entities when
coming on campus or when we use
their services
High Value Purchase Order should be used
BFS/Procurement & Contracts will
make sure Certificates are obtained
and mutual indemnification wording
is used
Departments may be responsible for
incidents if Certificates and
indemnification wording is one sided
against The Regents
Examples-truck rentals, hotel rentals,
off-campus location visits, caterers,
bus rentals, equipment rentals, etc.
Special Event Planning
Fire and Life Safety, x27515
• Pyrotechnics
• Tents and Canopies
• Location of Cooking Devices
• Fire Extinguishers present
• Fixed/Non Fixed Seating
Safety Management, x47513
Food Permit in Place
Animals present
Rental Equipment
Emergency Procedures
Generators or Temporary Power
Electrical Extension Cord
Significant Hazards
Paths and Lighting
Storm Water
Potable Water
Risk Management, x42454
Contracts or Agreements in place
High Value PO
Waivers being used
Proof of insurance from outside vendors
Transportation Issues
Supervision of Minors
Requires Background Checks
Background checks can
be requested from
UCSD Police
Diana Olson
General Liability
EH&S Risk