Ministering to This Generation

Ministering to this
M.A. Le Fleur
“Africa needs to develop leaders who will
be known less for what they say and
more for what they deliver; less by their
title and position and more by their
expertise and competence; less by what
they control and more by the mindsets
they develop and shape both by their
personal integrity and for exceptional
organisational abilities.”
(Khoza, 2007:1)
What are some of the giant Goliaths facing the youth of
today in South Africa? They are entitlement, laziness,
complaining, conspicuous consumption and indifference.
We experience a youth generation that does not value
hard work, that is selfish, that demands everything,
wants to get rich quick and is very impatient. These are
the manifestation of a lack of leadership at many fronts.
 The identity of this Generation.
 The demand for leadership in
our Country and in our
 4 Deadly Decades
 Statistics tell us …
 Time is running out …
 Post-modernism …
 Culture says …
 The market …
 The school … (pedagogical areas)
 The church …
 The community …