Facilities and Technology Focus Group Presentation

Student Achievement Is on the Rise
• Our District provides a quality,
well-rounded education for students
• Student achievement on statewide
exams has steadily improved over the
last four years
• Over the last couple of years our
students and teachers have
demonstrated exemplary work resulting
in several Academic Excellence Awards 730
Elementary Staff Development – 2013
Dual Immersion Program – 2013
Common Core State Standards Implementation – 2014
Elementary Health and Fitness – 2014
Accelerating Academic Achievement Academy – 2014
2009 2010 2011 2012 2013
Neighborhood High School Highlights
Our high schools offer great academic and extracurricular programs that prepare students to
succeed in college and careers
Career Tech programs include:
Media Arts – TV/Video Production
Information Technology – Web Design
Animal Science
Landscape Design
Computer Graphics and Design
Sports Therapy
Integrated Marketing Communications
(new class starting in 2014-2015)
Robotics (new class starting in 2014-2015)
Microsoft IT Academy (starting in 2014-2015)
Ag STEM Academy (starting in 2014-2015)
The student governments at 2 of our 3 high schools have been recognized or received the
Outstanding Leadership Program Award from the California Association of Student Leaders
Rivercrest Preparatory Online High School
Neighborhood Elementary and
Middle School Highlights
Our elementary and middle schools provide students with a great foundation in reading,
writing, math and science
Our middle schools offer programs such as Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM)
and Advancement Via Independent Determination (AVID) to help prepare students for
challenging academic programs in high school
Some of our schools offer “Extended Learning” which provides the opportunity for students
to acquire skills through instruction or study outside of the classroom including:
Community service
Independent study
Performing groups
Elementary and middle schools also provide
“Think Together”, a free afterschool
program that provides homework
help, enrichment and physical activities
Learning in Safe and Modern
• To help continue the great success of our students, we need to ensure
classrooms provide a safe, modern learning environment
• The District has completed a facility needs assessment to evaluate and
prioritize repairs and improvements needed in the following areas:
Career Tech
Instructional technology
Structural renovations
of aging buildings
– ADA compliance
Facilities and Technology Advisory
Committee (FTAC)
• The District put together a 21-person committee comprised of board
members, teachers, staff, parents and community members to help
evaluate the facility and technology needs of our school
• The committee was divided into 4 sub-committees, focusing on
improvements and repairs in the following areas:
Foundation and Structural
Common Areas
Grounds and Athletic/Playgrounds
Facilities and Technology Advisory
Committee (FTAC)
Iris Nunez – Parent & Community Member
Daniel Cornejo – Teacher, Parent & Community
Sandra Franco – Parent & Community Member
Ricardo Solis –Community Member, Parent &
JUSD employee
Vickie Hawkins – Teacher
Darrel Walker – Teacher
Rob Liddle – Teacher
District Staff
Bill Elzig – Dir. of M & O
Pablo Ponce – Asst. Director of M & O
Josh Lewis –Director of Technology
Trent Hansen – District Employee (Dir. of Facility
Planning and Dev.)
Joan Lauritzen – Head Start Coordinator &
Community Member
Andy Huben – MS Principal
Karina Becerra-Murillo –E.S. Principal
Community Members
Bobby Hernandez – Board Member &
Community Member
Brian Schafer – Board Member & Community
David Barnes – Community Member
Adriana Patlan –Community Member, JUSD
Employee & Parent
Jaime Godoy – Community Leader (Water
Dan Rodriguez – Community Leader (Parks &
Priority 1 and 2 Needs
• Facilities & Technology Advisory Committee has prioritized the
needs of our facilities into 3 categories
– Priority 1 (Projects that are necessary and immediate)
– Priority 2 (Projects that should be done)
– Priority 3 (Projects that JUSD would like to do)
• Our priority 1 and 2 needs include:
– Adding/updating Career Tech and instructional technology
– Repairing aging roofs
– Safety repairs and updates
– Energy efficiency repairs
– Modernizing classrooms where needed
Career Tech Needs
• Our high schools do a great job preparing students with the needed
skills to compete for college and careers
• To continue this success improvements to career tech classrooms and
facilities are required
• Needs include:
– Updating aging science labs
– Constructing high tech career
development labs to support career
and technical education
– Adding computer labs to school sites
Instructional Technology Needs
• Skills in core academic programs are essential, but technological skills
are becoming increasingly important as well
• Classrooms need to be equipped with the infrastructure and learning
technology that supports 21st-century learning
• Needs include:
– Upgrading aging computer labs
– Installing modern network
– Addition of wireless capabilities
to provide students greater access
to the local school network and
– Adding instructional technology
to enhance learning in the classroom
Safety and Security Needs
• Our schools need essential safety and security updates to
continue ensuring campus safety
• Needs include:
Updating fire and security systems
Fencing repairs and upgrades
Door safety lock repairs
ADA compliance updates
Exterior lighting
Repairing uneven and slippery
concrete sidewalks
– Repairing buildings and classrooms
with dry rot and termite damage
Basic Repair Needs
• Schools require basic repairs and upgrades to keep classrooms safe,
clean, well-maintained and energy efficient
• Needs include:
Repairing aging roofs
Replacing cracked or missing ceiling tiles
Replacing rusty plumbing, sinks and pipes
Replacing outdated heating and electrical
systems for energy efficiency purposes
Upgrading aging bathrooms
Installing dual paned, energy
efficient windows
Modernizing classrooms where needed
Modernizing school exteriors
Planned New Development
JUSD is projected to experience the
construction of 4,123 residential units
within our boundaries over the next 10
In preparation for this residential
development, the District is considering
building a new K-6 elementary school in
the next 3-5 years in the Wineville and
Bellegrave areas
Possible need for interim housing while
school is being built
This would allow students in the new
development to attend a neighborhood
school, and prevent future overcrowding
issues that could arise in our existing
elementary schools
School Bond: A Local Solution to
Improve JUSD Schools
• The District is considering a bond measure to address the needs of our
• The measure would provide funds to make improvements such as:
– Upgrading classrooms, science labs and career tech programs to prepare
students for today’s competitive job market
– Ensuring students have access to instructional technology, labs and libraries
that meet 21st-Century learning standards
– Improving fire and security systems in every school
– Installing, repairing and upgrading safety and systems
– Improving access for students with disabilities
– Repairing aging roofs, replacing old and inefficient water systems and
repairing aging bathrooms
– Upgrading to energy efficient features (i.e., dual paned windows, lighting,
HVAC, etc.)
– Modernizing classrooms where needed
Local Control, Citizen Oversight
• The cost of the measure will be determined by the Board in the
coming months
• All money raised by this measure would stay in our Jurupa USD
• None of the funds could be taken away by the State
• An independent Citizens’ Oversight Committee, representing the
community, would ensure all funds are spent properly
• None of the funds could be used for administrators’ salaries,
benefits or pensions
• Local funding from a bond measure would help local schools qualify
for state matching funds when they become available
We Welcome Your Input
and Questions
• As JUSD continues to evaluate the
needs facing our facilities and a viable
option for addressing these needs, we
ask that you take the time to provide
your feedback
• Please complete the comment card
that is being passed around
• For more information about JUSD or
our schools please visit